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GM should ban ppl who buy gold ?

Hello ,

Why GM dont ban ppl who buy gold from this <illegal site> ???
please just do a check and ban them ! i can give you some names if you contact me

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here are no ways to earn gold from untrustworthy gold seller.
you mean bots who spam like 'go to for 100k gold, only cost 2$' ?

this is able in MMORPG's where you can farm much Gold buy killing easy mobs, where you write a bot for doing that and sell illegal gold with it.

Here in Allods Online where maybe some guys with low lvl and much gold because they were reincarnations.
For the other, they can sell Gold easy with spending money (i think 1 Crystal can get sell to 205g at the moment).

so be sure that you dont saw a reincarnation with much gold, or a guy who spent money for that.
lvl 65 Paladin


the best the goldseller can do is buying BC and then playing with the exchangerate (for example buy 100.000 BC then, exchange to gold, hope forrate going down, exchange gold to BC again and wait for it go up and then have more BC in the end)

when the goldseller buy these BC he still buys it from allods

in allods making a farmbot is not efficient

and massive exchange-fluctuation atm is coming from ppl that have discovered rich-buff in vivarium (340+ gold / minute farming)

(btw if you see goldsellerspam in WC just send a message to someone from staff, they can take care then)


please just do a check and ban them ! i can give you some names if you contact me

This is not how it works. You should contact the support team :

According to the game rules, buying gold/crystals is forbidden and can be punished by a permanent ban


Illegal Trades – The buying or selling of Allods Online currency, items, or accounts for real money, or exchanging them for those in any other game will result in a permanent ban.

Anyone using those services may lose his/her account, and lose months of investments.
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