General In Game Rules

This thread will provide a list of rules that every player should be aware of and will not replace what you should know and follow from the EULA that you agreed to during account creation. The following is a list of actions that are considered violations as well as a brief description of common punishments for the associated violation. Please note that consequences may differ from what is on the list depending on each situation.

  • Trade Scams – Scamming players out of items will result in a temporary ban and removal of the items in question. This does not always mean that the items will be returned to the player that was scammed. Players are solely responsible for the safekeeping/loss of their items.
  • Illegal Trades – The buying or selling of Allods Online currency, items, or accounts for real money, or exchanging them for those in any other game will result in a permanent ban.
  • Account Selling/Buying - The buying or selling of accounts is not tolerated and both players will be permanently banned.
  • Account Sharing – Sharing your account with any other player is at your own risk and can result in a permanent ban. Items lost to account sharing will not be restored.
  • Account Phishing/GM Impersonation – Impersonating a GM or any member of the staff for exploitative purposes, or trying to get a user's login information will result in a permanent ban.
  • Victims of compromised accounts may have their their account access temporarily suspended until they change their password on their account or contact support for further assistance.
  • Exploiting – Taking advantage of any part of the game, beyond what it was obviously designed for, to gain advantages for yourself or others can result in a permanent ban. Aiding a exploiter in any way carries the same consequences as exploiting. To avoid being wrongfully accused of exploiting, please report any broken game mechanics immediately.
  • Macros/Bots – The use of macro or botting programs for any exploitative purpose will result in a permanent ban.
  • Harassment – Harassment usually involves repeatedly bothering a player with inappropriate behavior or attempting to bypass their efforts to avoid you. Some forms of harassment (like sexual) do not need to be repetitive to be considered harassment. Harassing other players or our staff will result in a ban.
  • Reporting - If you report a case of harassment, you must include information on the conversation, either with screen shots or a precise date and time at which the event occurred. Reporting a player after baiting them into harassing you may not get the results you would like - each case will be investigated.
  • False Report – Submitting a false harassment report can result in a temporary ban. This also applies to false reports regarding item-related issues. If we check our logs and find that the report being sent in is false, it will result in a ban.
  • Language – Using inappropriate language or attempting to evade the chat filter by misspelling inappropriate words can result in a temporary mute or a ban.
  • Spamming – Repeating messages incessantly will result in a temporary mute or a ban.
  • Inappropriate Character or Guild Names – Choosing names that are defamatory, vulgar, prejudice/racist, or explicitly sexual will result in a forfeit of your right to choose the name. We do not change names by request.

Please note that severity level of punishment depends on a context and circumstances of a specific violation.