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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 1:54pm

[PMB] Yamifamily's "Broken Chains" Psionicist Guide


Hello, everybody. We are the Yami Family, of the League guild, AdVictoriam. We are your nice gibberlings next door during the day, but during the night we transform into the dangerous, nightmarish seers. It is a well-known fact that we, psionicists, get our powers from the moonlight!

What?! Are you asking me what a psionicist is? You mean you don't know that? You seriously never heard of the greatest class in Allods Online ?
Ok then. I'll try to stay calm and I will explain it slowly. But pay attention, 'cause I'm not going to repeat myself!

The PSIONICIST is one of the five mana classes in Sarnut. They are often described as the "masters of mind and manipulation". The "Broken Chains" patch brought us a lot of exciting changes, thus making our role in parties and raids more important and notable. We can both work as heavy supports, buffing our allies and crowd controlling out enemies or as huge damage dealers, on par with the mages, paladins or scouts.

Well then, I guess that was it. Aren't you satisfied with the answer, my friend? What? You're not? You want to hear more about this amazing dreamcatchers that we scantly refer to as psis? Well then, I'm glad I have made you so curios! Here we go!

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 1:56pm

Changes Brought by the 6.0 Patch

  • 15% damage boost for our main damage skills: Astral Venom, Pyrolysis, Destabilization, Choke, Erase Memory and Mental Explosion

  • Unending Knowledge rubies will assure that Hypnosis won't be broke by any damage as long as the victim's health is higher than 90%.

  • Two of our control skills will ignore the victim's Willpower: Mental Pulse and Telekinetic Pull

  • We have new rubies!!! Yep, 4 new tricks to destroy our victims, known as Insight, Irrational Fear, Tricky Mind and Depression. I will disscuss all of them a little bit later.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:05pm


Ok, now that we know exactly how our little nightcrawlers have changed during the past few months, we can go into a further, more detailed reading of each and every skill and ruby. I'll start off with the racials. You see, young psi, each of the four races that can become psionicists have a special, signature ability. They will learn this ability early in their journey from a representative figure of their faction's capital. If they desire to have access to the other 3 racials, they'll need to buy the Page from the Book of Secrets, from the Boutique. I honestly think it would be wise to invest a couple of gold into that, because these thingies can be very useful in lots of scenarios! They're simply out of this world!

  • As elite members of the City Council, the Xadaganian Mentalists can stun all their enemies within a small radius with their Sonic Wave ability. 2 minutes cooldown

  • The keepers of ancient secretsof Sarnut, the Arisen Occultists can become immune to all magic for five seconds, by using their Magic Armor spell. 2 minute cooldown

  • Naughty and cunning, the Elven Oracles can instantly recive 3 stacks of Concentration, by using their Concetration Anticipation ability. 3 minute cooldown

  • The cute, wise and deadly prophets of the gibberlings, the Seers can become imune to all physical damage for 5 seconds, by using their Elevated Insight skill. 2 minute cooldown

Never forget!...
  • Gift of Tensess, wich ressurects a dead ally. It has a long cast time and a 24 hour cooldown. You shouldn't bother much about it, since it ussually is a healer's job to ressurect dead people. But since you get it for free either way, I decided to mention it.

  • Premonition, the skill which most psis forget to use because it feels like it doesn't do anything. According to it's own description, it announces you if a monster is about to attack. Sounds nice, but as an overpowered furball/fairy/undead robot you should be the one to attack that monster, not the other way around. As a wise man once said, "Someone rises against me, I cut off his head and stick it on a pike; hold it high in the streets so all can see."!

  • Brilliant Aura is a passive skill that will restore 1% of your mana every 8 seconds. Just like the other two, you get it for free by completing Important Quest and World Mysteries.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:12pm

Reincarnation Spells

By reaching level 65, you will gain the ability to create your Reincarnation. Not just will you be able to share your mounts, money, Botique items etc. with it, but you can also share a set of skills!

