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Tuesday, March 31st 2015, 5:36am

[PMB] Leveling a Warden Guide

Hello everyone! 8o

I'm a new Warden player and I really want to share my view about this class. I'm an old Allods player (more than 3 years) and always played as Healer. In game I am known as Latrodectus (healer) or Worm (warden), pm if you want :D
It will be a simple guide, focused to new warden players, with the main aspects of the class, as well the "must-have" abilities and rubies to level up easily.

I particularly like this class because it is very versatile, you can do a great d.p.s also a nice heal, and it is really hard to die!! :thumbup:

Lets begin!


- Stone Soup
With this ruby you are able to create potions without using the required items, but the mana cost is 400% more.

- Static Electricity
This ruby is not so important to DPS build. It is used for healer's build. If combat wit or static charge are not applied, the first lightning attack will additionally apply one stack.

- Grasping Roots

Not so useful. Each two seconds every target within the radius of Natures Grip will be immobilized for two seconds, and each target can only be immobilized once.

BUILD pve *(focused on full DPS for leveling)*

But first, a small explanation of the ROTATION:
1- Lightning Strike (will apply Out of Balance)
2- Maul/Grab (will apply Open Wounds)
3- Vortex (will apply Painshock)
4- Shred (BOOOOOM, RIP) :thumbsup:

* All this effects can be seen at the monster stats place.

:!: :!: Another important informations to maximize your DPS: When you chose equipment, ALWAYS focus on Proficiency and Brutality stats, at the proportion of 1:1 [example: 20 profit and 20 brut] and sometimes vitality:!: :!:


Lets begin

:!: :!: :!: Pick Shred at first :!: :!: :!:

1 step - The best way to begin you build:!5!122....…...!a/A!a/A!a/O
* first rubies: Shred!
* Restoration rubies

2 step -!5!122.1.22............................!a/A!a/A!yodawc/O
* Vibrant Health to heal when you are almost dead
* Boars Blow to scape or finish
* Ruby "Combat Sense" at rank3 = +30% dmg to your pet skills! this is really strong and useful

3 step -!5!122.1.2…A!a/A!qakvrun/O
* Ruby Master of Nature to restore energy for your pet. Very useful
* Ruby Severe wounds. More damage
* VORTEX (now your d.p.s will be monstrous)
* Bark Shield: a great skill that can make you survive and avoid death a lot of times. Use it always!
* Renew: another great skill to support your leveling. Use it whenever your HP is lower than 50%

4 step -!5!133.1.2…/KXUC!kndzcwn/O
* Ruby Battle Training: decreases pet abilities cooldown by 30%. Extremely useful
* Ruby Lightning Master: Reduces cooldown and mana cost of Vortex by 30%
* Ruby Force of Nature: now you can pick this rubies because your level and stats will be bigger than before and it is in percentage, so it needs a higher number to be more effective.
* Natural Force: mana problems? not anymore
* Chain Lightning: use it when you have 3 or more mobs.

5 step -!5!133.1.2…H!kndzcwn/SKGKJ
* Rubies Lightning Master and Master of the Storm: just to increase your dps a little
* Rubies One and All: remember the skill Lightning Strike? It apply static charge stacks on the target. This rubies increase the damage of your Shred by 3% for each stack! Your Shred damage will be great at this point :thumbup:

:!: You can chose the rubies Bulwark and Heightened Senses to improve your defense, I recommend then ^^

:!: It was just the core build

:!: I forgot to pick Shred at the first builds, but you shall pick it!

Well guys, this is all! It was just an introduction to the class and what skills and rubies you should pick first to maximize your damage and/or survivability, but you can personalize this build as you wish, with your own requirements.

Hope new players like it and enjoy playing with this amazing class! :P


Monday, May 4th 2015, 7:26pm



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What about the 15% dodge chance from enhanced reflexes, or the 15 extra points in vitality from Vital Source? Those rubies should be taken too as they are just too good to pass on, and then you also completely ignore bestial synergy which increases your luck by 4 and stacks three times for a total of 12 extra points into luck

Been looking at the guide and reading it, you seem to have a solid grasp on the caster/pet warden but your passing on some major (and some would say required) rubies, and looking at your build you only stop at Level 42. While this is a very good guide, there are a lot more guides that focus from level 1 to level 65, might i suggest you look at this as your final build?

Didnt mean to hijack your thread in any way, shape or form just thought to offer my two cents in
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