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Thursday, July 2nd 2015, 1:37am

Old player here, need some opinons

So I haven't played Allods since way back in 2009-2010. Maxed out 3 characters, was co-owner of a guild, everything. However due to school I had to stop playing. I just never had the time. Here I am though in 2015 and finished with school. I saw MY picked up the game and I am contemplating picking up Allods again and starting fresh. Is it worth it though? Has the game become unbearably P2W or are the new Subscriptions a must-have to have a good time?


Thursday, July 2nd 2015, 2:07am



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F2P is P2W as always and P2P has very few players.
The game is still very awesome as always.
Just gotta pick your poison in regards to servers.
Playing with others but have to spend some money or farm A LOT
Playing with "others" (very few) and only have to spend little.


Thursday, July 2nd 2015, 2:15am

game is worth definitely :love:
paytowin (cursed items after death, incense giving dmg/healbonus) is gone long time
you can only get things (a lot?) faster with money now; this is called "pay to boost" however
exchange-NPC gold - BC makes every item available for every player over time theoretically, but thats only for the patient ones ;)

if you dont like the possibility of buying items direct with $ try subscription, there you cant get the most items at all
some players like so, some do not
look at my pro & contra list in my signature if you need information


Thursday, July 2nd 2015, 8:58am



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I recently just came back as well, today it will be exactly 5 years since i've played. re-made my psionicist (used to be max level at the time) and so far the game seems alot more stable than it used to be, nothing really glitchy as far as i can see. so far i'm glad i picked it back up, i'm waiting on a ticket to try to recover my old gpotato account (hopefully it works out, spent alot of time with this game back in the day!) I don't remember much about allods, but its all slowly coming back to me; it's a serious nostalgia trip!

I think the big reason i quit back then was because of the cursed item thing; i was totally against it when they added it. Not to mention the million or so bugs. This game still has its old feel; and personally i think i'm here to stay. I just really hope the population comes back and this game gets big again, it has alot of potential and it's absolutely great.

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Thursday, July 2nd 2015, 11:08am



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@Glyph13 Remember that getting your old account back will delete all the character you made on this account.
And there is still cursed item on F2P , not on P2P


Game is still P2W except if you farm a lot , by the way don't listen to ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER , around 20% of what he say is true , he also don't like sub server and most of his info are outdated on it (Astral Cat in Ancient Mound *lmao*....)

I am on P2P as IAmGroot too. (Still don't know who the hell he is in league or in empire tough) We are few yeah , but we can make spawn Battleground , make raids , and have a decent activity all time (Except on NA time when a lot of Eu like me sleep)
10€ per month is the max you will pay(3.5€/month is the min :)
Game is only influenced by your gear , your build and that all. Oh and Empire is recruiting , if you need help on P2P Empire, ask Sigmar in game :)
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Thursday, July 2nd 2015, 1:29pm



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And there is still cursed item on F2P , not on P2P

Just to clarify this and put things in perspective : yes, there is a chance for an additional cursed upgrader drop in astral or when you get upgraders from NPC. It's up to you to decide if you wanna use it or not.

But it's nothing comparable to what Glyph13 may have experienced in the past : your items will never get cursed upon death like it happened back then. Now you even get free daily small pots (4h), free mount food (10 piece) and free incense (24h) through an easy daily quest - you don't need to pay for it.

Also, bug wise there are stil a few, but players just got used to it. The game runs pretty smooth for several hours without troubles (on a desktop PC). This is true for both F2P & P2P :)

Edit : btw, welcome back ! It's always good to see returning players and that they are willing to stay for another journey. Allods hasn't lost his charm !

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Friday, July 3rd 2015, 1:53am



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I absolutely LOVE this game!

I saw the e-mail in my inbox saying that another update had released. I popped over here to check it out. So excited that Allods is still up and running. Not to mention when they get on Steam, there should be an influx of new players.


As long as Runes are in F2P I'll never come back. I would go P2P as I had hoped they would do for years and years but they dragged their feet for so long that by the time P2P came around, everyone was already gone. I need population in my MMOs otherwise I feel I may as well be playing a solo RPG on console.

Allods is hands down, the coolest and most original MMO I have ever played. I just dropped $75 on WoW for the Expac and a month of gametime. I would drop that game instantly, delete it off my comp, and come back to Allods 100% with absolutely no regrets.

I remember the day I finally quit and said to hell with this... I had been grinding and grinding so I could participate in the battlegrounds and do some PvP. I had 50% epics, 25% legend, 25% mythic and lvl 5-7 runes heavy on the defensive side. I tried and tried for weeks, swallowing my pride and wading time after time into the BGs. I dropped the idea that I would gain any personal glory, so I dedicated my Psi to support and focused on objectives. After weeks I still died in 1 hit from 98% of the other players and in 2 hits from the rest. I pulled up the spreadsheets, did the math, and inspected the other players because I really loved the game and wanted to be good at it. It all came down to the runes. If I completely geared myself and got all my skill points and rubies and whatnot I would still perform like a low-level NPC when dealing and recieving damage.

So sad. I loved how the storyline tied into MMO mechanics, and how amazing it was in and of itself. I loved cruising my astral ship, fighting demons, finding allods, squeaking by in anomalous sector... Allods is the only game other than Age of Wushu where I ever did any crafting... the graphics and scenery are breathtaking (and I don't say that about games)... the music is phenominal... GRAAAH!!! Why, Allods!? *rends clothing bible style as he drops to his knees and screams up at the raining sky* WHYYYYYY!!!???

I'll never come back. I've been hurt too many times... T-T

*clicks download*

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Friday, July 3rd 2015, 12:39pm



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So how you find the pop on P2P currently ?

and which time u where on P2P?

Greetings Taleron

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