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Wednesday, March 18th 2015, 4:53am



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[PMB] Engineer guide - TheRampage

Hi everyone, my name is TheRampage. I'm an active member and a senior officer of the guild Avarice (Smugglers Paradise). I played some other classes, but engineer is one of my favorite classes. So, engineer is created to support other classes, but in the same time engineer can deal high dmg, i love that amazing dps :D At the moment i am playing like a dps - support. As you already know, every class can have few different builds, mostly depends what u like and what is the most useful for you and your party/raid. I will try to explain you my build, stats and many other things about engineer. Before we start, you should know that engineer is not only support class, engineer is one of the top dps single target classes, even aoe dps is high.

1. 6.0 Changes

After 6.0 update engineer didn't got some drastic changes. Everything is almost same, except few new rubies, and few position changes, which are amazing. We will talk about them in Build section.

2. Engineer Races

Races are still the same and only 2 races can choose engineer class. Kanian's - Mechanic and Xadagagnian's - Gunner. "Only a human race knows the secrets of engineering".


I currently have those stats. They are for PVE, and i changing them often, depend is that raid or astral. They are pretty fine atm.
For PVP more determination and willpower. They are all explained by them self.

4. PVE - DPS

I created this build mostly for my party, maybe looks strange without some rubies but this is what i like and what i prefer. As you can see i maxed my single target dmg.

Weapon : Dagger / Wand / Off hand

Racial ability

Kanian Mechanic / Cooldown 2m - Restores 35 energy over 7 seconds.
Xadaganian Gunner / Cooldown 2m - Deals xx critical damage.

Class ability

Overtime job
Allows engineer to optimize ship devices performance.So with this spell for example you can use invisible on your ship 2 times.Before using any ship device activate overtime job --> overtime job + invisible + invisible.

Creates a cloud of poisonous vapors. Damage dealt to all enemies in the area increases by 20 %.


Fire shot / Cast time: instant / Cooldown 2sec / Energy cost 13 / Range 25
Deals xx damage. Cools the reactor by 25 degrees.In combat mode range increases to 60 yards, the target will be thrown back by 7 yards. Very usefull in pvp/pve.

Acid shot -Cast time : instant / Cooldown 2sec / Energy cost 20 / Range 25
Deals xx damage.Heats the reactor by 25 degrees.In combat mode range increases to 60 yards, the target will gains an effect that stack up to 3 times and deals acid dmg per stack over 7 seconds.

Lighting shot - Cast time : instant / Cooldown 2sec / Energy cost 26 / Range 35
Deals xx damage. Cools the reactor by 36 degrees. In combat mode range increases to 60 yards, the target gains an effect that stacks up to 3 times, disarms and silences the target for 2 seconds per each stuck.

Astral shot- Cast time : instant / Cooldown 2sec / Energy cost 40 / Range 35
This skill is very good and deals a lot of dmg, but takes too much energy. With some rubies its easier to use this spell, but we will talk about them little bit later :D
So shots like shots,dealing nice dmg, very low cool-down, decent range, decent energy cost... As you can see 2 shots heats reactor and 2 shots cools reactor.Very useful for pve, and for pvp in combination with combat mode.

Here you can see your reactor temperature.


Frag Bomb / Cooldown 20 sec / Cast time : instant
Deals damage to all enemies within the area. One of my favorite spells, very high damage. Out of combat mode consumes 10 energy. Great choice for pvp/pve. Your target cant avoid this bomb :D

Dither Bomb /Cooldown 45 sec
Deals shadow damage to single target inside the area of effect. Damage is very high, but cooldown is 45 sec. Its not really easy to use this spell like Frag bomb. This bomb casts up to 3 stacks of Deadly vibe, each stack deal XX damage every 2 seconds over 10 seconds. It's nice periodic damage, but i prefer frag bomb.

