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Saturday, March 28th 2015, 8:29pm



  • "jasq888" started this thread

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[PMB] Warrior Tank From Plague

You don’t like people? Are you antisocial? Me too, welcome!

Hello my name is JasQ I am officer of Polish Guild Plaga (Plague). In My
"Pimp My Build" I would like to present two builds for people playing with Warrior Tank Build. Simply, PvE and PvP Build's. I’m antisocial person with very
assertive attitude towards other players. I prefer mainly PvE style of playing. But in connection with a rather nice end game, I’m playing PvP too.
Have a nice reading!

So according to my opinion the most important statistics which should be for a Warrior Tank are proficiency, brutality, determination and vitality. Main attack stat in
this build is proficiency, and defensive- vitality. After much thought, I shared equipment with two columns uniformly distributing glyphs half to half. In one of the
parts will put glyphs with determination and tenacity in the second part will put brutality and bloodlust.

Proficiency - Main statistic increasing damage and treatment in the form of a one-point to one percent. For example proficiency and to have a 50.27 to receive
50.3% of the damage and treatment.

Vitality - statistics increasing the hit ratio of 1: 1. Vitality One point is 1% to hit point's.

Determination - statistics that increases your damage and treatment in the preparation of outgoing damage. For every percentage determination healing
classes receive bonuses 0.228% to healing skills.

Bloodlust - Bloodlust simply gives your health back to a percentage of the damage you're dealing. This can be a nice stat as a tank for survival, and helping
the healer that's working hard for keeping you alive.

Tenacity - perhaps the most important statistic for tanking classes because of increasing the defense. You have the ability to collect more damage in order to
protect Team before your death. XD

A small presentation skills class because of race Warrior:
Gibberling -Tricky Moves: increases your movement speed and dodge chance by 25% for 10 seconds. 2 minutes cooldown.
Orc - Deafening Shout: knocks down up to 5 enemies in 10 yard radius. 1 minute 30 seconds cooldown.
Kanian - Terrifying Shout: fears up to 5 enemies for 4 seconds in 10 yard radious. 3 minutes cooldown.
Xadaganian - Harassing Yell: reduces Determination of 5 enemies in 15 yard radius and movement speed by 50%. 3 minutes cooldown.
Priden - Call of the Ancestors: Increas Bloodlust and Tenacity for 10 seconds by 30 points for all party members.

It’s time to look at builds!

PvE Tank Build:

I chose these rubies in the individual trees build so and what a PvE build for tanking is a character who uses it is forced to yield a high enough dps threats and to
keep both mobs and boss without the ability to pass on to other members of squad. Rubies increasing atack not have a major role here and those increasing any
type of defensive effects bounce and absorb as much as possible anyway.

Skills use in This build:
, , , , (most important), , , , , , , , , ,

As a second maybe less successful:
PvP Tank Build:

In this build I can not say too much about the ruby for PvP, I just chose those which were legitimate purpose according to me for consideration. Mainly they chose
which help keep enough character to damage and stunning opponent. There are also increasing damage zadawyny rubies character controlled by our hands. We
can individually appropriate to select rubies at our discretion. XD

Skills used in this build:
, , , , , , , , ,

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Sunday, March 29th 2015, 12:12pm



  • "jasq888" started this thread

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Reincarnates are characters that fall underneath a main character known as a Progenitor. The special relationship between the two is that a reincarnation is not a
'new' character so much as an additional class to use. Any reincarnations are included on the same character slot as the progenitor, so switching between them
requires you to use the reincarnation NPC from inside the game.
Some carry-overs to the reincarnations include:
Used cash shop items (such as Ruby/Talent/Stat scrolls; Mounts; Bags)
Currency (such as Demonic souls; Collector coins; Greatness emblems)
Cash shop bag space
This means that a majority of the paid-for items will transfer to your new creation and any bound CS items are transferable between those characters since the CS
portion of the inventory is shared between them. Although the size of the bank carries over, the items inside are separate.
When a reincarnation is made, it can receive one of two skills from the progenitor. Likewise, the progenitor can do the same when a reincarnation gets to level 45.
The skills you can choose from are based on it's class and can be changed at any time from the reincarnation NPC.

