Wardens have Aspects of Attack, Healing, and Support.

Their main resource is mana.

To inflict more damage, wardens should observe a certain sequence while using their skills. Bee Swarm increases all their further damage and boosts the next Poison Ivy, Poison Ivy makes the target more vulnerable to the warden's attacks and allows them to use Tornado quicker, Tornado inflicts higher damage to the vulnerable target and leaves it vulnerable to the Ugly Cloud, while Ugly Cloud allows them to instantly use Emerald Flash, inflicting crushing damage to their enemy and restoring some of their mana.

Most of Warden's skills may be used on the move, and Tornado, besides, inflicts damage to all enemies around the target.

Warden's Pet is no longer essential for inflicting damage and is used as an additional mana source.



Main Warden's skills

Bee Swarm
Poison Ivy
Ugly Cloud
Emerald Flash