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Tuesday, May 26th 2015, 4:12pm



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6.0.1: Battle for Cargallas

Dear Sarnaut,

The previously announced skirmish – Battle for Cargallas – will be introduced into the game with the next update. This battleground will include several modes: Flag Capture, Checkpoint Capture, and Death Mark.

This battleground was designed to bring diversity to the currently available list of PvP activities – and will be available at any time of day, even if only a small number of participants has signed up.

We’ve decided to give up the “One team – One faction” concept, as the League and the Empire have avoided direct conflict for a long time and are used to cooperating in the face of a common enemy. Of course, you will not be able to exchange items with representatives of the opposite faction or send them private messages, but you will be able to communicate through the group chat and the party chat.

Opposing parties are now divided by color – the Red Team and the Blue Team.

We’ve also reduced the number of participants required for battle to commence, so only “5 per side” (minimum) will be required. During the battle, other participants will be able to join in until the maximum number of team members is reached (12). If a team ends up with less than 5 members over the course of the match, a countdown will begin. If no one joins in before time runs out, the battle will terminate.

Unlike other daily skirmishes, the Battle for Cargallas restarts anew once it finishes, redistributing the participants between the teams according to their equipment level.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can take part in the battle – and participating will reward you with Signs of Victory.

Another feature of this skirmish is the presence of hostile NPCs – mercenaries and bandits - who have occupied the ruins of Cargallas. You can be sure they won’t give them up easily! In all modes, these warriors fight for both teams and act according to the mode scenario, with their overall strength depending on the average level of the teams’ equipment.

If there are too few player participants, the battlefield won’t be empty, though if there are many of them, the battle will turn into breath-taking action!

The game mode will be selected randomly at the beginning of the battle:

• Checkpoint capture
• Flag capture
• Death Mark

In all modes, you score 5 points per each NPC killed and 10 points per each player killed.

• Checkpoint Capture

The teams’ objective is to capture 6 strategic checkpoints (1 in the central part and 5 on the periphery) to score maximum points.

In the beginning of the battle, only one checkpoint is available. The capture starts when members of one of the teams approach it. The more team members gather around it, the faster the checkpoint is captured. Each team sees its own capture progress bar, and the one that manages to fill it first gains control over the checkpoint.

Once secured, another randomly selected checkpoint becomes available for capture – continuing until a team scores 2500 points to become the victors.

• Flag Capture

The teams’ objective is to capture the banner in the center of the map and carry it through all checkpoints.

If the bearer of the banner is killed, the banner is returned to the original spot within 8 seconds.

• Death Mark

In this new battle mode, one member of each team receives the Death Mark (displayed on the mini-map). The **Death Mark** applies a negative effect to the character which increases all incoming damage by 25% and makes them unable to mount.

The teams’ objective is to protect their marked ally and eliminate the marked enemy team member. Teams score points by killing marked enemy characters - and each time a marked character is killed, another team member receives the Death Mark effect. The first team to score maximum points, or the team that scores most points in 15 minutes, wins the battle.

It's time to put yourself to the test with these brand new PvP activities, coming soon as part of the 6.0.1 update!

Like this news and reap the rewards!

If we reach 250 "likes" across all languages on Facebook and the Guild Portal by Friday, then Lucky Hours will be available for your enjoyment over the weekend.


Tuesday, May 26th 2015, 4:48pm



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Finally PVP for Sub server :D
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