As a progenitor, you will be able to pass your Telekinetic Pull and Temporal Acceleration. But what exactly would you want to get back from your Reincarnation? Well, a lot of stuff actually. I'll go on and list a couple of Reincarnation abilities that are the most popular among psis:

  • Holy Shield is a healer spell. It absorbs damage and makes you immune to all crowd control effects for 5 seconds. It is a very useful skill, especially if your Willpower stat isn't very hight, however it's 5 minutes cooldown is definetly a downside.

  • Divine Foresight is another healer skill. It is a buff that you can cast on yourself or on an ally and it restores health when it drops under 35%. The 3 minutes cooldown isn't much of a problem so this one can proove very useful in lots of scenarios.

  • Flash is a mage reicarnation skill. It teleports you a couple of meters in front. You can get away from dangerous enemies or from a place that was previously AoE-ed by an enemy.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:27pm

Talent Tree
These are the skills that define the psionicist as well as you gaming. Choosing the right talents, that would also fit your play style is an essential part in this game, not only for this particular class. That being said, you should really pay attention to this part, especially if you've never tested them yourself. Be warned this is going to be quite a long section. Might as well put it on GoodReads or something...

  • Astral Venom (or Psychic Shock, at lower levels) is one of our main damage dealing skills. Although it doesn't pull off large numbers, it has an instant cast time, which offers you lots of mobility, and it has a 20% chance of giving you Concetration. It also has a 2-3 seconds cooldown.

  • Metal Link allows us to "link" with our victim's mind. That means we gain access to some of our strongest control abilities and we also get a 20% damage boost. It has long cast time, which can be shortened by increasing its level or by using certain rubies. Also comes with the Erase Memory spell, a powerful damage dealer.

  • Destabilization (or Pain Transfer, at lower levels) deals lots of damage and consumes one stack of Concetration. The cast time is almost instant (~0.5 seconds) and it has a 3-4 seconds cooldown.

  • Pyrolysis is another damage-dealing spell. It doesn't have a cooldown, however, it does have a 2.5 seconds cast time. In PvE, many psis use it as an alternative to Astral Venom, as it deals considerably more damage.

  • Twin can only be used if you have estamblished a Metal Link with the traget. This skill teleports you in a random direction and asures you that your enemy won't be able to attack you, unless they kill the Twin or wait for 30 seconds. This spell can proove extremly useful in both solo PvP, mass PvP and in boss fight in the Astral.

  • Concentration instantly grants you 2 stacks of Concentration. Sounds easy, right?

  • Astral Body is a reference to the real life ability of humans to enter the astral body. Nothing more, nothing less. Seriously. Don't take this skill!... Ok, I see you can read my poker face... For real now, I think this skill should be at least rank 2 in every build.

  • Hypnosis is a make-it-or-break-it kind of skill. That means that you either take it at rank 3, either don;t take it at all. Be warned however that crowd controllig is very important in deeper layers of the Astral so I really think you should consider investing 6 talent points into this one.

  • Mental Pulse is a nice crowd control spell. It will push all your enemies within a certain radius away from you and stun them, too. Cooldown and duration of the stun depend on the rank.

  • Choke is a strong damage-dealing spell, which consumes one stack of Concentration. When you use it, you can't move or use any other abilities. Also, any damage taken will interupt the spell. That's why you need to make sure you're using Astral Body before casting. Note that this is one of our most powerful skills and it's also a clear reference to the Force, from Star Wars!

  • Mental Cleasening is a quick healing ability. While it doesn't really do that much healing by itself, it doesn remove negative effects such as poisons and other debuffs, so I take it in PvP.

  • Telekinetic Pull, as opposed to Mental Pulse, will "pull" all enemies withn a certain radius in one point, making it more easier for you and your comrades to AoE them. Cooldown and range also depend on the rank.

  • Wall of Blades is a strong AoE skill. It works wonders when combined with Telekinetic Pull. This is one of my favorite spells in PvE and some people actually take it in PvP, too. It's only downside is the huge mana cost and the long cast time, but there's nothing that can'tbe fixed with rubies!

