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Sunday, March 29th 2015, 9:35pm

Melee warden viability?

So I've been reading through the topics and I've noticed that there are basically no melee builds. I've been experimenting with the talent calculator and I've come up with builds that seem to be solid, but the fact that there's no discussion of melee builds on the forum concerns me.

Do the caster builds simply outclass melee builds in all areas of the game? Is there any hope for being a viable melee warden, or even a hybrid? It would be really disappointing to be limited to ONLY caster / healer builds.


Sunday, March 29th 2015, 10:03pm

mhh well in theory melee/caster is even stronger^^ BUT it brings 3 disadvantages at the same time

1. you have to be near the boss or enemy player which is a grave disadvantage over casters and will probably cause your normally superior dps to be lower than that of a caster ( cuz there are many many bosses where you have to move out of aoes and stuff)
2. as a caster you are a fullheal at the same time and lets be honest why would you ditch this unique possibility just for 10-20% more dps?
3. caster ist easier to play :P you can play caster with 1 hand so you have the 2 hand for eating and stuff :D


Sunday, March 29th 2015, 11:40pm

Thanks for the reply Bluescarlet. I'm currently leveling two lowbie wardens, one of them being a caster and the other one being melee. I can definitely see the merits of the caster builds, being able to DPS and heal as needed are certainly strong advantages. But I like the fact that melee (hybrid?) wardens can just focus on maximizing DPS, even if it's at the expense of some utility.

Unfortunately, there are some things with the melee warden that I'm uncertain about.

1. Boar's Blow - The damage appears quite weak and the cooldown seems a little lengthy, though I understand it's the "guaranteed" Shred combo. I'm just not sure if the skill is worth it or if it's justifiable to max it and get the rubies.

2. Hawk's Strike - This is particularly confusing. I saw this as the melee version of Vortex but the fact it uses Static Charges boggles my mind. This makes me wonder if it's more of a hybrid ability or if it still has a place in "pure" melee builds. But then if it is a hybrid ability, does that mean I'll want to max out Lightning Strike / Vortex as well? Or would that just be redundant / a waste of talent points?

3. Chomp - I'm not at a high enough level to know if this is a useful ability or not. I imagine it could be useful in conjunction with Bear's Blow (or Chain Lightning) but that's also a lot of talent points being spent in what seems to be a "tight" build.

What do you guys think?


Monday, March 30th 2015, 4:04pm

wow impressive how much though you give this :D

1. if you take all rubees and talents it about 20-24 sek i think but yeah the damage is pretty low and its just to start up the rotation but you know flash lightning is instant so use it^^ but in pvp boar blow is pretty nice^^

2. well yeah its the melee version of vortex and you will need it and the damage of it will rise with every static stack but well really its crappy damage^^ the only purpose is probably a ability to get rid of your static^^

why get rid of it? well static stacks increase your lightning damage by i think 3% per stack but like this it will just push your flash lighning cuz you dont use vortex so its a bit wastet^^ what you want are combat wit stacks (the melee version of static ones) which increase your physical damage by 3% per stack^^ thats why you should start you very first rotation with boar blow to start combat wit stacks (if you start with flash then static ones will be generatet except you already have combat wit)

well wow this sounds confusing i hope you get what i want here ;D

3. well its an aoe yeah and i saw it hitting with over 800k sometimes so the damage is acceptable but i still never use it cause its using way too much energy, takes to long to hit all enemys and is weaker compared to other skills^^

cause lets be real there are 2 types of aoe fights

a) the short trash grp where you can be happy if you have 2,5 sek to cast chain lightning (cuz of damn scouts -.-)
b) or the longer trash running arounds in astral and stuff here you will maximise your aoe damage by applying flash lightning and grab on every target so it has open wounds (open wounds will be your main damage then) and then hold your aoe on cd (chain lightning and maybe shaman flame) and try to keep open wounds on all targets all the time like this you can even match up scout dps over time(well until your pet is empty)

hope i could help

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