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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 1:29pm

[PMB] Warden Combined PVE/full heal build for new Allods players


Hi all. My name is Grillbears and I am a member of Legends (ISA) guild. My playing time with warden goes back to Allods open beta, but I also had a break playing the game and came back 6 months ago, just in time to witness new, improved druid which is currently one of the most versatile classes in game, and extremely fun to play. New healing abilities of Druid are fantastic, and it was a challenge for me to make one build which can make use of both DPS and healing abilities for warden. Let’s see how this works.

Changes in game update 6.0 Broken Chains update.

As all other classes, Warden also got 3 new rubies in every skill tree in newest game update.

Static Electricity
Best new ability is clearly Static electricity: If you don’t have any static charge stack, your lightning attack (Flash lightning) will generate 1 stack+ additional stack for each Static Electricity ruby used. This ability is useful in following cases:
1. At the beginning of fight you start with 4 static charges stacks allowing for damage boost (obviously)
2. Casting time of Call to nature (your main healing spell which adds natural power stacks used for casting Vibrant Health/Healing burst) is shortened by 0.25 seconds for each static charge stack you have. Having casting time of 2 seconds (instead 3) in the middle of the boss fight can be a life saver. Skill use is simple: out of natural power charges -> use Flash lightning on mob -> cast Call to nature with-> continue healing. If your mates are low on health you can use Renew to heal them in the meantime while you cast Call to nature again.

First Strike
First strike rubies are melee equivalent of Static electricity rubies. As I don’t have melee warden’s build, these rubies are not used in my build.

Stone Soup Gasping roots

In third ruby tree are Stone soup and Grasping roots rubies. Stone soup is useless, emptying your mana pool with 5 made potions, so you can really save this ruby for elsewhere. Nature’s grasp is already pretty efficient on rank 1, even without new Grasping roots rubies, so there are also not so useful, except maybe for even more CC in PVP.

Why caster and not melee

Assuming you are playing astral, raids and some PVP with your warden, melee warden is much harder to play at this moment, in terms of survivability. Fights in astral are now really intensive; with bosses who usually make AOE attacks this makes the fight harder for all melee classes who stand near them. In the same time, going melee in PVP against paladins or warriors puts you to disadvantage because of their higher survivability and Warden’s lack of anti CC abilities. Simply put, it is simply much easier and safer to play caster druid in this moment. Not to mention that caster druid has unique possibility to go full heal in any moment of the battle, which is simply impossible for melee druids. Therefore, we choose the caster warden.

Purpose of this build

This build is made for people who are fresh in Allods, and who just leveled up their beloved warden to level 65. They probably don’t have yet the Title of Greatness, and therefore can have only one build. They are also probably low on extra rubies, assuming that they don’t have any boutique items. Making build for such players can be difficult sometimes, especially when they need to find a party for astral which can be hard when you have only one role. That is the reason why I tried to make one build which can be used as pure dps and full heal at the same time. This build is viable in S1 and S2 (at this moment) and also in all raids except new Ferris raid. Therefore new player has opportunity to play two roles with one build and can be more versatile in any party or raid. Additional rubies needed to play this build include: Battleground ruby, 4 rubies from GT, DC and Tep instances and ruby from first mage page. At this moment there are raids on daily basis to all mentioned instances and careful player can gather all 4 rubies in one week. Battleground ruby is easily earned with 1500 BG emblems. One successful Arena of Death will earn you 160 emblems, while first daily win in any mini Battleground will get you 60-70 emblems. With around 250 BG emblems per day, lucky player can buy this ruby after one week of moderate PVPing. Lastly, first mage page is the cheapest and easily accessible on AH. Here is the build:

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 1:30pm

PVE/Full heal build.

This build is trying to get full DPS and full heal in one place, together with necessary CCs for even more versatility. Let’s look through all three aspects of this build:

1. DPS

For full DPS you have all required skills and rubies which enhance them, including all rubies enhancing Lightning damage and Pet damage:

Flash Lightning for starting the fight and throwing opponent off balance.

Grab for inflicting Open wound State (strong DOT-damage over time effect) on targets which are off balanced.

Vortex for inflicting Pain Shock on target which is under Open wound effect.

Shred is finishing attack which deals even more damage to target under Pain Shock.

Chain lightning at Rank 2 is your main AOE spell.

Chomp at Rank 2 complements your Chain lightning as AOE spell.

2. Healing

Aqua Vitae is trademark skills for all wardens. This build has it on Rank 2.