  • Seal of Healt is a party aura which gives us 30% more health points and mana poins (at rank 3). I honestly think there is no psi who doesn't have and use this skill. It's a must have!

  • Temporal Acceleration gives reduces the cast time and cooldown of all our spells and increases our speed. Psionicists that use Pyrolysis must take this one at rank 3

  • Phantasmal Killer creates a copy of your victim and consumes 2 stacks of Concentration. While it does quite a lot of damage, it dies really easily; most opponents will be able to one-shot it. I guess it could work in a 1 vs 1 fight with a FH, but other than that, it's just plain useless.

  • Will Supression is similar to Metal Link, the difference being this one has an instant cast time, but a longer cooldown (depending on the rank: 18s, 13s, 10s). Also, [u]Will Supression won't gain you acces to all your control skills. However, Cruel Master rubies give you adsitional 20% damage whenever your enemy is under the effect, making it very useful. It also comes with another damage spell, Mental Explosion, which can be cast whenever the target is afected by stuns or knockdowns.

  • Astral Breath is one of our 2 abilities which require [Dragon Tears]for use. It works line an AoE version of Choke, making high damage and slowing down all enemies within a certain radius. It also consumes 1 stack of Concentration. It's really useful in PvE so, if you have enough talents, try getting it as high as possible.

  • Thoughtful Spirit. They say the sleep of reason produces Monsters. Well, with this one skill, there will be no Monsters left, because it'll slay everything in it's way. That's how awesome it is! **Ok, sorry for that, I just really like this spell. Now, to be more, umh, professional, the Thoughtful Spirit effect stacks up every 20 seconds, up to 5 times. You can then use the attack, whih has an instant cast time and cooldown. Basically, you can produce huge damage in a matter of seconds, making it crucial in boss fights or when dealing with other annoying players.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:30pm


I, for sure, know I was quite confused about these 'Ruby Grids' when I first started. So, what exactly are they? Well, most of 'em work as strong boosts for you stats or skills, but 'stand alone' rubies do exist.

Some of them are super effective for everybody, some of them might work for a certain category of psis, some of them are totally useless and some of them can actually destroy your build. So, yeah, we have to be careful with these; they bite!

Rubies are stored in 3 grids. Unlike Talents, where it's quite easy to get what you want, as long as you have spend enough points for your level, you'll have to make your way through the grinds in order to get to a certain ruby. Sometimes, we'll beforced to take bad rubies or even blank spaces just for the sake of an ability we really desire. That being said, let's have a look at the first grid, dedicated to the Psychich Shock!

Isn't it beautiful? I can count at least 50 shades of purple! Going back to our topic...

  • Mind Fire is a pure PvP ruby. After being applied, it increases the cooldwon of the next 3 abilities a player will use by 20 seconds.

  • Insight reduces the cast time of Pyrolysis for 5 seconds after you have used Concentration. It is also supposed to reduce the cooldown of Astral Venom, but, for some reason, it won't work. That's a pity, it could have worked wonders for some 'Astral' builds.

  • Sharp Incursion will stun your opponen for 2 seconds, after you have used Will Suppression on them.

  • Master of Illusions will make your Twin share damage with you, but it also doubles the damage it'll recive itself. Killer in mass PvP, suicide in 1 vs 1 PvP

  • Egoism increases the durability of your Astral Form and the healing done by your Mental Cleansing.

  • Mental Crysis increases the damage done by your [img][/img]Erase Memory and Mental Explosion skills.

  • Step Over Madness increases all your Astral damage.

  • Tenacious Mind increases the damage of Choke.

  • Rejection increases you armor.

  • Unending Knowledge increases your Vigor stat and also guarantees Hypnosis won't be broken by any attacks until the traget's health drops under 90%.

  • Aura of Astral Power is buff that boosts your damage by 15%. It would be really nice, but the downside is we can't use it at the same time with Seal of Health. If I had to choose, I'd always go for the later.

  • Gravikinesis increases the range of Mental Pulse, as well as the duration of the control effect.

  • Irrational Fear doubles the damage recived by your enemy for 15 seconds or until 10% of it's health was taken.