Turrets / Attacking devices / Defensive devices
Attacking devices sharing cooldown / Defensive devices sharing cooldown

Light Turret
Every 2 seconds deals XX damage to the nearest enemy within a 20 yard radius. Decent damage, doesn't consume energy. Battery capacity: charge 120. Consumes 20 charges per shot.

Firethrowing Turret
This turret dealing aoe damage, deals xx damage per 0.5 seconds to all nearest enemies in front of it withing 15 yards. This turret also heats reactor by 100 degrees. In astral/raids is hard to find good position for this turret, i don't use this one often, only when i need temperature.

Steel Mosquitos
Releases 3 steel mosquitoes that dealing xx damage every 3 seconds. Battery capacity: charges 120. Consumes 30 charges per seconds.This spell is very useful,but try to use this spell on static targets,because if your targets move,steel mosquito will disappear. In combination with some rubies can be useful for pvp/pve.

Medical Emergency Project
This device healing you and your party members every 0.5 seconds within an 8 yards radius. This spell can save your life :D

Some other spells

Burner heats your reactor for 30 degrees,every 1.2 seconds and deals xx damage to single target. It's not very easy to use this spell, you have to follow your target all the time. Sometimes it's hard to use this spell in astral/raid because of moving. I am using this one mostly for reactor temperature.

Hand Beam Cannon MK1
Deals xx AOE damage. Cools reactor by 30/60/90 degrees. In my opinion this spell is much better then burner. Because dealing aoe damage, area of 20 by 7 yards.

Burst of mana
This spell can do few different things. Can be used if your reactor is above 50 degrees or below -50 degrees. Upon overheating deals damage to all enemies withing 10 yards radius and set them on fire (inflict periodic damage xx per stack). Upon over-cooling casts Ice cover effect on all enemies withing 10 yards radius, and reduces their movement speed by 55 %. Its useful for pve mostly if you are in fight vs 3+ enemies. It's all up to you, if you want to slow target or set them on fire, depend on situation.

Pylon Project
Restricts any movement for 6/8/10 seconds and increases energy regeneration by 50 %. Don't use this spell if you have to move a lot,if you must avoid some damage or something like that.Yes you can stop pylon project pressing Z, but cool-down is 45 sec / depend on rank. Sharing cool-down with medical emergency project.

Steel trap
Steel trap is mostly useful for PVP. Immobilizes your target and deals damage over time. Battery capacity charges 100, consumes 10 charges per sconds. So your target cant move for 10 seconds. This spell can help a lot if you are in fight vs melee classes, in combination with Steel Mosquitos. Immobilize target and send him a lovely mosquitos :D Try to use only on melee classes, because bard/scout/summoner/warden/healer still can hit you. They cant move but they can use their spells. Without proper stun this is not very useful vs every class!

Paralyzing Ray
Paralyses the target for 45 seconds (rank3) . Useful for hard sectors in astral. I runing mostly s3, this skill is maxed in my build because of hard sector.

Emergency Revival Kit
If your health drops to 0, this spell will save you, you will gain protection barrier, and your movement will be increased.

Combat mode
In combat mode you will absorb damage equal to up to 40 %(rank 3) of your total health. Alters certain abilities - Volley shots.
You dont need this spell for pve,but for pvp would be much more useful, because engineer cannot be knocked down in combat mode.

You can revive your party member in battle. Using on enemy you will stun him for xx seconds and deals xx damage, depend on rank.

Seal of health III
Group aura,increases maximum health, mana and energy of all party members by 30 %

Hover Pad - Flying Pad
Those two spells have same icon.They both sharing cool-down, and requires same rank. With those spells you are immune to melee damage.With hover pad you cant move. But with flying pad you can move. Flying pad consumes 1 tear of the dragon. Flying pad is useful mostly for pvp.
Next attacking devices will not trigger other devices cool-down. Consumes 4 tears of the dragon.Example - overload + mosquito + turret.

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Wednesday, March 18th 2015, 4:54am



  • "TheRampage" started this thread

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Ruby grids depend on your talent build.

