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Friday, April 24th 2015, 7:00am

Guide me through new Astral please


First of all I would like to welcome EU community, since it's my firs post ever created on this forum.
My name is Chupa, and I'm an ex-NAgpotato victim (chorus: Hi Chupa!).
Some of you may remember me... since my gibberlingy cuteness is hard to forget.

Anyway it's been AGES since I last played this game, and I've kindly requested for my account to be transferred here, leaving me with two lv55 Characters who beg for some guidance and attention.

Of course I understand that first of all I need to get to 65 which will prove difficult yet worth the effort. And don't worry I will have that covered fast.

Now what I am really missing is a proper Astral Guide for the version 6.0, and here is where I ask the community for help. HOWEVER I could just explore everything on my own, please do understand that, as a gamer, I am focused on team playing, which will be hugely delayed with me being stuck on gear collection. Therefore if there is any place in which I could learn how do sectors look like now, etc., please don't hesitate and spam this thread with guidelines.

All your help will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Yours Chupa... the Devourer of Goats

Ps. Also if there are any Eminence leftovers whom I might know and love, like I did previously, don't be a stranger! :D
Ps2. And yes... I know I am lazy to use the forums search bar... however what I found was not satisfying my needs :(


Friday, April 24th 2015, 9:41am



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Hello & welcome back !

Astral has been considerably simplified in 6.0. Major differences :
- unlike before, you can now choose what kind of drops you want upon entering an allod. This allows to work on a specific piece of gear until it's upgraded.
- there are 3 kind of loots from bosses : upgrader for the piece of gear you selected, universal upgrader that works on any gear, and coins (random number around 60 / boss)
- most of the time, you get coins, but for every boss there is a chance to drop a full upgrader (universal or specific).
- you can use the coins to buy upgraders by NPC in astral academy. 1 upgrader cost 155 coins
- debuffs have changed too : most of them are player centered (means players need to do something to avoid/counter the debuff) and don't boost mobs/bosses anymore.
- there is a set of 10+ allods you hit randomly in any sector
- you can also get a "Helping Hand" buff in hangar : with it, you won't get upgraders or coins, but you will earn hearts for each killed boss. We'll get to that later.

So basically after each run you get full upgraders for the gear you want, or you can buy it from NPC with the coins earned on allod. Much less wasted loot or endless runs to get that last wand upgrader.

About astral travelling, other changes :
- you don't need blessing anymore
- there is a new option to TP directly from hangar to Allod, and it doesn't need teleport charges

This allows for very fast travels without losing time goofing around in astral hubs.

About endgame gear, it now comes in 2 flavors, normal lvl 65 astral gear or enchanted lvl 66 gear. The sectors are divided in groups of 3 :
Green upgraders :
- S1 : lvl 65 upgraders. Very easy, poor loot.
- S2 : lvl 65 upgraders. Easy; normal loot
- S3 : lvl 66 upgraders. Hard, increased loot
Blue upgraders :
- S4 : lvl 65 upgraders. Very easy, poor loot.
- S5 : lvl 65 upgraders. Easy; normal loot
- S6 : lvl 66 upgraders. Hard, increased loot

New sectors are opened server wide now, based on whole server progress. Once they are unlocked, a few quests will give you access to next level allods.
So everyone has access to the same sectors to gear up.

Keys have changed too : you now get a set of 14 keys when unlocking astral at level 65, and after that 2 keys/day. No more weekly keys.
You can store max 28 keys. Anything above that is lost forever.
Keys *should* reset to 6 upon unlocking each new astral sector. It didn't happen when we unlocked blue sector due to some glitch.

That being said, how to gear up ?

Here is where helping hand & hearts chime in.
You can complete a *weekly* quest to trade hearts for lenses shards of the corresponding color (rare in s2/3, epic in s5/6).
There are two kind of quests : small hearts will give 28 shards, big hearts will give 56 shards.
With these you can buy lenses to enchant lvl 65 gear to lvl 66 : 18 shards for 1 lense to enchant blue, 30 shards for epic lense.

The gearing plan most use is the following :
- green->blue : upgrade lvl 65 gear in S2, then go helping hand in S3 to earn hearts. You can enchant 3 items/week to 66.
- blue->epic : gather lvl 65 gear in S5, then go helping hand in S6 to earn hearts. Once you have enough upgraders/coins, disenchant blue to lvl 65, upgrade it to epic 65, enchant it again to 66. You can enchant 2 items/week to 66.

As an alternate path you can gear up directly in hardest sectors (S3/S6), if you like the challenge :)
At some point it will be faster to gear up directly in 66, due to the increased cost of shards to buy lenses.
Anyway it's up to players to find out the way they prefer.

EDIT : an important information is that when we get 6.0.1 patch, S1/S2 will not cost keys anymore.
There is no ETA for 6.0.1 yet, but keep it in mind for your gear up plan as a new player.

Hope this helps :) If not ask more.


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Friday, April 24th 2015, 7:01pm

Hi! Thank You, that was most informative :) Hardly a new player but sure new to the system. Seems the game finally did get more user friendly :D

Time to start the grind to 65 it seems :D


Saturday, April 25th 2015, 9:47pm

good guide, as for new players it might be relevant that in a future patch mercenaries shall be free and there shall be a better auto-group system

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