If a progenitor has multiple reincarnations, each character can only choose 1 of the unlocked skills. The characters do not have to pick the same skill as all the
other characters.

I personally chose Psionicist reincarnations PvE because of the skill Telekinetic Pull, because it facilitates me much focus on the enemy when you confirm your character fight. In contrast to the PvP Healer build to chose reincarnations and his skill on protracted Holy Shield for survival. :)

Here is the presentation of some skills which I’m mostly using in PvE to less used in PvP:

Crushing Blow - quite simple but very useful skill, jump into a group of enemies throwing them up in the air. Good both in PvE and PvP.

Break - returns 100% Stony Resilience in five seconds.

Charge - skill which knocks the opponent to the ground and dealing damage.

Cruelty - our Threat increases to 300% but lowers our damage dealt by 10%. Must have for tank.

Defender - reduces threat generated by 25% by the choosed member of the group.

Adrenaline Buzz - increases restoring energy by 100% for 15 seconds.

Intimidate - attracts the enemy for 10 seconds, an excellent skill for tanking with Cruelty.

Fatal Blow - single target skill that deals damage depending on the level of skill and owned equipment.

Desire of Life - Stony Resilence restores up to 15% of your maximum health.

Lunge - melee attack that deals damage to a single target.

Take Cover - skill that increases the chance of a block by 50% for 8 seconds, very useful in pve when tanking boss.

Whirlwind - attack that deals AoE damage mainly used when fighting with group of monsters.

Flawless Strike - skill useful in PvE and PvP.

Arcing Blow - skill that you can use only on knocked down enemy. Mostly for pvp.

Forceful Kick - skill that deals damage with a 50% chance to knock down.

I was thinking about showing you my rotation of skills, but after second thought, I changed my mind. I can’t just give you everything, you have my build so you can do everything with this. Every player has their own gamestyle, so I don’t want to foice my rotation on you. I hope you all understand this.
Thanks for attention!
Rubies’ disposition has changed in 6.0 patch:
New ruby set: Adrenaline Addiction. The cooldown duration of Adrenaline Buzz decreases by 4/8/12%. While Adrenaline Buzz is active, the cooldown durations of
melee attacks decrease by 10/20/30%.
New ruby set: Dedication. With a 33/66/100% chance, the character under the Die Hard effect remains able to cast Die Hard, too
New ruby set: Athlete. Stony Resilience restores by 1/2/3% of the character's maximum health every 2 seconds if Stony Resilience is active. The cooldown duration
of Respite is reduced by 10/20/30%, and the duration of its effect is reduced by 7/14/21%.
Just a Scratch rubies now increase Stony Resilience even if you are not equipped with a shield.
The cooldown duration of Desire for Life is reduced by 50%. Desire for Life and Will to Live require 50% less combat advantage.
Aimed Shot now increases your combat advantage by 10.
The efficiency of Fly High ruby has increased – now it knocks enemies down for 2 seconds instead of tossing them up. The duration of knockdown increases by 30%
and the damage dealt by Crushing Blow increases by 10% per each ally who takes a leap.

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Sunday, March 29th 2015, 2:10pm

Looks nice but I am sorry, your PVP build is wrong.
You are using r3 Thick Plate and r3 Feint. This rubies works ONLY if you have 2h weapon equipped. Where is Just a Scratch? Where is Athlete ruby? You cant tank pvp without it.
In PvE build are also ruby loses. You dont need anger rubies for PvE so you can cut it throught one empty slot to take Team Play rubies and you will save 1 ruby this way ^^
You should probably take a look at my builds in thread called Tanks Path to breath some inspiration.
We can also discuss so we can make perfect tank build for other players at the end.
Click me!

Cirkulara :thumbsup:


Sunday, March 29th 2015, 6:55pm



  • "jasq888" started this thread

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Location: Poland

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sure man it will be nice to construct some good build to new players :) mesage me after PMB. :) or in game in next mouth.

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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 10:02am

I'm glad you corrected your build. This looks good ^^
Good luck!
Cirkulara :thumbsup:

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