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Saturday, April 4th 2015, 8:56am

[PMB]Dynamic's guide for Real Warriors.(6.0.0)

I copy- pasted the text from the images of the Original entry in comments inorder to respect the rules and so it can be translated.

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Tuesday, April 7th 2015, 2:51pm

great guide ive been serching to find the class i wanna play and this guide might have me picking warrior thanks hope u win.


Thursday, April 9th 2015, 9:41am



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Lol this guide is a masterpiece,good job buddy :D

P>S>Though fix Rotation section *till you will 65 CA",i suppose you wanted to say "till you fill" or?
And i think you have to copy paste the text into forum so they can translate it or soemthing,I had to do it last year .

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Friday, April 10th 2015, 1:26pm


Thursday, April 16th 2015, 8:47am

Lol this guide is a masterpiece,good job buddy :D

P>S>Though fix Rotation section *till you will 65 CA",i suppose you wanted to say "till you fill" or?
And i think you have to copy paste the text into forum so they can translate it or soemthing,I had to do it last year .

Ok I will write it as soon as i get some time) tyt)


Thursday, April 16th 2015, 9:53pm

Broken Chains Edition

Role-Pve Damage Dealer
Greetings Readers, before we start let me introduce myself. I am Dynamic a Gibberling Brawler. Returned to the game in this patch and ready to burst up the PvE content as never before. So right here I will show you one of my PvE builds, rotations and tips to become a warrior who will be more then welcomed in every party. So, lets start!

Changes I
Talents & Rubies
Reincarnation Skills IV
Rotation VIII
Epilogue IX

Changes INo significant class changes since last patches/expansions.
NEW! Adrenaline Addiction. The cooldown duration of Adrenaline Buzz decreases by 4/8/12 %. While Adrenaline Buzz is active, the cooldown durations of melee attacks decreases by 10/20/30 %.
NEW! Dedication. With a 33/66/100 % chance the character under the Die Hard effect remains able to cast Die Hard.

NEW! Athlete. Stony Resilience restores by 1/2/3 % of maximum health every 2 seconds if Stony Resilience is active.
Just a Scratch rubies now increase Stony Resilience even if you are not equipped with a shield/
The cooldown duration of Desire for Life is reduced by 50 %. Desire for Life and Will to Live require 50 % less combat advantage.
Aimed Shot now increases your combat advantage by 10.
The efficiency of Fly High ruby has increased – now it knocks enemies down for 2 seconds instead of tossing them up. The duration of knockdown increases by 30 % and the damage dealt by Crushing Blow increases by 10 % per each ally who takes a leap.

II Keybindings
If you ask yourself why are Keybindings important, I will tell you why Keybinding System help us to adjust and improve effectiveness of our rotations and reflexes ( more useless for PvP to react with good timing.)
They can save your life just because you have used the skill a little bit faster.

III Talents & Rubies
The list presents core skills that you need in any build.
Charge r1 – Charges you to the target. Any higher rank of this spell is a waste of Talent Points.
Devastating Blow r3 – Main damage skill, regenerates 15 CA.
Flawless Strike r3 – Improved Main damage skill, regenerates 15 CA.
Agonizing Strike r3 – Main Damage Skill, cost 50 CA.
Fatal Blow r3 – Improved Main Damage Skill, cost 50 CA.
Lunge r3 – Main damage skill, regenerates 10 CA.
Die Hard r3 – Grants you ability to get second life, 80 % of total HP.
Adrenaline Buzz r3 – Doubles Regeneration rate for 15 secs.
Aura of Ferocity r3 – Bonus Damage + 15 %, Side Effect -30 % defence ( you can get rubies to decrease this side effect.)

The list presents specialization skills that you need in PvE DD/Tank Build.
Vicious Spin r3 Main AoE Damage Skill, cost 65 CA.
Whirlwind r3 – Improved Main AoE Damage Skill, cost 65 CA.
Double Blow r2 – Only to get faster CA, hits up to 2 targets (regeneration 10 CA per hit).
Rapid Slash r2/r0 – Only to get faster CA, hits up to 2 targets (regeneration 10 CA per hit)
Jagged Slice r0 – Almost useless skill unless you have paired weapon.
Reasoned Aggression r2/r3 – Burst skill, useful for any situation ( r2 regenerates 10 CA per sec for 9 secs, r3 regenerates 10 CA per sec for 10 secs).
Intimidate r1/r2/r3 – Forces target to attack you for 10 secs ( r1 for off-tank, r2/r3 for Tank).
*any other skill from the Talents Grid is useless for PvE.

