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Monday, May 4th 2015, 7:04pm



  • "Gladewalker" started this thread

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Let priden use the mount outside of Howlem

The mount has roughly the same speed as walking, might be a little bit faster, and can not be upgraded through any means what so ever. I dont see why the priden cant keep using a "loyal" mount outside of howlem.

It cant be upgraded, so the only real differance is instead of a walking/running animation i get to watch wolf butt running.

Give the priden the mount, and then a cash shop option to allow the mount to be upgraded such as buying a wolf skin from the cash shop or through some other means.

Newbie pridens get a mount and dont see the only way of getting a mount as through cash shop, and some people get a unique mount skin for a wolf they already have so everyone wins in the end.
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Tuesday, May 5th 2015, 4:06am



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Is there anyway to get back to Howlem once you've left? I shouldve bought some clothing before I left :/


Tuesday, May 5th 2015, 9:01am



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no there isn't and this is a shame ;( Howlem is a wonderfull map but as i like to rush my lvling i would have prefer to come back there after lvlmax to look at it more closely.
i admit that it would break the immersion to see lvl65 there but not so much if only pridens would be allowed to come back


Tuesday, May 5th 2015, 9:54am



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Howlem is like League's Clement's Tower and Evermeet Isle - you can never go back there other than creating a new toon/incarnation.

You can't have Howlem mount to your own after the zone just like you can't have the courier runner from Lightwood to yourself - it's supposed to be an enticement for players to invest money to get a mount and make life in allods a little easier. If you wait for certain events, you can grind anniversary coins to buy a wolf mount or a horse with 5 or 6 platinum coins. Next opportunity is probably Tropical Allod, the usual summer event somewhat from June to September, if they haven't changed the schedule too much. But in Tropical Allod you need to grind the local currency, shells, by grinding the repeatable quests there in an hour based cycle - some quests are open while some others are unavailable within an hour and the cycle starts anew every hour. If they haven't changed that lately.

Best way to get a decent mount is to buy with cash bought crystals from item shop but even then you can't get the fastest mount as those are only prophetic card event rarities, which require a hefty sum of money spend buying keys to open the scrolls dropped by mobs. Then again, if you have say a million gold on your toon, then next option would be AH and buy a good mount sold by other players, if there still are ppl without bound mounts.

I do understand your point though - I think at this point of the game, every new player should be given at least a basic mount when about level 7 that they can feed and upgrade although Regular Customer daily won't open until level 16 to gain free mount food.
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