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[PMB] Pimp my pally Tippy

Hello fellow allods players.
My name is Tippyy from Warsong.I have been a paladin for 5 years been through all the buff and the nerfs and
thanks to some people that helped me get better as paladin. Namely Explodinsauce , Rasar, Lokus , Llag and Rozetri.The reason i like paladin is cause it offers the players different play styles and roles in the party. So you can either be a holy tank that is tanky and can absorb tons of damage and survive with barrier managing skills and use holy spells to get aggro and protect squishies with touch of light or go physical dps and kill everything that gets in the way ( mobs or players) 8) .

Broken Chains and paladin

The new patch is really controversial about paladins. As you can see many peeps that went paladin are swapping classes because paladin got nerfed . Actually we used to absorb all the damage but now we are inflicted 25% of the damage and we absorb 75%. This means that we are squishier than last patch but we can also get aggro easier on holy spec with determination and dps harder with the physical spec due to determination boost. Also physical spec got buffed with the anger flushed rubies that decrease the cooldown of physical skills by 30% while virtuous cause is active. In my opinion paladin is balanced at the moment cause last patch physical paladin was way too tanky and able to 3 hit everything .

New rubies
"Pledge of Allegiance" That allows the restoration of cannons of light
with a 10%/20%/30%
chance after breaking a holy barrier, Definitely a considerable choice
for tank as you will be breaking holy barriers most of the time.

"Pure Thoughts"
That allows you to restore cannons of purity with
20%/40%/60% chance to restore one cannon of purity per each enemy killed by
your direct attack.It is a good set of rubies but the position is bad at the
current ruby grid.
"Anger Flushed" Cooldown Duration of your physical attacks is
reduced by 10%/20%/30%under effect
. These rubies are a must for physical dps spec as combined
with and
these rubies make you a heavy hitter.

Keep calm and pvp hard :thumbsup: 8)

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Builds for every occasion :)
Holy tank spec or as a friend told me once get the girls spec :D.
This is my holy tank spec.It reflects my playstyle cause it can compete with
most dps classes both in single target and aoe pulls.If you want to be
less vulnerable drop the sacred sunrise damage boost rubies and go for
repel evil ones that reduce magic damage by 12% at rank 3.

Holy tank pve stats
Offensive: Proficiency and Brutality at par preferably around 30
Determination as high as possible
Anger only from the guild anger rubies :thumbsup:

Defensive: Vitality and tenacity at par mine at around 50 and 48 as we speak
Willpower around 30 both in pvp and pve cause knockdowns kill the paladins
Bloodlust is useless in my humble opinion. :love:
Holy tank pvp spec - Spread the Love of Light to everyone. :rolleyes:
Holy tank pvp stats
Οffensive stats same as above
For defensive stats go for around 30 tenacity and distribute evenly on vitality and willpower.
Rotation for single target pulls is pretty straight forward.Start with Challenge
to get instantly the aggro from the dps hungry classes that like to
rush like wardens and healers and then dot the boss with righteous word
, condemnation .Once you see your determination meter is full or close to it like 75% use Sacred Sunrise and trigger it with Righteous Word and the mob will be yours in no time. :rolleyes:
Rotation to get aggro in aoe pulls is righteous word ,condemnation ,Intediction >TAB righteous word ,condemnation >TAB ,Sacred Sunrise ,Interdiction .If mobs are still not on you use challenge and redo the rotation mentioned above.
Physical Pve Dps Build-Climb your way to the top dps spots. 8)
The reason why i love paladin is the pve dps spec. :thumbup:
I started as physical dps and went tank once i got greatness at 51
patch.Physical dps paladin is a monster when it comes to single target
damage and you can burst pretty well in aoe pulls as well. It
incorporates the knowledge i got of full pve dps poor
survivability and has maxed damage output-the reason why battle res is not included.

Weapon choice : For maximum damage output use 2h mace as it offers the most
consistent damage hits.Alternatively you can choose 2h axe the criticals
it does are way higher than the ones of 2h mace.
Skill Rotation for single target is like this.Start with Condemnation ,Strike of Justice to get in range of the mobs if needed.Then use Crusader Seal , Purifying Strike , Crusader Seal again into Entangling Chains .Repeat till you have 6 stacks of Concentration .Then use Righteous Cause to continue the same rotation.Once you see you have around 13 seconds for Righteous Cause to fade use Pious Anger to deal the maximum damage output of the dps paladin.
For aoe pulls use Condemnation into Interdiction to spread Condemnation to all mobs, Chastising Strike , Exhaust Evil and then use single target spells on any mobs the live.:P
Physical pve dps stats
Offensive : Proficiency and Brutality around the same number i use 55% to 45% ratio at the moment
Determination: Around 20 is good considering we get 9 from the determination rubies
Anger: 0 from gears mobs dont get wound complexity before they die. X(
Defensive Stats : Vitality as high as possible cause it determines the maximum damage our barriers hold.
Around 20 Willpower is a must for knockdowns as said above.
For Bloodlust 20 to 25 is good since we can let healer focus on tank and more squishies.
Tenacity is mostly needed for tank spec but if we get hit by many aoes we don't want wound.I run around 15 on dps spec.
Keep calm and pvp hard :thumbsup: 8)

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Physical PvP spec- My 2h weapon wants to tattoo your body

same as the pve one. Dropped the aoe holy spells to get more CC because
in pvp CC = Power.Grabbed the willpower rubies, 3rd barrier and self
healing to become harder to cc and help survive longer.Actually if you
dont have the Vial of Death you can use this spec to dps even in pve.It
lacks only aoe.The single target dps will be the same :) .

Offensive : Proficiency and Brutality around the same number i use 55% to 45% ratio at the moment
Determination: Around 30 is good as it helps us burst whatever attacks us.
Anger: 0 from gears cause wihout a pocket healer on your side wound complexity on target
will take like 2 mins to stack .

Defensive : Vitality same as above
Willpower around 30
Bloodlust around 25
Tenacity to 15 again cause we die before we get wound most of the times

Elixirs and alch pots

of the role i am i use most of the time Luck Elixir and Brutality
alchemy pot.Also to dps i use the Common Potion Of Concentration that
gives really good energy regeneration. :rolleyes:

Also here are some screenshots from
Pve dps spec in eclipse

Holy spec last sundays domi

Special Thanks to Mielai for Providing me with the screenshots. :love: :thumbsup:
Conclusion-Final push
You made it through reading my guide congrats people :D
. I hope this guide can help both experienced and new paladins.I tried
to make it as short as possible even though expressing your feelings for
a class you played for 5 years is not so easy.Feel free to
comment,critisize and use any of the build posted if they suit your
playstyle.Thanks for reading this guide and see you in skirmishes. :) Tippy out

Keep calm and pvp hard :thumbsup: 8)

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Tippy! I still have your poster on my wall and i kiss it every night XD
Great guide ^^




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Thanks Tippy <3 Was looking for a good build for my incarn pally I started all over and I can always count on your excellent experience and opinions ^^ Next time though, pls use bigger image sizes :)
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Good guy Tippy, doesn't post an eclipse raid ss to show off #1 dps.


Good guy Tippy, doesn't post an eclipse raid ss to show off #1 dps.
It just happened to be top dps.Most of the time i am like 1st to 5th dps in eclipse. :P i just posted the screenshot to point out the fact that paladin( both holy and physica)l got buffed from patch unlike most peeps believe :D
Keep calm and pvp hard :thumbsup: 8)

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