  • Shattered Nerves stack on the enemy whenever you use Astral Venom. It stacks up to 5 times and each stack will boost the damage of your next Destabilization.

  • Increases the range of Telekinetic Pull and also does damage to all the enemies.

  • Shocking Strike increases the damage deal by Astral Venom.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:31pm

Next comes the Mental Link Ruby Grid. It looks like this:

Purple, green, red and yellow. Yep, this one is definetly hot n' cold. Now, for the rubies:

  • Easy Reach decreases the mana cost of some of your abilities and also increases the range of Mental Link, Erase Memory, Will Supression, Mental Explosion and Telekinetic Pull. Great, especially in skirmishes.

  • Pyromania increases damage of Pyrolysis by 21% at rank 3. A must have if you're using Pyro as your main damage dealing spell.

  • Pyrophenia stacks up to 6 times whenever you use Pyrolysis. Every stack will reduce the cast time for the next Pyrolysis. This one works wonders with Temporal Acceleration and Insight.

  • Tricky Mind assures you all your control abilities will ignore the traget's Willpower, as long as you have estamblished Will Supression. However, your damage will be reduced by 30%. Keep in mind this is another make-it-or-break-it spell, so if you want to take it, you need to be sure you can reach all 3 rubies.

  • Experiencend Manipulator decreasing cooldown of Telekinetic Pull and Mental Pulse by 30%. Obviously useful in PvP.

  • Mental Fortress increasing Willpower by 12% and Stamina by 3%.

  • Chronokinesis decreases cooldown of Temporal Acceleration by 45%. Super useful if you're a fan of that skill!

  • Extrasensory Gift decreasing cast time of Mental Link by 50%.

  • Cruel Master increasing duration of Mental Link control effects by 20% and increasing damage of Will Suppression by 20%. Honestly, I can't think of any scenarios in which this one isn't very useful. It's such a pity it's hard to reach, but I think it's worth it.

  • Tranquillity decreasing cooldown of Concentration by 33%. Not particularly useful, but it's fine if you really feel you don't get enough Concentration.

  • Master Augur increases Luck by 9. Again, a must have in any build, since there aren't many ways you can increase this stat.

  • Lord of Fear increases damage done by Phantasma Killer by 10%/20%/30%.

  • Triumph of Reason increases Fire and Physical damage by 21%. You'll mostly take this for Pyrolysis and Wall of Blades, since most other psionicist skills deal Astral damage.

  • Anger Management increases damage dealt by Mental Explosion, Erase Memory, [u]Mental Pulse and Choke by 5%/10%.

  • Superficial Trance restores all your mana in 5 seconds, with a 5 minute cooldown. I always take it on my PvE builds.

  • Outsmarted will make Choke apply an Outsmarted effect which boosts the damage dealt by your next Astral Venom.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:34pm

Finally, the Shock grid looks like this:

I really don't know what kind of joke I can make this time. I promise I'll come up with something when the ruby presentation is over.

  • Moral Trauma will apply an effect that deal damage every time you use Destabilization.

  • Stinging Blades decreases cast time and mana cost of Wall of Blades by 30%.

  • Solid Grasp decreaseas cooldown of Choke spell to 22 seconds and increasing Choke slowdown effect to 80%.

  • Astral Curse applies an effect that will increase the damage of your next Astral attack every time you use Mental Pulse or Telekinetic Pull.

  • Enthusiasm increases Brutality by 9.

  • Exodus teleports you and your group in a safe zone. 10 seconds cast time and 10 minutes cooldown. Very useful in higher layers of the Astral or in Raids.

  • Analyst increaseas Proficiency by 9.

  • Mind Bender increases Vitality by 12 and Faith by 3%.

  • Fighting Foresight decreases damage from critical strikes taken by us by 15%.

  • Optimization makes all abilities used under Temporal Acceleration consume 50% less mana.

  • Clarity of Thought increases critical stike chance of Wall of Blades, Astral Venom and Pyrolysis by 12%.

  • Telephatic Gift restores 50% mana to a group member.

