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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 8:11pm

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[PMB] Healer Maeglin

My name is Maeglin of Goblinskie Interesy guild. My role is PvE healer. I have chosen this class because... I like healer play style. Quite obvious. Although it wasn't obvious back then - Maeglin was my first healing character in any MMO.

So now let's get to my "PMB guide"


Friday, April 3rd 2015, 8:45pm

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Konum: Augustów, Poland

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Part one: Skills

Cleansing Flame - rank 2 mainly because you HAVE to level at least one of these skills... Also talents that improve perpetual healing improve is as well.

Devoted Plea - fastest of healing spells when casted repetitively. Although not very mana-efficient.

Master of Aspects - rank one gives LIGHT, rank 2 gives MERCY, rank 3 gives RAGE, so rank 2 only.

Heavenly Smite - nice AoE with benefits. first it stuns, but what is more important, with Thunderer talent it grants 3 stacks of fanaticism.

Holy Shield a.k.a bubble - life saver skill :) for 10 seconds we are indestructible. Also it dispels all negative effects and for 10 seconds we cannot be target of any negative effect.

Perpetual Healing - Heal over time spell. And while we can cast it an more than one target at a time, it is highly unrecommended, because of doubled mana usage.

Chain of Light - not exactly AoE skill, but something similar. A skill that "jumps up to 4 enemies" - so best used when fighting 2 mobs at once - then it bounces between them like ping-pong ball :) Also in state of fanaticism cast instantly.

Divine Prayer - high mana usage and cooldown could make this skill look useless, but low cast time and hight healing output make it good emergency-heal.

Purification - dispels negative effects. Higher ranks have lower cast times. Dispel is highly underestimated, but there were many cases, when it was impossible to heal damage of effects, that could otherwise been easily dispelled. One of most memorable examples was fire-demon that was stacking fire-vulnerability effects on all party and once in a while casted fiery-AoE, that did low damage, but when multiplied by that vulnerability was almost insta-kill.

Holy Rejuvenation/ Holy Healing - main healing skill. low mana cost, high output further raised by additional talents and what is most important - cast instantly while under fanaticism effect and has no cooldown in aspect of Mercy.

Reproach or Dazzling - optional.

Dragon tear skills:
Providence - kind of additional "HoT" / DoT

Faith Boundaries - shield with nice knocking down effect.
but both of these are optional, if you wish you can take

Refreshing Light instead (about 5% better than Devoted Plea)

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 9:05pm

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Part two: Talents

"Holy Blast" grid

Deep Concentration - cooldown of "bubble" decreased.

Angelic Grace - Reduced mana cost of all spells.

Power of the Pure - improves all healing and holy damage spells

Circle of Healing - great AoE heal, but mana-costly. Also remember that it heals only your party, not a whole raid.

Unshakeable Faith - bonus Proficiency.

Thunderer - a must-have skill. Heavenly Smite grants you 3 stacks of Fanaticism.

Inevitable Punishment - Increased damage of Chain of light and Heavenly Smite (those are my main damage skills)

"Verdict" Grid

Unbending Will - increased chance for fanatism effect.

Briliant Faith - low output group heal whenever we get fanaticism effect.

"Cleansing Flame" grid

Illuminated Mind - raises vigor.

Eternal Fire - prolongates both Perpetual Healing and Cleansing Flame

Holy Advantage - Perpetual Healing and Cleansing Flame cost 30% less mana.

Divine Infusion - ...and both have 30% higher critical strike chance

Surge of Faith - ... and are further increased by 15%

Entreaty - emergency self-heal. Remember, dead healer usually means dead party.

True Faith - increases effectiveness of Holy Rejuvenation/Holly Healing, and additionally reduces cooldown of our emergency Divine Prayer.

Unshakable Faith - +12 to proficiency.

Divine Foresight - very important skill. It places effect on friendly target (not need to be in same party!) that heals it significantly when it drops to low HP. Kind of "emergency heal".

Sacred Blessing - as I wrote before, Holy Healing is one of our main skills, so let's raise its effectiveness even more.