By using these rubies, they will provide you:
1. Determination +9 ( Bonus stats, as well it will help you boost your damage while off tanking or getting AoE damage).
2. 5/10/15 % Critical chance to Whirlwind, Vicious Spin, Fatal Blow % Agonizing Strike.
3. Armour Penalty decreased by 10/20/30 % Aura of Ferocity.
4. + 1 energy every 2 secs
5. + 7.5 % damage in total for entire party.
6. Vitality +5/+10.
7. Verdict r2 (1oo% damage for 15% ( 10% enemy HP).
8. Anger +4
9. Adrenaline Addiction decreases CD of Adrenaline Buzz by 4/8/12 % and CD of melee attacks by 10/20/30 %.
10. +5/+10/+15 damage dealt by Crushing Blow.
1. By using Break ability, it can fully restore your Stony Resilience effect in combat, abilities Desire for Life and Will to Live will restore your Stony Resilience effect by 10 %, as well as 30% for your maximum health, correspondingly + increases incoming healing by 15 %.
2. Proficiency + 9
3. Desire of Life reduces cooldown of Die Hard by 20/40 %.
4. Good as New – Every killing blow reduces CD of Charge by 10 secs.
5. + 1 Energy

1. Crushing Blow – Jumps to specific location and inflicts XX damage to all enemies within 10 yards radius & toss them up for 1.5 secs ( r2).
2. Lance Warrior - + 4% damage (only if using 2 handed weapon) and increases melee attack range for 3 yards.
3. + 1 Energy every 2 secs.
4. Bulls Eye – Damage dealt by Flawless Strike/Devastating Blow , Double Blow/ Rapid Slash increased by 5/10/15 %.
5. Natural Born Killer – Damage dealt by Fatal Blow/Agonizing Strike , Whirlwind/Vicious Spin increased by 5/10/15%.
6. Feint – Lunge ability spends 45 % less energy (only if 2 handed weapon is equipped)
7. Musclehead – increases critical strike chance of Crushing Blow, Lunge & Charge by 5/10/15 %.
8. Lucky – increases critical strike chance of Flawless Strike/Devastating Blow , Double Blow/ Rapid Slash increased by 5/10/15 %.
9. Instant shot – You can instantly use Aimed Shot ability.
10. Caffeine – 25% reduction on slow effects.
11. Vigor + 3/6/9%
12. Bash – Stuns for 3 secs.

IV Reincarnation skills (for warrior)
Reincarnations are characters that fall underneath a main character known as Progenitor. The unique connection between the two is that a reincarnation is not simply ‘new’ character so an additional character to play. Any reincarnations are included on the same character slow as the progenitor, so switching between them requires you to use the reincarnation NPC from inside the game.
When a reincarnation is made, it can receive one of the two skills from progenitor. Likewise, the progenitor can do the same when reincarnation reaches lvl 65. The skills you can choose from are based on its class and can be changed at any time at the reincarnation NPC.
What does Progenitor shares with a reincarnation ?
- Used cash shop items (Mounts etc.)
- Runes
- Currency
- Wardrobe
Telekinetic Pull – Gathers enemies from 10 yard range, knocks them down with a 30% chance to stun ( 1 min CD).
Natural Balance – Heals your party members equally ( 3 min CD).

Speed of Damned – Instantly flashes you behind your target and deals a certain damage ( 1.20 min CD).
Flash – The character instantly flashes forward for 25 m. Any obstacles encountered on the way will interrupt the flash. (0.40 sec CD).
Strike of Justice – Charges you to your target, knocks the target down and deals certain damage ( 0.40 CD).

