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[PMB] Mummraah's healer builds

Hi all, I'm Mummraah, proud member of the imperial guild Disturbed. I am an arisen heretic so when someone requests for heals... well, here I am! And what if they ask for a damage dealer... here I am again!
This is a powerful class you can play in many different ways: full healer or dps (caster or melee) thanks to their numerous healing skills and a very respectable dps aswell, a real superstar in every astral party and raid.
I like the way a melee healer can keep on moving while he's fighting and casting since in the last patch, mobility is fundamental when you are in astral sectors (I always say “your enemy is under your feet...”).

Master of Aspects
This talent is very important because accordingly to its rank you can change your role and gain different bonus:

Aspect of light - rank1
This aspect is used by caster healers, a ranged specialization: you can blast enemies from a safe distance.
When it is active many of your offensive skills won't be interrupted by incoming damage.
Furthermore every time you use Holy Blast and Celestial Judgement you have a 30% chance to get a stack of Fanaticism.
Suggested gear: caster healers usually wield shield and 1h weapon (and a wand of course).

Aspect of Mercy - rank2
This is what you need if you want to heal efficiently since it grants instant cast of Divine Prayer removes cooldown time from Perpetual Healing (spammable!!!) and Holy Healing/Holy Rejuvenation.
When this aspect is active your healing spellcasting can't be interrupted.
Furthermore every time a your party or raid member in a 50 yard radius takes damage you have a chance to get a stack of Fanaticism.
Suggested gear: same as caster healers

Aspect of Rage - rank3
You need this Aspect on if you want to go melee: you Anathema and Verdict skills will have a 39,6% chance to get a stack of Fanaticism and your Anger will be increased by 15%.
Suggested gear: melee healers usually use a wand and 2h weapon for a greater damage output! :)

PVE Full Healer build

For my FH build I took all healing talents rank3 (Refreshing Light, Holy Healing, Divine Prayer and Perpetual Healing). I'm reconsidering Refreshing Light cause probably it doesn't worth 6 talent point for just 7000 more heals than Devoted Plea.
On our talent tree appeared Reproach, the good old silence skill. Now it is even better because the target of this spell won't be able to cast or use their weapon for 5 seconds. In my opinion this is a must have skill at least at rank1.
Thunderer: this great ability grants 1 stack of Fanaticism and a 5% higher chance to deal a critical damage per rank by using Heavenly Smite. I suggest to get it rank 3 in order to increase our instant healing output.
Paralysis: I took this cc and all related rubies because it is priceless when your party pulls some unwanted extra mob and there aren't cc available.
Celestial Light: this is a brend new istant cast HoT that heals you 50% of its healing done aswell. I use it to restore health on light wounded characters. Its duration is 6 seconds so you can toss it frequently.
I keep Proficiency and Brutality balanced (slightly more Brutality because it works great when target's health is low). For defensive stats I keep Vitality glyphes (for the most) and a few Tenacity (around 15).

PVE Melee Healer

In this build I maximized all offensive skills but Cleansing Flame (rank 2 is enought) and skipped Holy Blast/Celestial Blast. Then I took Providence r3 cause it is a very good dps boost.
Holy Shield r3 is a must in every build (even in other class builds :) ) so I took it.
Dazzling, this was our dear instant cast disorienting skill: now it prevents targets from using their skills save the martyr spells but has a duration and a casting time (unless rank 3) depending on their rank and increased cooldown. In my opinion rank 3 is what we need but it's quite hard to get and rank 1 is almost uselss hence I took it r2.
I maximized Aura of Astral Power because even if this is a melee build it uses many magical skills, more than physical attacks, and when we are in party all magic users enjoy its 15% boost in magical damage.
For survivability I had only 2 points left so I took Perpetual Healing r1 and Holy Rejuvenation r1 cause it can be instant casted when Fanaticism is available.

Thunderer: in MH build i took it rank 2 because during the fight we often have 1 Fanaticism stack and casting Heavenly Smite with Thunderer r3 would waste that stack.
Painfully I discarded Power of the Pure rubies (+9% on Holy skills) in favor of Veracity, because I like the movement speed reduction/immobilize side effect.
Paralysis and Divine Punishment r3 because it is a wonderful cc skill.
Heresy Fighter r3 grants +39% bonus to physical damage, it can't miss!

Almost the same as FH build but with a little more Bloodlust in order to keep our health up.

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Fantastic Mumm.
Simple, yet, incredibly informative. :thumbsup:

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