Callibration r3 (New ruby)
Your shots (astral, acid, lighting, fire) have a 12 % higher chance to deal critical damage.Must have this one :D ! What else to say ... :D

Movement detectors (New ruby)
The target of Steel mosquitos recives xx lighting damage and slows down by 50 % for xx seconds if the effect fades because of target's movement.
Can be useful for pvp.

Vacuum Trap (New ruby)
When reachs the target,steel trap draws and knocks down all enemies within a 4 yards radius. Very useful rubie for massive pvp but not for pve.
And i didnt took this one for any of my builds, its just too far and i dont have more rubies.

My rubies

Boiling point / Rank 3
Acid and astral shots/volleys deal 12 % more damage.

Crystallizing Point / Rank 3
Fire and lighting shots deal 12 % more damage.

Steady hand / Rank 3
Shots consumes 30 % less energy.

Deus ex machina / Rank 3
All holy spells have 12 % higher chance to deal critical damage.

Canonade / Rank 2
Every fifth acid and fire shot grants you cannonade effect that lasts for 6 seconds. While this effect is active all lighting and astral shots consume 60% less energy.

Projectiles / Rank 4
Frag bomb explosion makes enemies vulnerable to your volleys and applies stacks of projectiles. Each volley deals xx more damage and removes one stack of projectile effect. I prefer to use Frag Bomb before my shots because of this rubies.

Explosives / Rank 3
Frag bombs deals 30 % more damage.

Bombardier / Rank 3
All bombs range increase by 60 %.Their throwing time decreases by 100 %.

Synthesis / Rank 3
Astral and lighting shots decrease cool-down duration of frag 3.9 and 2.7 seconds - you can use Frag bomb often.

Elemental hazard / Rank 3
Natural damage increases by 12 %

Secondary damage / Rank 3
Damage and radius of bomb explosion increased by 30 %

Valve adjustment / Rank 3
Burst of mana deals more damage in travel mode, in combat mode stun an slow last longer.

Second Class Engineer / Rank 1-5
All attacking devices deal xx % more damage. Efficiency of all defensive devices increase by xx %. My current rank is 3,i don't have more spare rubies to invest them, but if you have some would be nice to take higher rank.

Increases maximum health by 15 % plus additional 15 % for each party member in a 100 yards range - Buff your tank :D

Vulnerability Check / Rank 2
Steel mosquitoes,light turret and flame turret deal critical damage 10 % more often.

Death machines / Rank 3
Steel mosquitoes, light turret and flame turret deal 21 % more damage.

Good job / Rank 3
Your proficiency increases by 9.

Realist / Rank 1-3
Your vitality increases by 3/6/9

Brainiac / Rank 3
Vigor increases by 9 %

Variable polarity / Rank 3
Each heating shot has a chance to make your target vulnerable to one of the cooling shots,and vice versa. Deals xx extra damage.Stacks up to 3 times.

Easy Target / Rank 2
Engineer selects one of the enemies as the main target for the allies and increase your damage 100 % - 15 seconds, or 5 % or total targets health, not 10 % like rubie description says. Very useful for raid bosses, and all long fights.

All those rubies are very important for damage boost. As you can see a lot of them increases stats too, which are also very important. And few of them are only for support. Without those rubies you cant deal max damage.


My spell rotation depend mostly from situation. But i always attack with my Frag Bomb, then shots. I already explained rubies so that is it.

Single Target / Raid - astral boss

-> -> -> -> -> -> +

Why this rotation?
Overload allows me to use turret and steel mosquitos in same time, mosquitos is second one because cooldown will be 15 seconds for both.
Frag bomb to activate projectiles effect.
Spam fire + acid shot to activate your canonade effect, in my case 5x fire or acid.
Astral shot 2-3x depend how fast you are. Your astral shot will activate at least 1 stack of vulnerable polarity,then you can hit with lightning shot, or combine lightning with astral shot, depend on your energy.
Use frag bomb when is out of cool down, shots will deal more damage with this effect.