V Racials

Although the Orcs will unite into hordes before going on raids against their enemies, they are primarily nomadic race. When they do settle down, they build communities that are planned to be temporary and easy to abandon. These communities are usually located in the steppes, where their hardly stature allow them to survive.
Deafening Shout - knocks down up to 5 enemies within 10 yard radius (cast time: instant, cooldown: 1m 30s).

The Kanians believe that the only way to be truly happy is by following the ideals of legal democracy and personal freedom. They are willing to fight to the death to protect theirs ideals, if they are required to.
Terryfing Shout - casts fear upon 5 enemies within 10 yard radius for 4 seconds (cast time: instant, cooldown: 3m)

The Xadaganians are perfectly balanced military machine, always ready to fight for its main objective: Astral Domination. A fighting machine which is constantly upgrading itself, with the parts that make its armed forces perfectly matched.
Harrasing Yell – reduces movement speed and determination of 5 enemies in 15 yard radius by 50% for 10s (cast time: instant, cooldown: 3m)

Other nations and races treat the Gibberlings with respect. With records among their friends and ofes chronicling their numerous heroic deeds, they have proved to the rest of the races of Sarnaut that size doesn’t matter.
Tricky Moves – increases dodge and movement speed by 25% for 10s (cast time: instant, cooldown: 2m)

The Pridens are race that seemingly prefer to run a around naked on four legs like an uncivilized tribe of half-beasts, but it would be foolish to judge them by their appearance of their ambassadors, as this false assumption masks their vibrant and intelligent culture.
Call of the Ancestors – increases tenancy and bloodlust for 10s for entire party ( cast time:instant, cooldown: 3m)

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Thursday, April 16th 2015, 9:56pm

VI Attributes
These are PvE attributes priority:
- Proficiency is main attribute you want to buff since it gives 1% damage for each point.
- Brutality adds xx% of damage after enemy HP gets lower than 75/50/25 %.
- Determination adds xx% of damage if you are taking damage ( you will always take some damage from packs, bosses etc. This will add some certain amount of dmg and get you buff.)
(picture >diagram<)

VII Weapons
What’s the best two-handed weapon? If you use two-handed weapons, they deal same single target damage per second, but
Two-handed Spear - (Speed: 2.8/ Energy cost of Flawless strike 20). It deals lowest average damage but in short time ( lower CD, lower energy cost). That means you can use skill faster and always be prepared for the next one. Because it has risky damage, you can hit very low or high, but average dmg is the same. If you want to use Whirlwind, a Two-handed Spear can make it in shortest time, but it deals the lowest dmg over all Weapons listed.
Two-handed Sword – (Speed: 2.9/ Energy cost of Flawless Strike 21). A sword deals stable damage and it is fast as well. This weapon is balanced. When you use Whirlwind, a Two-handed Sword can make it quite fast but not as fast as spear does. At the end damage is quite good with Sword. Personally I use Sword as I can make much damage in short period of time.
Two-handed Axe – (Speed: 3.2/ Energy cost of Flawless strike 23). An axe is like spear that deals risky damage, but slower. With an Axe Crushing Blow will deal quite powerful damage. You can make highest hit with an axe because it is unstable, normally. An axe can make maximum damage from Whirlwind, but you cannot make it fast, which is not good if you are tank or if you have strong party.( Till you fill enough CA mobs might be dead already.)
But with effect ‘ Heated’ it works fine for packs.
Two-handed Mace – (Speed: 3.3/ Energy cost of Flawless strike 24). The slowest weapon, it deals maximum average single hit damage and its very stable weapon. Crushing Blow will deal its maximum damage. It will be hard to fill CA for Whirlwind but it will always make high hit if it's successful. Intense and powerful, but more for player versus player.
But with effect ‘Heated’ it works fine for packs.

VIII Rotation

IX Epilogue

“A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does.” And so, my fellow Warriors of all races: Don’t ask only what your warrior can do for you – ask what you can do for your Warrior. At the End, I want to say thank you Reader, thank you for your time and your attention.

*some Sections contains pictures (themes).
Keep in mind that I copy- pasted the text from the images of the Original entry in order to respect the rules and so it can be translated.I would recommend you to study the original entry because of the images,shemes and informative based images that are easier to understand .By that you will learn and master the rotations and stat priority in no time.Cheers.

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