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[PMB] Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeericers Warrior build thang!

O hello there!

I am Aricer the baby mage! (Well warrior now) :D


I have been playing the warrior for a good minute now! I do not think I am the best warrior in the game, but I do know quiet a bit about playing as one.

There are several builds that you can run as said warrior:


N/A screw pvp.

Pve/ DPS:!1!333.3..…E!qnodtnb/GSBRE

Pve/ Tank:!1!333.3..…Q!kolqsnb/CBZQE

I like to DPS, more then tank. But I like to do both. So it is all good.

Making a warrior build is pretty easy if you ask me, just read the rubies, there are no rubies that are confusing in how they describe what it does. It is pretty straight forward class.

If you love to just smash 1/2/3/4 over and over again this is a pretty easy class to do that in!!

If you have any questions, I am more then free to answer them. I am always on doing nothing. :D




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every class in allods doesn't have more then5 buttoms,unlike WoW which has 20+ skills,not to mention macros


True, this is very true. But some classes you need to focus on timing of DoTs and buffs.


Talk about concise! Very nice short and not-so-sweet guide, Ricer!


Hmmm, i liked that PVE DPS build. A lot of warrior take r2 of Crushing blow (including me as well) which you didnt. Tell me your opinion about my build. Do you like it, yes/no and why?!1!323.3..…GQE!qtvexni/MUU
P.S: Verdict is an awesome and very usefull skill for fast boss killing but i couldn't affort to take it.


Herro Mr. Red!

If this is a pve build. Why did you take R1 Hack, Double blow?

Which you could use those 2 points and get R2 Heroic Might.

As far as the rubies though, I don't understand why get R3 Just a Scratch? You shouldn't be getting damaged that much. I understand AoE damage, but you shouldn't be taking direct damage from that many bosses. If you didn't get those, you would have 4 rubies, in which you could get R2 Verdict. Why only get R1 CB? I understand if you don't have the rubies for it though.

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