Renew is great HOT skill for healing whole party. This build has also all rubies for shortened Cooldown of Renew and Aqua Vitae so they can be used often.

Healing burst is used only if you are main healer in party because switching to using this skill lowers your lightning damage by 50%. This build has all required rubies to take this healing skill to maximum efficiency.

Resurrection is a must skill if you are main healer in astral party.

Unity with Nature is useful for healing as it gives you nice boost in healing and DPS abilities even on rank 1, and in the same time will rest your pet.

Healing rubies are all there (with resurrection ruby if you are only healer in party), except medley mastery rubies (every ruby adds 15% on duration of all potions and healing of Aqua vitae). When you get your title of greatness, second ruby from mage pages or ruby from eclipse raid, you can put those rubies in this skill. In the meantime, I cut those rubies as least important. In PVE you use only aqua vitae and lethargy potion. Lethargy potion is powerful enough even on rank 1 when it comes to normal fights like those in S1, S2, and all instances except Ferris, so it doesn’t really need medley mastery rubies. With Aqua vitae, it is better to get it at rank 2, which adds roughly 25% to its healing capability. That means that Aqua vitae rank 2 is roughly equal to aqua vitae rank 1 with 2 medley mastery rubies (+30% healing).

3. Control abilities (CC) and other skills

As for defensive rubies (for example Bulwark and Heightened Senses which are a must in PVP, but also favorite with some wardens in PVE), I cut those rubies simply because this build is meant to be used in S1 or S2, and these sectors are not nearly as punishable as S3 or new raid.

For defense in time of needs, this build has Bark shield rank 2 which is more than enough in normal situations in astral. It gives you the time to escape from damaging area or heal yourself. To help your group even more, this build has additional CCs.

Boar’s blow is most important and most often used. It can knock down target which is great for some mobs in astral (Astral defender buff in S2 for example).

Rip up! is unfortunately skill with very low damage (on highest rank it is not even close to Shred) so it is used only because of its nice stun effect.

Bee swarm is not so useful in PVE because of its long casting time but some druids prefer to have it all the time.

Nature's Grip is AOE spell which slows down considerably all mobs caught in it. It is used in astral on some bosses to make it easier for tank to move from bosses.

Lethargy potion is great for immobilizing many opponents in astral, mainly some adds on bosses or adds coming with some buffs (creeping death etc.)

Natural force is your only party buff. You will probably use it only in case your party does not have a scout or a bard who give Energy buff which is preferred by all energy classes.

You can swap both Bee swarm R1 and Rip up! R1 for Unity with nature R2 (for higher healing) or R2 in Boar’s blow (shorter CD, higher damage, and I can use it in pack of mobs for additional knock down and faster applying of open wound with Grab right after). For people who still feel squishy, they can cut the Resurrection ruby and Calculating mind ruby to get 2 additional vitality rubies. For even more protection (but less healing which can influence your healing abilities) you can ditch whole natural harmony and aqua vitae r2 to get bulwark and heightened senses, but I think that’s a bit overprotection for the areas where you will use this build.

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 2:05pm

Skills and Skill rotations:

Single DPS:
Every attack you start with Flash lightning (Throws target off balance) -> Grab (inflicts Open Wound) -> Vortex (inflicts Pain Shock) ->
Shred (inflicts huge damage and removes Pain Shock). While Shred is on CD, repeat first 3 steps. When you pet is out of mana or killed in combat, use Pet’s aid (Kanian special to get him back in fight with +30% energy and HP). If that skill is on CD, use Unity with nature for quick refresh of your pet while your DPS gets boosted in meantime.

For small mobs you can hardly squeeze one Shaman’s Flame (if you have that ability from Orc warden) or one Chomp before they are
killed by ranger and mage in your party. For tougher groups you can use Chain lightning too. Remember to use Flash lightning before and after Chain lightning to build up static charges for additional damage.

If you are main healer, you will use Healing burst as main single healing spell, with Aqua vitae as panic button (for situations requiring additional healing). Save Renew for situations when whole group takes damage or you need to refill your Natural power charges and want to have some
healing on tank in the meantime. If you start combat as DPS, try to build 8 static charges before switching to Call to Nature, because you will need only 1 sec to cast it. And don’t forget to always use Flash lighting before casting another Call to Nature, in order to shorten its casting time. You can also utilize Unity with nature for +30% on healing power when needed.


Warden is extremely fun and versatile class. It can be made into full DPS, full Heal, and also excellent PVP combatant. This build works very well for me and I hope new players in Allods will have much fun with it too. See you all in game, fellow Wardens!

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