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Trouble subscribing

I've already submitted a ticket explaining this situation in the hopes that it can be resolved but I'm also posting here simply because it may be something very simple I'm failing to notice.

I want to subscribe and have bought the required gems (1000) to purchase the 30 days subscription but when I click on the "Buy Subscription" tab there is nowhere for me to actually click in order to proceed to the payment. I can't seem to find anything in the in-game Boutique either that offers the subscription.

What am I missing?



Did you try with another web browser ?
Do you have web browser extensions ?

Can you see your 1000 crystals if you log on the F2P server (New Frontier) and open the cash shop interface ?
When did you top-up your account ? What was your payment method ?

EDIT : the subscription page seems to be broken again. I'll pass it to our CM, try again later :).

(moved to technical issues).
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Yeah, currently have that problem also.

[EDIT] : Looks like we're back in business

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