Summoners have Aspects of Attack, Support, and Healing.

The main resource of the Summoners are drops of blood.

Main damage-inflicting skills are: Wandering Fever, Neurotoxin, and Avaricious Shadows—effects that inflict recurring damage—and targeted spells Vampirism and Howl of Death.

Vampirism restores the amount of drops of blood, while other skills spend those. By inflicting critical damage, Summoners produce more drops of blood and extend the effects of skills that inflict periodic damage. At times, Summoners receive the Circle of Ice effect that allows them to use the Howl of Death, the most powerful spell of the cycle, without spending drops of blood.

Summoner's main objective while inflicting damage is to keep the effects of periodic damage on the target, all the while using the Vampirism and the Howl of Death.



Periodic damage effects

Wandering Fever
Avaricious Shadows

Targeted Spells

Howl of Death