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Some questions about rubies and how they work!

Hello warriors,
I am using a 2h dps build atm, but I am not sure if I should skip some rubies or take some others that may not look usefull in my eyes...
1) Crushing Blow. I noticed that this ability does not always hit the target. I mean that after the animation the mobs get 0 dmg... Is it worth taking this/these rubies for PVE?
2) In order to reach the ''Lucky'' rubies i have to waste 2 rubies first. I was thinking about taking r2 Bash or r2 Rugged Fighter. By my opinion 10% more stamina is much more usefull that the ''Bash'' ability, but other, more expirienced warriors should know better than me.
3)''Swiftness'' rubies... Awsome for kitting some mobs but I can't really find any real use for these rubies... What do you guys think about these rubies?
4) I like the ''Instant shot'' ruby which allows you to use an instant shot with your bow/crossbow with 2/2,5 sec CD instead. I love this ruby but it forces me to waste way too many rubies in order to reach it. I could take ''Knee shot'' instead but as i tested, it deal less dmg and has 20 sec CD. (ok, the 50% movement speed reduction is rly nice).
5) ''Stay Down'' rubies which generates 10/20/30 combat advantage after knocking an enemy down. 30 CA sounds nice and rly helpfull especially if you are using the Orc's racial skill. Is this passive ability worth those 3 rubies or would be better to take just r2/r1?
6) The last rubies I would like to ask about are the ''Athlete'' rubies. Do these rubies work when you are in combat? (I don't rly understand how do these rubies work, if anyone has some time pleasse leave a comment below.
Thanks every and have a nice day.
:P :P


2) I would take both, but if you ask... Rugged Fighter is one of most important rubies... for tanks and in PvP. Of course in PvE it also have some uses***. For DPS, especially in PvP I would rather take Bash- it's CC skill and allows you to use Arcing Blow (on of your best ST DPS skill).
3) Real use? For chasing someone or mobs. Btw, for kitting you can also use Hack,Headbutt,Knee Shot...
4) ... What is you question? Which one should you take? Or you want to know if warrior can do serious DPS from distance?
5) I don't know- honestly. How many rubies do you have to spend?
6) Athlete. It works MAINLY during fight. Out of combat Stony Resilience regenerates itself without rubies. Also reduces CD of Break. Most important for tanks, as you can restore Stony Resilience every 14sec instead of 20sec.

*** Scientists have done very rigorous studies and uncovered that dead player deals 100% less damage than living one.

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