  • Calculating Mind increases critical strike chance of Destabilization by 15%.

  • Mental Reign increases damage dealt by Destabilization by 15%.

  • Depression reduces the amount of healing an enemy will get by 50% for 17 seconds (rank 3).

  • Finally, Time Loop is one of our main deffensive spells. It sends us 'back in time', meaning that it restores our health, position and helps us get rid of debuffs. However, be careful, as it's a two edged sword!

Now, the moment that you were all waiting for:

We can say that "Mental Reign" and "Depression" have a rocky relationship!! HAHAHAHAhah ha..ha..

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:40pm


I decided to leave this chapter at the very end of the guide, just before the builds. I have my reasons for that, the main one being that new players won't have to bother with them, as the equipament you'll get from quests is always the best. Starting from level 65, however, you'll have to craft your own glyphs in order to get certain secondary stats.

  • Vigor is one of our 2 "primary" stats. In order to get it higher, you just need to upgrade youe equipament.

  • Stamina is the second "primary" stat. It increases our health points.

  • Proficiency Increases our damage done by % value. This stat can be boosted with glyphs. It's one of the most important.

  • Vitality Increases our health by % value.

  • Determination will increase your damage if you are getting damage yourself. We can make good use of this in PvP.

  • Willpower may grant you immunity to control or slowing spells. Good for PvP, as all our defensive skills need to be activated manually.

  • Brutality boosts our damage by lost percentage of our targets life points. Good for PvE.

  • Bloodlust heals us for the % of the damage we deal. Good for PvE.

  • Luck increases chance to deal critical hits.

  • Faith increases our mana points.

My advice is to focus on Proficiency and Vitality, then balance Determination, Willpower, Brutality and Bloodlust depending whether you're more PvP-oriented or PvE-oriented.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:41pm

Finally, we've come to the moment you have all been waiting for. As I already talked about every skill and ruby, I think the builds will just explain themselves. However, I will still take my time to point out some more or less obscure choices.

Leveling Build!6!323...1…PG!weoh/WEGDKTD

I actually used this one when I leveled up myself. Of course, the current version is upgraded for 6.0,but, on the whole, things haven't changed much.
While pretty standard, I created this build considering the fact that I won't be getting a Water of Death at the final level and I hoped it won't be totally useless at endgame. They added a quest that solves this problem and now everybody can get a WoD. Still, I consider this to work just fine!

I mostly want to insist upon the order in which you'll need to learn the rubies. Your goal is to kill enemies as fast as possible. You'll need to take all rubies that imporive your stats as well as Aura of Astral Power as quickly as possible. At higher levels, you'll alternate between Aura and Seal of Health, depending on the enemy you're fighting with.
"Superficial Trance" isn't particularly useful, but it comes handy at the final level so you can pretty much ignore it until that.
Wall of Blades shoulf be used with Temporal Acceleration in boss fights.
Choke represents a quick way of ending a figh.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:41pm

Pyrolysis PvE Build!6!113..31…!eldomc/AZHDVUD

In PvE, the psionicist is a fighter. His role is to deal as much damage as possible and the crowd control role is just secondary. That's why we take all rubies that boost our skills' destruction power.

Seal of Health is an obvious choice as it's one of the most important auras a party will need. I decided to drop Aura of Astral Power, as it isn't as searched for.

Always precast Wall of Blades. If you're attacking more than one enemy, use Telekinetic Pull, because it'll make it easier for everybody to AoE. After that, you just spam Pyrolysis and Destabilization. Use Temporal Acceleration, Concentration and Thoughtful Spirit whenever they're off cooldown.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:43pm

Astral PvE build!6!313...1…izbnodd/WEGDKTD

In a way, this build is similar to the Pyrolysis-based one. The main diffeerence is that, of course, all rubies related to the former are remplaced by rubies related to the later.

While this build deals lower damage, it gives you a lot of mobility. In a way, it works better than the classical Pyro build in many situations.
Make sure to use Choke only when attacking a stonger enemy, otherwise a stack of Concentration effect might be wasted.After that, follow with Astral Venom for extra "Outsmarted" damage.
Note that "Shattered Nerves" rubies work wonders with "Moral Trauma" ones.

