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Pimp my build 2015 Warden Maryca New frontier league

to all!

name is Maryca, New Frontier league-warden.

been playing and Maryca my main character. I'm never alone because of the pet.
The warden is a complex character like a tank than melee, but also performs
well from afar. The best DPS and healing can be achieved with it as a very good
team member. My structure, suitable for the near and far from the fighting, the
execution of Shred! combo. DPS best game experience and the results achieved.
The 6.0.0. Since the patch warden again strong and fun to play characters


: Summons pet and restores 30% health/energy
animist : Heals a target for a given ammount.
Huntmaster : on npc it forces to attack your pet for 10 sec, on players reduces
their dmg by 50% for 5 sec towards all except pet.
shaman : crafts 5 potions that do good aoe explosion damage .
New race
trapper : fears the target for 5 sec.


Strike If no Combat Wit or Static Charge is active this ruby will make your

melee attack give you 4 stacks of Combat Wit on rank 3.
Electricity If no Combat Wit or Static Charge is active this ruby will make
your first

lightning attack give you 4 stacks of Static Charge on rank 3.
Roots Immobilizes enemies for short period of time while in Nature’s Grip.
Stone Soup
Enables you to brew potions without having to go to Kingdom of Nature

warden caste one of the most bruising spell combo, which is after the pain
shoch achieve the Shred application.
combo will bri
ng the greatest damage.

I can only recommend the new player !!

Good luck, Maryca


There are many flaws in this build, but I'm sure you are aware of some. And maybe you're still working on your guide but still.
- You need Combat Sense on rank 3, 30% more damage on almost all pet attacks, yes please.
- No Bark Shield at all?
- Feral Instincts. These are great rubies at times, but there are better you can put them on.
- Is this caster or melee or both? If you're going for melee that would go ranged, you would need more melee rubies. If you are caster that wanna melee now and then, I don't see the point of Wolf's Blow rank 3 or Tiger's Strike consdiering you got no melee rubies (yes Tiger's could be used to get rid of Combat Wit stacks, but i don't see it happening for damage).

I'm sure there could be something more to say. Just interested in your input on how you are working this out, hope no offence was taken. Just trying to help :)

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