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Sunday, March 29th 2015, 8:40am

[PMB] Bluescarlets Fluffy Warden Style


Hello and welcome to my training Session rookie ! You wanna lern about wardens huh?
well then sit down and listen, i will try to give you some tipps.

First off why would you play warden? Well its probably the most Flexible Class in the game you can be a fullheal,
you can hold your ground in pvp and you are one of the best dps classes so what else could you want?

1. Basic Explanation of the Warden
2. Statpoints
3. PvE Dps Build (Astral and stuff)
4. PvP Builds

1. Basic Explanation of the Warden
The Warden is a Manadepending Casterclass which uses a pet and the power of nature to defeat his enemys.
Unlike most other classes a certain Order of skills needet to perform a decent dps which is:

----------------------->Flash Lightning -------------> Grab! -------------------> Vortex ------------------>Shred!

The Order of Skills is Important cause of the Different effects they apply.

Flash Lightning will apply the Out of balance effect which allows us to apply Open Wounds with the use of Grab. Following this we apply the Painshock effect with Vortex and last but not least we trigger the Painshock effekt with Shred! and BAM. You will use this rotation over and over again as a warden if you want to do decent dps.

2. Statpoints
Proficiency is the lowest but also the most stably Statpoint it will increase you Damage/Healing for a set amount and it doesnt matter which condition you or your enemy is in.

Brutality is the 2 best/worst Statpoint it depents on the remaining enemy lifepoints, the lower the life of your enemy/ally the more Damage/Healing you will do.

Determination is defenetly the best Statpoint (its double as strong as proficiency) but it also has the hardest criteria to be usefull. With this Statpoint you will do more damage when you recieve damage yourself, so its a bless for tanks but to us as a dps its harder to use (but not impossible cause you WILL get damage on astral islands in raid etc.)

Anger is a stat where you apply wounds on a target after you dealt a certain amount of damage so its only "useful" in pvp. But i really recomment not taking it in pve and even in pvp i also never used it cause pvp is pretty fast based and you rarely see wounds on a target.

Vitality Increases your Lifepoints and more life = you will live longer so you want all possible statpoints which you dont need in other ones in this one.

Bloodlust will heal you for a part of the damage/heal you are doing, but the amount is really small and you shouldnt forget half of you damage comes from your pet so i dont recomment using it as a warden.

Willpower is a statpoint which makes you immune against controleffects when you were under controlleffects for a certain time or recieve a certain amount of damage under controlleffects.(a controlleffect is a state where you are unable to perform skills cause of blind,knockdown,stunn,fear etc.)i dont recomment taking much of this in pve.

Tenacity is a very important statpoint it increases the amount of damage you have to take to get wounds (when you have wounds you heal will have problems keeping you alive) the harder the things you do the more you need of this cause if you dont take it and you heal is keeping you alive until you get wounds(so he does his job good ;)) then its practically a slap in his face if you dont have any tenacity ;)

PvE stats:
ofc this can depents on situation and grp but in general you can go with this

Proficiency 50% of your statpoints
Brutality 50% of your statpoints
no Anger or Determination
no Bloodlust or Willpower
Tenacity at least 20 Points(not %)
Vitality every point you didnt spend into Tencity you want in Vitality

PvP stats:
this is a bit harder cause every fight can be diffrent but in general i like it like this

Proficiency 50% of your statpoints
Brutality 20% of your statpoints
no Anger
Determination 30% of your statpoints
no Bloodlust
Willpower well i run nearly 48 points which make me immune after 6 secounds but i posses a conclave (cs item which gives me 21 additional defensive points) so try to get at least to 7 or 8 secounds until you get immune
Tenacity at least 30-40 Points(not %)
Vitality every point you didnt spend into Tencity or Willpower you want in Vitality

3. PvE Dps build
This is my Astral Build as you can see it has everything you can possibly need in PvE (except dispel) you have cc (long time lethargie, short time boar blow/rip up and slow natures grip) you also have nearly the maxed dps and a good amount of healing and last but not least some defensive rubees cuz if you die you are useless.