Multi target rotation

-> -> -> -> ->

Neurogas to increase damage by 20 %
Frag bomb for projectiles effect.
Firethrowing turret only for heating reactor - 100 degrees.
Acid and astral shot for overheating reactor about 200 degrees. Overheating is very important for burst of mana and periodic damage.
And final spell burst of mana. Stacks of periodic damage depend on your reactor temperature,higher temperature - more stacks.


Every reincarnation spell can be useful for different situations, but my favorite reincarnations are :


Very useful for pvp.


Can be used for pvp/pve. You can pull some targets inside the area of Neurogas. Very nice spell.
That is all what you should know about engineer pve spec.

Update : PVP build

Since some players are asking me for my pvp build, on fourm, and in game. I decide to post my pvp build.
So, you can create many different builds for pvp, its all about you, what you need and what you prefer.

I cant reset my pvp build for each fight, since we are paying talent reset with gold. So this is what i am using mostly for all fights. Like dominion, skirmishes and even 1 vs 1 with my friends. It's similar to my pve build, but if you take a look, you will see that i took more defensive rubies, and maxed my defibrillation stun. Pvp isnt all about high dmg in my opinion. It's more about stun's + defense. Your damage isnt that important if you cant survive a little bit longer. :D logic :P And you should know that engineer cant survive long fights. But i am sure melee class will hate fights vs engineer :D I would love to take that new rubie Movement detectors for my build, but i dont have 3 more rubies, that rubie can help a lot in pvp.
Rotation is similar to pve. And yes i using Combat mode in pvp, because of shots. There is no perfect rotation for this build, you should pay attention on each talent and decide which one is the best for each class. If you ever decide to create own build for pvp, before you do that, read everything about every other class, try to figure everything positive and negative about other classes. I am sure if you do that, you will be more succesfull and very good pvp player. All those information you can find on our forum, a lot of players posted their builds and explained everything, dont be lazy, take a look ! :D Each fight asking for different rotation, depend is that summoner,warden or any other class... If you want to find perfect rotation, then fight every day, PRACTICE ! :D

Rubies for my PVP build

Bronze frame / Rank 3
Increases armor by 15 %...take it ! :D

Contour Overload / Rank 3
Under emergency revival kit effect all incoming damage reduce by 45 %, enemies within 7 yards radius recive xx damage. Very high damage,great ruby for pvp. Even if you are going to die, you can deal very high damage to enemies.

Direct Current / Rank 3
Defibrillation stun lasts 100 % longer. Reduce cooldown and damage by 33%. Rubies for the best engineer's stun. Without this rubie your stun isnt that much useful and cd is higher. So its logic to take this one for pvp.

Shock wave / Rank 3
100 % chance to knock down all targets in the frag bomb's area damage.

Use those rubies only for pvp, nothing else.

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Wednesday, March 18th 2015, 4:56am



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Important :

Ok, now you saw my builds and everything. But i am not done yet :D
For those players who can reset build for every fight, for players from New frontier, beacuse i know there is an item which you can use for reseting talents unlimited times. Try to avoid Paralyzing Rays for raids, and invest those 6 talents for any other spell, like Light turret / Overload. Just increase your dps. And you can skip Medical Emergency Project, you dont need it at all, but i took it for some solo things. You can skip those 2 spells for leveling as well.

Before you judge my build or comment something, keep on mind this is strictly for my party and i tested many different builds, this was the best one for me. I hope that, this guide will help you to create your own builds, and if you have some questions about engineer feel free to send me private message or post here, and i will answer you :)

Some pictures :D

Thanks to my guildmate Fiddler, i took those screenshots. His bard looks amazing :D Thank you very much mate

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Saturday, March 21st 2015, 7:38pm


Sunday, March 22nd 2015, 5:53pm



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could you post a pvp build?
Updated :D

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Thursday, April 23rd 2015, 9:13am



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I like this :thumbup:
O güzel konular, o Bilge Cun esintili atlarına binip; mazinin utangaç çizgisinde kayboldular ...

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