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  • Lioo


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Von Cutterwood

Happy Birthday, best wishes!


Von freestile

Hi dear Lioo ;)

Thanx for all the great events you´re offering us, i think we oowe you a big delish´ cookie for that ;)

oh and btw your anime-style chars are so awesome, cute and kawaii, gz :love: :thumbsup:

Freestile / the League / New Frontier / FR


Von Haenselklein

Hope you have a great day today as well! See you in the game! ;)

Name: Elchzwei
Server: New Frontier


Von u_9900183

Alles gute Nachtraglich ;)

I guess theres nothing telling me I cant just congratulate a day later as well :rolleyes:
Daher: Lass Dich feiern, geh aus, trink ein paar Shots (oder noch ein paar mehr), be wild, und sei dann irgendwann wieder fit für die chaotische Community :whistling:



Von user_4011388

Happy birthday DarkHealX/Empire/New Frontier



Happy Birthday Lioo!! :)


Von LightLuz95


Von Synstergates

Hi lio happy bday dude . Keep rewarding . You make people happy.
Synstergates\ empire \ new frontier


Von Valki_sa

Lio Hello!

I say +1for you, your mind and because you are a fan of Nazarick ;)
I do not know whether to play on a pirate cloud and maybe our paths have already crossed in game.

Continue to offer events and even ig for more fun (in ex: attack from lizards on the undead arisen...or "hamster" mount) 8)

Ps: If y can shake Gladia and Reira to me, i would appreciate it.


Von Terentil

Hi Lioo,

happy birthday, take care and keep on rocking!!! ;) :)

Terentil League


Von azalin71

Happy birthday!
I hope you had a nice day - got presents, got to play allods, maybe even won pvp match :)

/Araanahn, New Frontier server, League side


Von emre8955

happy bday

// edit by Lioo: Had to remove the pictures, due to privacy errors in chrome and firefox.


Von Pochtron

Only the best to Lioo for his birthday, he deserves a lot of love for being the most sexy generous mod ever on Allods !
All hail Lioo ! We should clone and spread him all over the world.

:love: :love:


Von Chakawha

Name: Krazyheart
Faction: League

Happy Birthday Lioo, you sexy sexy man.


Von Blesnar

Happy be day... well u are a year older but only on the out side... on inner u still all geek and just hoyfull!!
Plus your siginture is OP would love to have almost the same but with Bonebreaker in it xD



Von passion81

Happy bday!


Von Aduin


Von Valmar

HAPPY 23rd Birthday Lio!

I wish you happiness and more importantly good health, something that is invaluable.

You are a very generous and caring guy and I hope nothing but the best for you and for success in whatever you choose to do in your future.



Happy nice birthday Lioooooooooooooooooo !!!

♪ ♫ ♫ Joyeux Anniversaire ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫

:love: :love::love: :love::love: :love:

Shafoumi // League side


Von euhen1sr

Well, I am not really sure if today is 17.10 in your country, but it is here, in Italy :) . I guess that legends are born on this particular day, huh? Eminem, our almighty Lioo... hehe
Anyway, I wish you all the luck in the world, and as I say in my native language: sa traiesti si sa ai bafta la femei! :P
I wish you a Happy Anniversary!

Sorry if my English is bad.


Antwort von Lioo

It's 5pm here in NY (where I am currently) and about 11pm in Germany (where I was born), so yeah it is ^^
And thank you so much :love: