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Astral Demons

Astral daemons

Astral Demons

Astral demons… Astral demons… The hearts of even most valiant warriors of either the League or the Empire sink at the sound of these words. The wicked creatures from the depths of the Astral deal only death, chaos, and destruction. For a long time nobody knew, where and how they came to the world. But one thing was clear to everyone: demons hunted human and elven Great Mages, who protected allods from being devoured by the Astral.

Initially, very little was known about those monsters, apart from the fact that they dwell in the deep Astral and feed on its energy. Outside of the Astral, demons don’t last long: they weaken and become vulnerable to enemy strikes.

Most of them are not particularly intelligent, for destruction and killing are the sole purpose of their existence. Their battle tactics is rather straightforward and based on their advantage in numbers.