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New Player Package

Was talking to people in my guild and came to the idea of a New Player Package for sale in the Cash Shop. People that remember when Gpotato hosted the servers will remember they had a whole bunch of bundles such as a mount bundle that gave a mount, a pattern, and some feed.

Well this is my bundle.


"New Player Package"

Every adventurer of starts somewhere. Catch up with your friends faster and save some cash in the process.

Purchasing gives the buyer the following items, bound on purchase.
1x Steed's Bridle - 100 Crystal Value
5x Medium Sack of Mount Feed - 500 Crystal Value
3x Folio of Knowledge - 180 Crystal Value
3x Tome of Influence - 180 Crystal Value
1x Small Incense Kit - 100 Crystal Value

Cost to purchase package - 400 Crystals, saving 660 Crystals.
This would be a One (1) time purchase, dissappering from the cash shop as soon as it has been purchased. To purchase each item individually its 1060 crystals ($13.25 USD and 10.60 €). To purchase the package

Now, why I believe this would be a good idea to implement;
Many people are very iffy about spending money to purchase something out of the cash shop due to the price of some items, this would encourage people to spend money, they would tell their friends about the game and how it takes care of their new players and the game would slowly gain more people.

The package itself would cast, out of pocket, $5 USD and 4 Euros. While that does put in the negative, the possiblities for new players would be endless. Its nothing for someone to drop $5 (or 4 Euros) and not break their bank. When you get into double digits is when people start reconsidering.

Like i stated earlier in my post, one-time purchase and bound on character upon purchase.

Think about it. My 2 cents
Those that don't, are enraged by those that can. Give people a reason to hate you. Do the best you can, and don't let ANYONE hold you back.


incense and mountfood are things that are already free
the default horse is so slow there is no real difference vs walking on feet
the exp-boni are not worth buying also, at least in my opinion

even if would play with $ i would NEVER buy this item you suggested


better make a bundle for creating full 5 runes cheaper or something (give them a coupon at level 30-40)
just give this dumb horse away for free and replace it with the 2hours thing with it

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