Tournament of Heroes

Rewards for tickets

Along with the ticket, you will receive the following gifts:

* Subscription time will be extended immediately after the ticket's purchase.

Two lines of rewards!

Now all players can get Tournament of Heroes experience!
Regular rewards are available for all players during the event.
Ticket owners will also receive 20% more Tournament of Heroes points for completing quests.

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Rewards for quests

Receive gifts for completing quests

Tireless Warrior Armor


Daily and Weekly tasks

By performing repeating tasks, you will receive "Tournament of Heroes" points. By collecting points, you will raise your "Tournament of Heroes" level and receive various prizes.

Tasks chain

Completely fulfilling the chain of tasks, you can receive a special reward:

  • Holy weapon
  • Core storage
  • Assault Shell's Color Pattern
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About tournament

All participants of the tournament will be given a character of the same level, that will be able to purchase a set of valuables before the fight that will be same for everyone:

  • Format of battles: Heroic Adventures
  • Level 90
  • Epic quality equipment
  • 6 Level 8 Runes
  • All improved patronage abilities
  • All reincarnation abilities
  • Omnificent Core Morpher

About prizes

Winners will receive valuable prizes and huge bags of crystals, the weight of which depends on the number of participants in the tournament!
All purchases made by players raise the prize pool by 25% of the purchase price!

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