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Friday, March 20th 2015, 2:52pm

[PMB] Liavelle's Healer Guide

This Guide is Outdated
News (7.0) in the comment section

I am Liavelle from Guild Hungaria, from Server New Frontier. I am not a very experienced Healer, but I am going to share my knowledge about this wonderful class with You.

There are two builds what I love: The Caster Healer (CH) and the Full Healer (FH).
Both demand different playstyle, but if you are a fan of Healer and Caster classes, this is your choice!

Let’s start with Caster Healer (CH):
If you are new player, and you want to level up your Healer, the Caster Healer is one of the best choice.
You can fight with your enemies from a fair distance, and you can kill them relatively fast.
Here is my (CH) build (Endgame PVE, Astral or Grind):

There are some essential Skills and Rubies that i will show you.

Of course you have to use one of the Aspect from the Talent Master of Aspects, and that is the Aspect of Light.
Master of Aspects ---> Aspect of Light

Holy Blast/Celestial Judgement:
Your main skill, you can stack Fanaticism almost only with this skill if Aspect of Light is ON.
Ruby Frenzy is my favourite skill, this is the heart of the Caster Healer. You can use instantly your main skill with lowered mana cost.
With the Ruby Execution you can boost your DPS with lighting damage. (Not only for Melee Healers)
Valiant Guardian is one of the Caster Healer’s privilege. Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement put a mark on the target which allows you to use Exorcism or Sacred Word on a non demon character, plus other healers can use it too. Useful in PVP and in PVE sometimes.

Heavenly Smite:
Your highest damage skill, and it knocks enemies down.
Now Heavenly Smite stacks Fanaticism with the Ruby Thunderer! That is very-very useful in many situations. Instant insane damage with Particle of Light or Chain of Light in any fight.
With Ruby Blessed Resolution you can use it very often, the only disadvantage is the plenty of mana usage.

Knowledge of these skills are the most important thing when you want to be a real good CH.

The stats are simple.

Your Rubies will give you 12 Proficiency, so you should put all of your basic statpoints on Brutality (I have currently 16), and choose your gear wisely. Defensive stats do not really matter in PVE.

I recommend almost equal stats in Offensive:

My Offensive stats:
Proficiency 55%
Brutaity 45%

My Defensive stats:

Vitality <50%
Bloodlust <30%
Tenacity 10%

Full Healer (FH):

My second build is a PVE/little PVP (FH) build:

The Full Healer is always an Endgame character. There is no way or very painfully to level up with this kind of healer.
If you are good in it you can heal anything (Astral, Raid Dungeons, PVP) in your level. I like the new way how to be a good healer.

The first thing that I have to mention:
Now there is one more way to gain Fanaticism: Heavenly Smite! And this is awesome.

The weakness of the Healer (FH) always was the lack of Fanaticism. Now there is no more waiting! Just use Heavenly Smite and you gain 3 Stacks. Healing burst, Yeah! :thumbup:

Now I will talk about the essential Skills and Rubies!

From the Aspect of Masters you have
to use Aspect of Mercy! If you or your mates recieve damage you will gain Fanaticism with 45% chance if you have the Rubies Unbending Will rank 3.
Master of Aspects ---> Aspect of Mercy

Holy Rejuvenation/Holy Healing:

Your main Healing skill, in the state of Fanaticism you can use this skill instantly, and this is the only way how you should use it.
Ruby Sacred Blessing is a little boost of this skill, but i think it is very helpful.

Divine Prayer:
This is a skill for emergency. It costs a lot of mana and it has long cooldown time, but it is instant and gives a lot amount of health.
With the Ruby Strengthening Heal there is an additional effect to remove fear, stun, knockdown from the target or prevent them. In many situations this is very useful.

A lot of people do not know the importance of this skill on rank 3. In many situations this is better than heal the target. Sometimes the DoTs are more dangerous than direct damages, and you can rid most of them with this skill. I recommend it on rank 3!

Circle of healing:
When a lot of your gruop member lose health in the same time, you can use this skill, and save their life, very easily.
With the Ruby Power of the Pure there is no more interrupt. Except knock backs and pulls.

Celestial Light:
A new and mana friendly skill, helpful in long fights, and also you do not have to heal yourself when you lost a little health, just heal someone else.

Brilliant Faith:
This skill is not really important, it helps a very little, you can skip this, if you don't want to waste 3 rubies on it.

And there are a lot of other helpful rubies, but i think these are the most important things. Anything else is only depends on your playstyle and your „skills” and of course on your Runes if you are playing ont he F2P server.

My stats on my FH build are a little different. There is a little amount of determination for PVP.

My Offensive stats:
Proficiency 45%
Brutality 45%
Determination 10%

My Defensive stats:
Vitality 60%
Willpower <30%
Tenacity 10%

Thank you for checking it out. I hope it helps a bit for every new and beginner Healers!

Character: Liavelle, Elf Priest
Guild: Hungaria
Server: New Frontier

See you in the battlefields of Sarnaut!

F2P: Liavelle, Elven Priest / Guild: Hungaria

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Saturday, April 2nd 2016, 5:53pm


I will share my newest builds (7.0), I recommend these if you are looking for any Healer Build
These are optimized builds, at least for my playstyle. Try them out and you will see.

Caster Healer Build (Astral PvE)!3!313..3.33.…akzzhb/QTONEOSR

F2P: Liavelle, Elven Priest / Guild: Hungaria

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Tuesday, December 20th 2016, 5:28pm

Def / Off stats


What do you use to Offense and defensive stats to Caster Healer Build (AoE Astral/Raid PvE) ? :)!3!313..3.33.1..33....1.2..3.......3....3.2!a/BCG!sib/CQPCTFF!ezeakzzhb/EVWCDMNQE

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