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Tuesday, March 3rd 2015, 9:18pm

Current "AV" and Vibrant Health

Hello, I've been away for.. a while.. So, I'm not up to date really.

The new Herbal Tea is like the old Aqua Vitae right? I noticed it's only in rubies and you can't share it, just throw it on people.
How are people using HT now? Is it worth taking, and how much? Say, health bonus and cooldown rubies, how many are needed.

And Vibrant health, I don't really understand it... You basically activate charges that reduces your lightning damage, am I right? And you can use Vibrant Healt to HoT. Is this something worth taking as well? I'm thinking it could be good in tough situations, so how much should be taken.

Taking that into thought, how decent would this build be?!5!133....…H!kndzcwn/YLELJ


Wednesday, March 4th 2015, 4:30pm


The new Herbal Tea is like the old Aqua Vitae right?
yes but just you can use it^^

yeah it is worth taking in any pvp and heal build ( but not all 3 rubees, 2 are enough)

well Vibrant health is simple^^ you activate the charges which halves your damage but gives you 8 stacks which can be used to heal

the heal in general is a HoT but if you use it again on a target all the healing which wasnt healed yet will be healed instantly

to give numbers lets say every second the HoT heals 100k and you still have 5 sek left on the target then when you use the skill again you will heal the target for 500k and renew the HoT

to your build well its not bad in general but misses some things which you will know to value with more experience^^

i think this is supposed to be a dps build and not a pvp one

Rip is a crap skill it wastes energy and doesnt do much damage thats why its mainly used as an cc in pvp but in a pve specc its worthless
chomp is crappy too^^ i dont see why so many wardens take this skill really... warden is not an aoe class ! you will never ever be able to match a scout etc so dont even try it^^ but thats no problem cuz its an awesome singeltarget class which can be a FULLHEAL at the same time and thats always valuable^^

i wont comment every rubee now but believe me stuff like calculating mind is not worth taking on r3 cause you will generate the stacks faster anyway than the skill^^ but things you shouldnt miss are long time cc (lethargy potion at least r2), a 2 life can hurt too^^ and natural harmony is an absolote must have skill in EVERY warden skilltree cuz it halves the cd of renew (and herbal tea btw) and thats awesome in every situation^^

well i hope this helps somehow^^

but btw tomorrow is patchday so there will be a new wardenskilltree anyway :thumbsup:


Wednesday, March 4th 2015, 5:03pm

warden is not an aoe class !
Well, I'll argue with this. We are for sure not the best aoe dmg class, but we still can be good at it. I'm always high on dps meter in aoe fights.
Muriel - Avarice - Smugglers Paradise - League


Wednesday, March 4th 2015, 6:27pm

lol yeah so iam ;) but this is not our job ! and btw its useless too cause where you need aoe? nowhere^^ maybe 2-3 packs on an astral island^^

but i think this shouldnt be the point there^^ if you want to do aoe dps do it simple just use lightning and grab on every mob so it has wounds and then use chain lighning so you have your aoe dps.. or you wait 5 sek until the scout,mage or warriors nuke everything with 3 hits... :P


Saturday, March 7th 2015, 11:15am

Thats true Bluescarlet :) Only dps that really matters is single target one, because aoe fights are mostly easy and meaningless. And with signle target dmg we are top of the top... for now.
Muriel - Avarice - Smugglers Paradise - League

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