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New player looking for guild

New player and about to start my free month. I would like to find a guild that will help me learn the game and keep me motivated to pay for an ongoing sub. Not a hardcore player but I do spend more than a fair amount of time online.


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Which faction are you on? League or Empire?


I'm not sure. I created a Stalker named Eakly which was one of the bottom 3 races. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question.


Which race? :) That would help solve it.


If you're on the Empire, you'll be looking at Utopie or Eclipse, as far as I know.

For League, should you choose to switch, you'll be looking at Avarice or Void. (Avarice mainly EU players; Void has more NA players but is a mixed bag in terms of the location of its members).

Whichever side you decide to play on, I hope you have a great time and stick with us! :) And feel free to ask any questions.
Noire, 65 "World's Okayest" Healer [Smuggler's Paradise] [League] [Void]

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