72 Talents 65 Rubees

But well this PMB is directet mainly at new players and i highly doubt a new player will have all world mysteries and cashshop rubees and talents so here is another build which every new player should be able to use:

68 Talents 56 Rubees

as you can see i ditched some luxury rubees but nothing really important^^

now i wont start explaining every single rubee cuz i expect ppl to read the discription themself ;) but some ppl may have problems with some decisions i did in my build so here some words to it

Why Ferocity (+15% physical damage) and not Energyregg (every 8 sec 1,2% mana regg)?

Well for mana you can always throw mana pots and as long as you dont heal and dps at the same time you mana wont run out so i prefer more damage for me and my grp, also its pretty common to have a dps scout in your grp nowdays and they mostly run energyregg themself (and their regg is better for energyclasses)

Why Boars Blow and Rip Up?

To interrups channeling of some bosses and elite mobs (for example the icy elements in dragonbay northwest they do an aoe choke which can kill ppl but if you interrupt them it does nothing)

Why Deff rubees?

Well if you are dead you cant dps or heal anymore so you become useless and thats not what you want ;)

The PvP specc is under the comments a few posts ahead^^

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Monday, March 30th 2015, 12:18am

nais guide:thumbsup:


Smugglers Paradise - League - Avarice


Monday, March 30th 2015, 12:21am

excellent guide! makes me want to reroll warden!

over 9000 hours in MSPAINT


Monday, March 30th 2015, 9:55am



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Nice Nice! I'll try it today! :)


Monday, March 30th 2015, 3:47pm

hehe thx^^ maybe i will do a pvp one too but atm iam kind of lazy :sleeping: and pvp is hard anyway cuz it depends on your job in the grp^^ for example i rarely cc in pvp cuz my job in my cf grp is simply being dps :D


Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 10:57pm

I know that's not the purpose of the PMB but I have a you also use this build when you play pvp? :) ty for reply :)
however..very nice guide =)


Wednesday, April 15th 2015, 4:52pm

no i dont recomment using this build in pvp its only for pve (astral,farming,raids,etc)

i may upload a pvp specc tomorrow too but i will see if i can beat my lazyness first^^


Wednesday, April 15th 2015, 9:26pm

ty for the reply :) well, I'll keep on following your posts then =)


Thursday, April 16th 2015, 6:09pm

4. PvP Builds

Well first off there is no perfect PvP Build :whistling: in PvP there are always diffrent
enemys, locations, tactics, allys and whatever which can make a build more or less usefull.

You also have to consider what kind of job you want to do in PvP in general there are 3 useful Jobs:

1. Healer : as a Heal you will...Heal (ha you didnt expect this right?) your job is simple choose a worthy target (i recomment a strong good geared dps class like Scout, Paladin or another Warden) and follow him the whole time in Battlegrounds to heal him up. With this you will be useful even with a low Gearscore.

2. Support : as a Support you will practically do everything at the same time but nothing at maximum efficiency.. sounds Strange right? Well to explain it you will look around and help out when there is a need for it. If there is just a heal who is struggelling to kill something you support him with damage, when you see a strong dps dieing cuz he has no heals then heal him and when there are already heals or dps be as annoying as you can to help your team with your potions and ccs (for example Aqua morte on the enemy heal or cc enemys to lower their damage like ccing a pally when he gets big and white or interrupting a surge from a mage).With this you can be useful even with low Gearscore (dont forget your Aqua morte is just as good as the one from a High equipped warden)

3. Damage Dealer : Probably the most simple job cuz there is only 1 thing you have to do... decide which enemy will die first ;) but for this i recomment a high Gearscore cuz with a low one you will have problems killing your enemy.

So choose one of the Jobs above to prove yourself useful for your team, but cuz its a Pimp my Build you probably want a Build too right? grr well ok:

Here is the PvP Build i use at the moment

72 Talents 65 Rubees

But once again i doubt a new player will be able to copy it cuz they will lack rubees and talents so i tried to make a light build too:

68 Talents 56 Rubees

So as a last Word let me say this:

Even if i can assure you i tested those builds myself (iam not a faggot like other ppl who post fake builds to troll new players ;) ) i recomment testing everything yourself when you get the chance cuz every person has his own unique playstyle and it wont help anyone if you play someting you dont like and perform bad cuz of this :pinch: so use those builds as a tipp or advice to create your own personal build who fits your playstyle :)

if you got any more questions feel free to ask here or per mail here in forum :whistling:

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