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Friday, April 10th 2015, 7:25am


I have played Allods for over a year now, every day. I played before that, but not as steadily as the last year.
I was really looking forward to the 6.0.0 patch and in the end, it made me decide to quit.

I spent, before the patch, a lot of money on amalgams catalysts and stuff like that. To upgrade my gears, to get better glyphs. I stopped doing that when the details of the patch became clear, but all in all, it was a fair amount. That was completely my own choice, I know that.
Then patch 6 came out and I got a measly 1 gold and a bit compensating for having useless gear and glyphs. On top of that, on my second account all my characters are wiped and my crystals are gone. My lvl55 archer is on an Umoir allod with her HP halved because the glyphs bought in the Pearl Ring are gone.

Getting new glyphs does not only require endless farming (if you can find a party) for the glyphs themselves, but also for the money to use them. For the money to upgrade gears. Endless farming is something that I simply cannot do due to physical limitations. In short: even though I am a PvE player, this is no fun.Astral runs are rare for people with my basic lvl65 gears.

All in all, the fun is gone. If I want a daily boring grind of the same thing over and over again, I might as well work on an assembly line. I hope you all have fun because that is, after all, the purpose of a game. I don't, so I quit.

Tnx to all the players who I met and played with in the last year. I did have fun, and now it's over.


Friday, April 10th 2015, 2:23pm



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I'm sorry you're throwing in the towel.
Best of luck to you in the new game you choose.


Friday, April 10th 2015, 2:38pm

Shit son, you must be a terrible player if you can't even do s1 in astral.

Every 20 points of victory is almost 1k gold. Do some skirmishes and you can afford to upgrade your gear.
Get the rep gear from ferris and you don't need glyphs(since it's slightly better than green 65 gear).
Go s2 with helping hand, sell them to the trader and get around 20 amalgam per allod, whoop.
Same goes for glyphs, either go farm uncut glyphs and sell them to the trader for coins and get green glyphs, or go s2 and sell the hearts, get glyphs.

S1 and s2 are easy as balls.


Friday, April 10th 2015, 2:59pm

if you dont have orange level 60 gear & glyphs or better and you are not happy with your gearscore buy rep gear from ferris (you have 10 worthless anger-statpoints in it but still)

(btw i dont gear myself atm since gearing system is inferior to the one we had in patch 60; now i wait for the next(?) patch that will bring free mercenaries, then everything will be OK again)

best thing to do now is just collect negotiant-currency & gold, wait for new sector unlock, then buy blue glyphs INSTANT from negotiant then, upgrade green 65 gear with upgraders from free-mercenary runs and everything is fine without much effort
with repgear from ferris you can properly play in BGs

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