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Wednesday, January 13th 2016, 7:43pm

need a good build for lvling

hi guys

i'm a new player actually

i was wonder if i can find some advises for lvling summoner and need a build too :)

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Wednesday, January 13th 2016, 11:44pm



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something like that will be good for leveling:!4!122...3…kxcvwge/WYCQSVB

At the very first get the 2 blood tap rubies in first grid. Then use 1 ruby for howl of death in third grid.
Then go on to neurotoxin in second grid, with the two withering touch rubies over Evil genius rubies.
After that get dark leech rubies.
Continue with urgent protection over 2 blood aegis rubies

When you are able to get the summon lurker talent, get all 3 rubies of phlebotomy (if you get this ruby it disables acid bolt talent!)

For talents: Get Summon Hellion Talent as fast as possible to rank 3 (but you should have blood aegis talent at least on rank 1)
-> Hellion = Tank Pet, let it attack everytime before you are attacking, so it should keeps aggro.
Dark Pact will provide you with some blood to renew your blood aegis, or heal yourself, with plague of mending/reanimation talent

I tried to keep talent points and rubies at a minimum suitable for a new player :)

For rotation at start:
- try to keep your blood aegis up
- keep vampirism on cooldown
- let your hellion attack your mobs (and do not put him on "aggressive" state, don't get used to this, while this is a huge problem later in instances if your pet pulls everything :) )
- blood tap ruby will provide you with 10% mana and 2 blood points for every monster you kill
- if you can afford it use howl of death, so you don't waste blood points while killing mobs or using vampirism.
- Spread your Putrefy on every mob attacking you and keep it up.
- If you've everything on cooldown and are not taking serious damage from mob -> cast acid bolt for extra dmg.

After you get volatile infection and dark empathy:
- Use your volatile infection for AOE (Area of Effect = Hits more than one mob) (it's a bomb exploding in 8 secs and deals damage to up to 3 mobs near the targeted mob and to the targeted mob itself. And a super nice feature: It is spreading to near mobs :) loosing one stack for every "spread" if it is below 2 stacks it wont spread anymore and you have to recast it)
- heal yourself with dark empathy which costs no blood. And if it gets hard use plague of mending for AoE-Heal (which do cost blood).
- still use your hellion. still use your putrefy and now also neurotoxin on every mob you are attacking. Keep it up. your neurotoxin cast putrefy every 3 seconds with a chance of 66% if you got the rubies withering touch

After you got lurker with phlebotomy:
- Now you can spam howl of death
- keep phlebotomy running and heal yourself with reanimation
(when you got dark spark ruby): Use reanimation at least every 15 seconds, don't mind if you need heal or not. This will proc dark spark and increase your shadow dmg for 18%
- Ehm and obviously use your lurker from now on. (If you want your hellion back feel free to do so, don't want to tell you how you have to play, just give you advise :D

- Seal of Death rubies will make your lurker or hellion deals a lot more dmg, when he attacks a target with those debuffs on it.
- Blood Ties Ruby is an awesome AoE-Dmg or AoE-Heal spell depends if your target is friendly or not! (Dark spark will proc everytime if you use this skill)
- Dark gift provides your ghostly cover skill (obtained during questing the orange(important) quests ) a manareg everytime you use it. And with blood aegis rubies you can use heal spells under the effect of ghostly cover
- Wandering Fever is just for long single target fights (bosses). It become a DoT after you got one ruby of accelerated metabolism and that makes toxic weakness (ruby) chance proc again for every 2 seconds on the mob you were casting wandering fever on.

Phew, not that beatiful to read, but I think I covered up the most important things.

If you got any questions, don't hesitate to ask them. Have fun :)

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Thursday, January 14th 2016, 1:42pm

I really enjoyed reading this begginer guide. I lvled summy reinc to 45 lvl years ago and didn't remember anything about it (besides it was really op in Asee), and ur guide made me want to try the summoner again.

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