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Paladin holy tank

first my english speaking is a littlebit bad .. sorry about that .. this is a very important question is how to tank with paladin i tried a lof of skillrotation i try all rotations i saw in forum .. but anyone not work in all time ... sometimes allies steal my pulled mob ... paladin can so easily keep aggro in one mob like raid boss ... soo ... this skill rotation is the best of all time for keep aggro in bosses like superglue for paladins ... first use chalenge + condemnation + rightous world + sacred sunrise .... and thats all ... this skills have very lots of dmg you take 2-3 hit every seconds .... the boss is yours all time and and cant steal any allies ... its easy .. just not use interdiction in boss after you use sacred sunrise .. coz it is cancel it .. or rightous world but if you use it you can cast more one sacred sunrise for keep agro ... so more one time this is the skill rotation chalenge + rightous world for aditional threat + condemnation + sacred sunrise and if your chalenge is not active you can use condemnation rightous world sacred sunrise and the chalenge is finally active ... if you use this rotation you can always keep aggro mainly in bosses and cant lost all of your canons and always have 3/4 energy ... i 've hope helped you :) just try it and you realize this is the best

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You have missed a point about sacred sunrize: Sacred sunrize dont do any damage untill you use a holy spell. When you cast sacred sunrize you apply a debuff on the target and this has a timer that counts down for some seconds. You are supposed to use a holy spell either righteous word or interdiction before the timer runs out. If you wait untill the timer have run out, then you have wasted the sacred sunrize.

You need to understand also, that loosing agro is always a possibility. If you party up with someone who deals huge amount of damage compared to your agro, then you will loose agro. Also some mobs and bosses are random agro. So loosing agro is not necesarily because you play badly.

Loosing agro is not always a bad thing, especially not in fights against normal mobs or elite mobs, since most other partymembers can take some hits without dying. Loosing agro in bossfights can be fatal. Loosing agro to the most squishy partymember is most often a bad thing, but that is not only your responsibility.

I suggest that you use the rotations recommended in the classguides for paladin. IMO Efinkas [PMB] guide is the best of the guides.

I also suggest, that you make an agreement with your party, that they wait a few secs before attacking, especially if they die easily - so that you have a little time extra for getting agro.

On a side note, your thread should have been in the paladin subsection.
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I keep aggro all the time with this rotation ... after i used sacred sunrise i use rw and more one sacred and condem...
im told sacred sunrise take a dmg and the next holy spell inflict 50% more dmg but cancel the ss




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u have to cancel sacred sunrise to benefit from it, not leave it dissapear
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