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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 8:40am



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[PMB] Psoglav's Warrior DPS guide 6.0


Hail to all warriors! My name is Psoglav, and I am a League Priden warrior from guild Legends (ISA). I used to be a Gibberling, but with the new race that was introduced I didn’t resist to change. I’ve been playing Allods since closed beta on EU server and have always been a warrior. Since I prefer melee combat and like wearing heavy armor in games, warrior was an obvious choice. He used to hit like a truck, and could resist tons of damage, so it was always fun trying to take down your opponent before getting killed.

My main role in parties and raids is DPS. Warrior DPS is very easy to play, as the skill rotation is very simple. You have to be more careful with positioning as you are always in melee range, but thanks to our barrier and plate armor we can still take a lot of damage if a mistake is made. I am using a two-handed weapon, which still provides a lot of hits with high damage.

Warrior changes in 6.0

6.0 patch introduced a few nice additions to both our DPS and survivability. Ruby grid has been altered a bit, and 3 new rubies have been introduced.

Adrenaline Addiction – this ruby decreseas cooldown duration of Adrenaline buzz by 4/8/12% and in addition it reduces cooldown duration of melee attacks by 10/20/30% while it’s active. It’s a great boost for DPS, especially with slow 2-handed weapons like axes and hammers.

Dedication –if you get under Die Hard effect and your HP reaches 0, you will have a 33/66/100% chance to get Die Hard effect once again. It’s a great ruby for tanks.

Athlete – these rubies regenerate your Stony Resilience (barrier) by 1/2/3% while it’s active and in addition it reduces cooldown duration of Break by 10/20/30% and its effect duration by 7/14/21%. A must have ruby for tanks and for PvP as it greatly increases your survival.

In addition some old rubies and abilities have been reworked so they provide more survivability and more damage:

Just a scratch – this ruby now increase your Stony Resilience (barrier) by 36% (56% total) even if you have a 2-handed weapon equipped. You still get critical damage decrease only with a shield equipped.

Pebble Wall – Desire for Life and Will to live skills given by these rubies now need 50% less combat advantage. Desire for life also has 50% reduced cooldown duration.

Aimed Shot – this attack with your ranged weapons gives you 10 combat advantage.

Fly High – this ruby now knockdowns your opponents for 2 seconds, and in addition for any member that jumps with you knockdown is increased by 30% and damage by 10%.

Two-handed DPS build


When it comes to build, if you are going for maximum DPS you have to focus on all damage rubies with minimum survival skills. You still have your Stony Resilience, Die Hard and Break skills to help you survive when you take damage.

Devastating Blow/Flawless Strike (rank 3) – main builder, gives 15 combat advantage and deals high damage.

Lunge (rank 3) – second builder, generates 10 combat advantage, deals moderate damage but has very low energy cost when u use Feint rubies.

Agonizing Strike/Fatal Blow (rank 3) – main finisher, highest damage and very low energy cost. Consumes 50 combat advantage.

Vicious Spin/Whirlwind (rank 3) – main AoE attack, consumes 65 combat advantage. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Aura of Ferocity (rank 3) – 15% physical damage increase for whole party. With Controlled Rage rubies you can decrease armor penalty to 0%.

Adrenaline Buzz (rank 3) – increases energy regeneration rate by 100% for 15 seconds. Boost with Adrenaline Addiction rubies for maximum damage.

Die Hard (rank 3) – instead to die you have 16 seconds to be healed. Cooldown can be reduced to 1 min 48 sec with Desire for Life rubies.

Charge (rank 2) – great for getting close to your opponent and gives 10 combat advantage.

Intimidate (rank 1) – instant aggro skill, useful for pulling mobs from weaker party characters or saving a tank. Rank 1 has a very long cooldown of 1 minute.

Hack (rank 1) – nice for slowing certain mobs that are not immune to CC. Useful on certain boss fights and with some astral debuffs.

Heroic Might (rank 3) – increases damage of your hits, and if you use it with Flawless Strike it also makes a short DoT for additional damage. Maximum rank is used for lowest cooldown on skill.

Reasoned Aggression (r1) – generates 10 combat advantage per second for 7 seconds. 2 minute cooldown (doesn’t reduce with higher rank).

In case you r missing talent points, just remove Hack and one rank from Heroic Might. This will save you 4 talent points. Or if you have just 2 talents less, take Reasoned Aggression to rank 2 and Heroic Might at rank 2.


In ruby grids we also focus on all rubies that increase damage, critical chance, cooldowns and energy cost of certain skills.

Fighter ruby grid

Slaughter (rank 3) – increase damage of Fatal Blow and Whriwlind by 15%.

Controlled Rage (rank 3) – decreases armor penalty for Aura of Ferocity from -30% to 0%.

Adrenaline Addiction (rank 3) – decreases cooldown of Adrenaline Buzz by 12% and cooldown of melee attacks by 30% while it’s active.

Team Play (rank 3) – increases damage by 1.5% for every team member within 40 ft radius.

Daredevil (rank 3) – increases Determination by 9 points.

Verdict (rank 2) – gives you an ability which increases your damage by 100% for 15 seconds or until 10% of enemy’s HP is taken. It has 5 minutes cooldown.

Bushido (rank 3) – restores 3 energy every 2 seconds (I counted rubies from all 3 grids).

Bodyguard ruby grid

Lethal Blows (rank 3) – increases Proficiency by 9 points.

Desire for Life (rank 2) – reduces cooldown of Die Hard by 40%.

Pebble Wall (rank 2) – gives you Break and Desire for Life abilities.

