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Tuesday, March 31st 2015, 4:25pm



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[PMB] DPS-range

Hello I play this class from some month and now I am lvl 35.This is my favourite class for it's adpatability.
In this guide I will not give you a built, but I'll only show you the main ability a warden need.

Wardens are one of the most adaptable class all Allods' world. They are in communion with Nature and their main feature is the Pet. This little, lovely animals is very important, because it is the main source of damage for a Warden.

Wardens use leather armor, so they have a medium defensive value for physical damage and a good chance to dodge. Their magical resistant is good, in particular against natural. They use natural and physical ability and they use staves, hammers, first weapon and spears.

For DPS-range it's important Statica Charge, because increase the lightning damage.

Offensive stats are important for a DPS. Use talents points in particular on Proficiency and Brutality. If you can increase Luck.

Lightning Strake/Flah Lightning: Very important ability, it do some damage and can put the target out of balance for some seconds. This is the skills that start the combo chain. Take both because they have a cooldown of 2.5 sec.

Vortex: Other very imposrtant ability make some damage and can cast Pain Shock if the target is under Open Wound effect. This stack give us the possibility to double the damage of Shred.

Bee Swarm: It doesn't inflict many damage, but confuse the target for 4 seconds. It has a cooldown high (1.50/1.35/1.20 min) and a cast time short only at livel 3 (3/2.5/2 sec).

Chain Lightning: It's not very usefull. It inflicts low damage and have a cast time long (2.5 sec).

Maul/Grab: Very important ability. It inflicts damage and can cast at a 12%-15% an Open Wound which inflicts some damage in the time. But if the target is off-balance you have a 100% chance. So this will be the second ability to use in the combo chain. Pet spends 5 energy.

Great Hunt: increase basic pet attacks. It isn't the most important ability of the tree.

Rip: It can be usefull for his silence effect which make your target inable to use magic. Pet spends 10 energy.

Natural Force: it's very usefull for the party restoring energy/mana to that class wich use them a lot such as bard and psionicist.

Chomp: The effects is like Chain Lightning, but inflicts twice damage and your pets spend a lot of energy (15).

Bark Shield: Usefull ability which increase your resistance.

Renew: Usefull ability which restore health of you, your pet, and all party member!!!

Acqua Morte: Usefull for decrease the cure your ennemy recive. I advise to take it at minimun lvl 1.

Vibrant Heakth/Healing Bust: Don't teke them!! They use a buff which decrease your damage.


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Wednesday, April 1st 2015, 1:20pm



  • "cavarex" started this thread

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First grid is not very usefull for a range warden, so concentrate on second and third grids.

Important abilities:
First grid:
Bestial synergy: give a bonus of luck at 25%. Very usefull in particular in PVP.
Enhanced Reflexes: give a bonus to dodge incoming damage. This ability is usefull in PVP.
Second grid:
Vital source: Wardens have not a lot of life, so take this ability which will permit you to survie in Allods' world.
Force of Nature: icrease by 3%/6%/9% your proficiency which is the most important offensive stat.
Lihtning Master: give a bonus to damage inflicted by Lightning Strike and Flash Lightining. Very usefull in particular for the amount of bonus: 6%/13%/19%.
Third grid:
Shred: Very important ability! It is the last ability to use in the combo chain. It gives a lot of damage Which are doubled if the target is under pain shock. In this last case an half damage are phisical the other half are natural!
Combat sense: it increase pet's ability's damage, so it' very importanat.
Master of Nature: good to restore energy of your pet during combat. It can save you.
Severe Wounds: increase the duration of Open Wound. Very usefull!
Battle Training: essential ability which dicrease the cooldown of pet's ability including Shred (12 sec --> 8 sec).
Restoration: essential ability which decrease the time your pet is in ghost form.
Bulwark: a defensive ability which can save you when your health is low.


The combo chain is:
Lightning strake/Flash lightning untill casting of off balance effect --> Maul/Grab (Open Wound) --> Vortex (Pain Shock) --> Shred

At the end Warden is a very good class which can give you an experience of game very fun.

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