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:45pm

Astral PvP Build!6!133...3…NB!weoh/UDHQMUG

This one focuses on making the character a strong damage dealer and an annoying controller. To achieve both, we also need to have certain survability.
This build uses strong, rank 3 damage dealing spells, like Choke or Destabilization.
Most rubies are focused on crown controlling and defense. Depression, Mind Fire and Sharp Incursion, for example, are specifically designer for PvP; some of them aren't even useable on non-players.
Always Mental Link a random enemy, then use Twin. Your Master of Illusions ruby will assure that you will then share the damage with the copy. This makes Twin crucial for staying alive in mass pvp.
If you're treatened by some powerful debuffs or just recived a powerful blow, use Astral Body, followed by Time Loop. The former will absorb more damage if your health points are lower!

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:46pm


I really hoped everybody found this guide helpful: from veterans that are used to the psionicist, to veterans that have just created a psi reincarnation, to newcomers.
I, for one, know how hard it can be to master this class and I can say previuos PmB entries helped me a lot. That's why I decided to create this thread and try to give as much advice to anyone.

Good luck with the game and just remember to always have fun with it!

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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 2:47pm

savin' one more so it'll be 10 of these


Saturday, April 11th 2015, 6:49pm


If you intend to run the contest, you need to add [PMB] in your topic's title:


PMB Rules
  • Visit the Official Forum Archetype List and find your class.
  • Open a new thread with the prefix [PMB] at the start of the thread title.
  • Introduce yourself via character's name, guild, role - and why you like this class and its abilities.
  • Discuss how the latest update has impacted your class, how it has
  • altered or modified your build, and how you've incorporated the changes
    into your play style.
  • The build itself - is it PVE, PVP, Raid, Hybrid? What spells and rubies did you pick and why did you make those choices?

Good luck.
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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 7:52pm


If you intend to run the contest, you need to add [PMB] in your topic's title:


PMB Rules
  • Visit the Official Forum Archetype List and find your class.
  • Open a new thread with the prefix [PMB] at the start of the thread title.
  • Introduce yourself via character's name, guild, role - and why you like this class and its abilities.
  • Discuss how the latest update has impacted your class, how it has
  • altered or modified your build, and how you've incorporated the changes
    into your play style.
  • The build itself - is it PVE, PVP, Raid, Hybrid? What spells and rubies did you pick and why did you make those choices?

Good luck.

Thatnks' a lot! You saved me from a lot of trouble! :)


Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 1:35pm



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Everything is just good, but when I saw rubies images, I went suspicious rightly. I don't like when people are copying other people works, I made mine in allods calculator, then cropped it and upload to You could do it too, but you took mine. I just checked them, they are indetical and have the same adress.


Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 2:13pm

Everything is just good, but when I saw rubies images, I went suspicious rightly. I don't like when people are copying other people works, I made mine in allods calculator, then cropped it and upload to You could do it too, but you took mine. I just checked them, they are indetical and have the same adress.

All the images that I've used were taken from google images ("allods psionicist artwork/rubies/etc."). It is entirely possible some of them were featured in threads from this forum.

If you really think the screenshot of a ruby grid that simply hightlights the rubies' colors, without giving any kind of information regarding builds or the rubies's usage is "intellectual property", then I'll try to edit it (I have no idea if the contest rules would allow that).

However, I see this accusation as groundless; it's just like implying using the same talent calculator site is 'plagiarism'. We all put a lot of effort in these builds and I think we can agree it's not about the sites where we get our talent trees, grids and image icons from.


Wednesday, April 22nd 2015, 2:26pm



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Nah, don't edit it. It's after the deadline.

And I don't say that I don't like that you would use the same talent calculator. Simply - you didn't make it by yourself. Of course, your would the same as mine (not really because I edited mine a bit), but hey, you took my pictures. And I spent my time on editing them :)
Just this ^^

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