Blaze of Faith - Cleansing Flame gets 40% chance to increase holy damage (Chain of Light)

Inquisitor - improves most healing skills when used on "energy(physical)" target, and improves damage to "mana(magical)" targets

Celestial Light - another HoT, but due to low output it has low usability, maybe to heal a mage or summoner...

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 9:07pm

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Part three: Stats
Most important secondary statistics are PROFICIENCY and (even more) BRUTALITY. Proficiency raises overall efficiency, and brutality raises even further effectiveness of skills applied to low HP targets (yes, this applies to "in-case-of-emergency" healing)
Our main role is to heal, not to deal damage, so we do not need anger and determination (well, if you take much damage, then you are in wrong place - move away... so determination is useless)


Friday, April 3rd 2015, 9:18pm

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Konum: Augustów, Poland

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Part four: Healing Tips

first of all: fanaticism - learn to use it. It stacks up to 3 times. In aspect of mercy it is granted for receiving damage (by all party). Fanaticism makes Holy Healing an instant! And also remember to use all fanaticism stacks before casting Heavenly smite, as it will only get you 3 stacks, regardless of any stacks of fanaticism you had before.

second: "Aspect of Mercy". It removes cooldown from Holy Healing and has a chance to grant you fanaticism effect whenever member of your party (only your party, not a whole raid!) receives damage.

third: Perpetual healing on one target only. Multiplied mana costs for additional targets are way to high.

fourth: bubble. Remember that Holy Shield not only make you immune to all damage, but also removes all negative effects, makes you immune to negative effects, and all mobs stop attacking you and instead start attacking other members of your party. (so be prepared that they attack for example group mage)

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 9:26pm

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Part five: reincarnation
Healer gives 2 skills for his incarnations/progenitor to choose from:
Divine Foresight and Holy Shield

This version of Holy Shield is less powerfull, because it does not shield against all damage, but has certain amount of hitpoints. Also remember, that when inside of this bubble, character still cannot use weapon and skills that require weapon. Also if anyone thinks "how powerfull would be tank with such a shield" then: no, it wouldn't - remember that this shield would remove all his agro from mobs...

As for skill that would be best for healer from other reincarnations, I think it would be druid skill "Nature Balance", that evenly distributes hitpoints amongst party members, but I have no druid reincarnation (yet), so that is just a guess

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Friday, April 3rd 2015, 9:40pm

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Part six: Leveling Guide

Remember - you can reset your skill points for free at your trainer to level 15. And on level 65 there is quest at Goblin Boutique in Yasker Tower to get one free skill and stat reset (Water of Death and Water of Life) So you can have one build for leveling and when reaching endgame switch to full heal.

Leveling hybrid caster/healer build:

Solo play - Aspect of LIGHT, in group Aspect of MERCY
single target
Start with Heavenly Smite, and use Holy Blast/Celestial Judgment to gain fanaticism and then use it to instantly cast Particle of Light. Also don't forget about Frenzy to lower mana usage and cast skills instantly.

multiple targets (preferably two)
Heavenly Smite to get 3 stacks of fanaticism and then 3 times Chain of Light and continue with Holy Blast/Celestial Judgment (and frenzy) to gain fanaticism and use it to cast Chain of Light until cooldown of heavenly smite finishes.

Also don't forget about healing spells.

Leveling with hybrid build instead of mele-healer or pure caster helps you learn using main healing skills, while still doing lot of damage.

And one more tip: at level 65, after completing Fenris Allod, you will have low quality equipment. from there you can either go to Astral Academy and buy common (green) astral equipment (bad idea) or craft yourself (or buy on AH) epic (violet) equipment. So best craft for healer would be blacksmithing (full plate armor + rings) or weapon smithing (weapon + wand). And while leveling your craft(-s) don't forget about reputation in crafters guild, so that you can buy designs from crafting trainers. (each craft produces some items that "increase crafter guild reputation", and that is same reputation if you are leveling more than one craft)

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