Lance Warrior ruby grid

Rampaging Menace (rank 3) – increases your Vigor by 9%.

Lance Warrior (rank 2) – increased damage of 2-handed weapons by 4% and their range by 3 yards.

Bull’s Eye (rank 3) – increases damage of Flawless Strike by 15%.

Natural Born Killer (rank 3) – increases damage of Fatal Blow and Whirlwind by 15%.

Combat Training (rank 3) – increases damage of Thrust, Charge and Inciting shot by 15%.

Lucky (rank 3) – increases critical hit chance of Flawless Strike by 15%.

Musclehead (rank 3) – increases critical hit chance of Lunge, Charge and Crushing Blow by 15%.

Feint (rank 3) – reduces energy cost of Lunge by 45%.

Crushing Blow (rank 2) – gives you a new AoE attack where you jump to a group of enemies and do massive damage. Cast time is 1 second, and cooldown is 1 minute.

Inciting Shot (rank 1) – you can use Aimed Shot as instant attack.

Other rubies that are not specifically mentioned are generally just taken along the way to get to the desired ones in the ruby grid. If you are missing a few rubies from World mysteries or cash shop, you can remove Verdict which will save you 4 rubies. Otherwise there are no other rubies to take for damage increase. I skipped Butcher because it only boosts Crushing Blow and you don’t use it that often.

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 8:42am



  • "Psoglav" started this thread

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[PMB] Psoglav's Warrior DPS guide 6.0

Warrior racial skills

It is also worth mentioning Warrior racial skills, which can be very useful depending on the situation they are used. Each race gives a different skill, but with the help of cash shop you can get all of them for your warrior.

Harassing Yell (Xadaganian) – reduces movement speed by 50% and Determination by 50 of 5 enemies in 15 yard radius. 3 minutes cooldown.

Deafening Shout (Orc) – knocks down up to 5 enemies in 10 yard radius. 1 minute 30 seconds cooldown.

Terrifying Shout (Kanian) – fears up to 5 enemies for 4 seconds in 10 yard radious. 3 minutes cooldown.

Tricky Moves (Gibberling) – increases your movement speed and dodge chance by 25% for 10 seconds. 2 minutes cooldown.

Call of the Ancestors (Priden) – increases Tanacity and Bloodlust of all party members by 30 for 10 seconds. 3 minutes cooldown.

Stats, weapons and gearing

For DPS you generally need to focus mostly on 2 stats only, Proficiency and Brutality. You can always have some Determination as you usually take some damage from bosses/mobs as you are always in melee range, but this damage increase is not consistent. Proficiency increases your damage by 1% per point so 45-50 should be enough for starters. Brutality increases your damage as opponent’s health goes down – lower opponents HP, more damage bonus Brutality provides. Around 20-25 should be enough in order to have an overall good damage boost on majority of astral/raid bosses.

When it comes to weapons, majority of warriors use Two-handed axes as they provide biggest hits. They are a bit slower, and their damage varies a bit, but with it you can do a lot of burst damage, which is great for short fights or PvP. If you prefer more steady DPS, you should use a two-handed mace. It is a bit slower than axe but can also provide high hits and its damage varies less. I personally prefer two-handed spears, because of speed. They use the least energy and their cooldown on attacks is the lowest. Damage can vary a lot, but if you prefer faster weapons, spear will suit your play style.

Once you reach level 65 you will be ready to start your end-game gearing. You should start using crafted gear and reputation gear from Ferris. From crafted gear you should craft or buy level 63 items: epic plate leggings (Brutality and Proficiency), epic plate boots (Brutality), epic plate bracers (Brutality) and epic plate boots (Brutality). They give you same amount of Vigor and Stamina as level 65 items and they provide much higher bonuses to secondary stats than uncommon or rare glyphs. Other items you should equip reputation gear, which are rare level 64 items. They provide better stat bonuses than uncommon green lv65 items, and average higher glyph stat bonuses. In case you use two-handed hammer or sword, you can also craft or buy epic level 63 weapon, but it usually gives Determination bonus, tough their damage is very high.


I hope you enjoyed my warrior guide. Its primary purpose is to help new players who don’t have many cash shop items, and who just reached endgame and started gearing. Warrior is a very interesting class to play, and being a DPS in a party is very fun and challenging. I didn’t cover PvP or tank builds, because most of these players won’t have Greatness quest unlocked and with DPS build they will be able to attend both astral and raid runs. I just hope that I will see more warriors in this patch. Cheers!

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 4:16pm



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welcome back and good luck, Psoooo :thumbup:
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Saturday, April 4th 2015, 6:08pm



  • "Psoglav" started this thread

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Hi again and thank you Yuna! :)


Monday, April 6th 2015, 6:38pm

Lucky (rank 3) – increases critical hit chance of Fatal Blow by 15%.

Lucky dont increase Fatal Blow as u mentioned in your guide m8 !


Tuesday, April 7th 2015, 7:37pm

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Lucky (rank 3) – increases critical hit chance of Fatal Blow by 15%.

Lucky dont increase Fatal Blow as u mentioned in your guide m8 !

Or do you have some proofs?
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Tuesday, April 7th 2015, 8:51pm



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Lucky (rank 3) – increases critical hit chance of Fatal Blow by 15%.

Lucky dont increase Fatal Blow as u mentioned in your guide m8 !

He said Flawless Strike, not Fatal Blow.


Thursday, April 9th 2015, 9:40am



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Great entry buddy!


Friday, April 10th 2015, 1:27pm



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Wednesday, July 15th 2015, 1:22am

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