Assault Shell Color Pattern: Nephalion
Order of the Sun Costume
Weapon Appearance: Critical Overload
Heavenly Mystic Shell Color Pattern: Alkonost

Battle Campaign

The Battle Campaign is an in-game event available to all players who have reached level 105. By completing various tasks, they can earn Battle Campaign experience and earn rewards.


If you buy your ticket at the start of the event (up to and including November 30th) you will receive an additional reward: Order of the Moon Costume.

Battle Campaign ticket holders earn 20% more Battle Campaign points for completing quests and also receive special valuable rewards and costumes! You will receive the following gifts along with your ticket purchase:

* The subscription will be renewed as soon as the ticket is purchased.

In addition, they will receive 1290 crystals or Marks of Accomplishment (depending on the server) when they reach level 100 of Battle Campaign.

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Daily and weekly tasks

By completing repetitive tasks, you will earn Battle Campaign points. By earning points, you will increase your Battle Campaign level and receive various prizes.

Quest Chains

By completing the quest chains completely, you will be able to receive special rewards:

  • Core Storage
  • Holy Weapon
  • Assault Shell's Color Pattern
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