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Thursday, March 19th 2015, 9:39pm

[PMB] Tanks path

Hello comrade!
And welcome to my guide about warrior-tank. I am gonna introduce the role of my heart, which you may choose for your own...
My name is Cirkulara, the great vanquisher of glorious Empire! I'am a member of the well known guild called Madness.
First of all, I would like to tell you that be a warrior is the matter of heart. You have to have it in yourself or you won't get very far. You must be glad of role in this world you are doing-Protect your teammates from any danger, whether it's a player or a monster. And we can do the job very well!
I am gonna show you two branches of the tank's tree. It's PvE and PvE tank builds + leveling 2h build.


Thanks to new patch we can do our role effectively than ever before. For our class was added a very useful ability called Athlet. Thanks to this ruby we can do our Stony Resilience regenerateable and decrease cd of Break ability to 14s. This is NEED for all warrior tanks! Take it! Take it now!!! :pinch:
There is my favorite PvE build:

Click me!

As you can see, the build is made of basic skills. It's easy to use and no any difficult combos needed. I used all defense rubies, because each reduced damage in PvE is counting!
You can easily tank monsters, bosses and poke in yo nose with your second hand.

Desire for Life: Very important ability for tanking bosses and elite monsters. Always keep at least 10 points of combat advantage so you can use it anytime.
Break ability: Dont forget to use it immediately after your Stony Resilience is broken.
Intimidate: At boss fights, use it as often as possible. Many bosses deals AoE damage to all your allies. This skill reduces his damage by 50% to everyone but you.
Athlete: ...TAKE IT!!! :cursing:

Sounds rediculous? Well, follow my instructions and paladins will hate you! This build is bit bigger challenge. To be great pvp tank warrior you need to practice, practice and even more practice. Your success is based on timing, many combos and concentration. For this build I heavily recommend one handed sword which has ballanced ratio of energy consume and outgoing damage. 1h sword had to be made directly for this build! Your role is helping your teammates with keeping opponents on you and literally stun and slow them to death!

Click me

This build is designed for combos. You must do everything to use Fatal Blow and Arcing Blow as often as you can. You have to time, when you use knock down, stunning or slow down skills, Headbutt and Charge. It's all about practice.

Headbutt: Primary used to keep enemy away from you or your teammates. Its good in combo with Knee Shot ability. Never use this skill in combo with Charge becouse enemy can blind you or stun you and make distance between you and him and you will need Charge badly in this situation.

Intimidate: Player is forced to attack you becouse his damage to your ally will be decreased by 50%. Helps your ally to survive and you can also confuse your enemy with this.
Take Cover: Its good to time when to use this in other way you will lose energy for almost nothing. Use it when you cant stun the player which attacks you.
Adrenaline Buzz: Dont be confused. You really dont need this ability in this build which is based on stuns and Fatal Blows. When you get in it you will use Flawless Strike very rarely.

Leveling 2h:
It is widely known that the best weapon for exping is two handed one. We want kill as many mobs as possible in the shortest time and need a fast recovery of energy for the most effective progress. There it is:

Click me!

As you can see, it is also easy to use, simple combos, Bushido ability r2 for more effectively fighting, all damage increases rubies for important abilities and Break ability for obvious reasons-keep your health loses low. Whirlwind r2 because between r2 and r3 is not a big difference in damage.
If you have more rubies available I recommend choose Streetfighter rubies for more knock down=>Arcing Blow combos.

Instant Shot: Simply for pulling mobs on you.


PvE stats
Offensive stats:
The most important atribute for PvE tank is Proficiency. The second most important atributes are Brutality and Determination (make it's ratio 1:1). Anger is useless.
Defensive stats:
Vitality (First) and Tenacity (Second). Bloodlust and Willpower is not important.

PvP stats
Offensive stats:
Proficiency (First), Brutality and Determination [second (ratio 2:1)]. Anger is not important.
Defensive stats:
Vitality (first), Bloodlust and Willpower [second (ratio 1:1)]. Tenancity is not important.

Determination: It's not such important atribute. Due to many stuns and knockdowns you do to your opponent it won't raise over 10-20%. Even if opponent is stronger than you, he won't deal you enought damage to raise it over 50%... if he do, you will die anyway.
Anger: There are characters who can deal wound complexity better than you. Remember that your role is keeping enemies on you. You can prevent healers from healing with many stuns and knockdowns just enough to make your teammates kill him.

Leveling stats
Proficiency, Brutality and Bloodlust are the most important atributes for you. Take the gear rewards exclusively with these attributes.

Reincarnation talent
Use any talent that will help you stay close to the enemy. I prefer Supernatural Speed (Scouts ability).

Thats it comrade! I hope you found what you needed, and my guide helped you somehow.. And I hope I will see more warriors in this game, who will share their advice in this important role that we do.
Warrior is love, warrior way of life. :love:

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