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Wednesday, October 7th 2015, 1:23am

Paired Fist Melee Warden

Hello guys!

LolaNidora here, a Glorious Bastard. :P

OK, so I'm aware that most of the melee wardens out there are using 2H weapons and Wolf's Strike (Hawk's Strike) as their main melee skill. This thread, however, is focused on developing a melee warden using Paired Fist as main weapon and Clout. Below is the currently build I am using on both PVP and PVE

Paired Fist - Clout Build

As you can see, there is no combo for this build; it is JUST a SPAMMING of skills. I'd like to get Warrior's Charge/Paladin' Strike to start the fight and also Scout's Speed to chase running chickens.

So that's it. Share your insight about the build and how we can improve it better.

Thank you

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Thursday, October 8th 2015, 10:23am



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Hello warden mate,
it's a balanced build,not particular mistakes, but it can be improved imo.
I suggest to take Aoe your build there's no Aoe at all, it's usefull to have it in most situations.
And you didn't take Battle training rubies that reduces pet's skills cooldown, and if you look at your dps meter you can see that Grab's damage is your first source of dps even without those rubies, so it's worth to take them to increase it. ;)
After that.. weapon it's a personal choise, atm i'm using 2hMace and it works good for me, i tried paired but I couldn't reach my usual dps.

Good luck!
Hope this reply can help you :)


Thursday, October 8th 2015, 5:41pm

Hello there,

The build is generally PVP-oriented and so no AoE skills taken. If I have to go raids and astral, I would incorporate AoE skills.
I didn't take Battle Training rubies as I can go spamming without delays.
Here's my rotation...Clout(Combo Strike) + Tiger's Strike + Flash Lighting + Grab...and the spam goes on and on :P
As to the weapon, I choose speed over power :D


After all, I am a Glorious Bastard.


Friday, October 9th 2015, 12:12pm



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Ok, but if your rotation starts with Clout (building combat wit) and then you use Tiger strike, you will remove Combat Wit, then by using Flash lightning you will receive Static charge and you have to wait tiger strike cooldown to remove them or use Hawk strike/Wolf blow.
So I suggest to eliminate tiger strike from your rotation and use it like a little burst sometimes, but remember to use clout before Flash lightning.
Don't hate me :) I was arguing because with that rotation you waste 3 First Strike rubies in the beginning of combat.

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Friday, October 9th 2015, 4:23pm

maybe consider using tiger strake not at all ^^ with pared fists it not doing any damage at all anyway^^ also you wanna stack up combat wit completly as a melee cuz every stack gives you +9% melee damage so with 8 stacks thats 72% more damage passive ! 1 tiger strike and its gone... think about it :P


Friday, October 9th 2015, 5:27pm

Here's my rotation...Clout(Combo Strike) + Tiger's Strike + Flash Lighting + Grab...and the spam goes on and on :P

Oops! My mistake; I don't have Tiger's Strike in my build.

The rotation should be Clout + Hawk's Strike + Flash Lightning + Grab.



Friday, October 9th 2015, 6:03pm

why hawk strike there? its weaker than clout when you have no static stacks O.o


Friday, October 9th 2015, 6:19pm

Just to fill additional damage I guess? Is a 3-skills-spam good?
Also I use hawk's strike in pvp to lose target's mana/energy.

Will check if clout/flash/grab rotation works smoothly.


Friday, October 9th 2015, 7:32pm

mhh well the manaburn hits after 4 hits of wolfs strike (hawk strikes new name) so using it very often is not recommend (cuz it has 2 min cooldown then)^^ in general paired first doesnt seem to useful in pvp cuz what you want are heavy hits not many mini hits^^

also yeah 3 skill combi is the strongest on a warden atm in terms of dps

if you really want to start using first weapons go like this:

clout->flash->grab->wolfs strike->shred then you are at 7 stacks and after this just use clout->flash->grab on cooldown


Friday, October 9th 2015, 9:20pm

I checked with 3 skills combo and yeah, it's better.

I'm good at pvp with paired :D

Gonna need to get rubies for shred too and stack combat wit faster

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