About the game


Delve into the depths of epic mysteries across space and time, exploring the relationship between two factions at war within a unique setting. Develop your character to maximize their abilities, craft your own equipment, and enchant yourself via a rune based system to excel in both duels and Astral space-ship battles.

World history

A thousand years ago, the Great Cataclysm split the world of Sarnaut into innumerable islands – called allods – which spread throughout the Astral. Their inhabitants learned to live in this new world by traveling the Astral in special ships. Shortly after, a war errupted between old-time enemies – the League and the Empire – both vying for power over the new world, resulting in bloody battles on allods and large-scale fights in the Astral that never cease. The cataclysm allowed adventurers and cutthroats to thrive on the chaos of war and profit from undiscovered treasures of the Astral, yet nobody knows that the real catastrophe is still yet to come...

Races and Factions

  • Kanians
  • Gibberlings
  • Elves
  • Pridens
  • Xadaganians
  • Orcs
  • Arisen

Virtue, Faith, Order

  • Life: Service
  • Death: Rest
  • Happiness: Reward
  • League: The future
  • Empire: A lost sheep
  • Astral: Battlefield

Kanians are rightfully known as one of the mightiest races of Sarnaut, bearing the history of thousands of years of endless battles on their shoulders. Though they are not as strongly-built as Orcs or Pridens, their military education and unwavering faith in the Light often lead them to victory even when vastly outnumbered.

Freedom, Optimism, Travel

  • Life: Fun
  • Death: Nuisance
  • Happiness: Freedom
  • League: Stepping stone
  • Empire: Ridiculous
  • Astral: The road

Gibberlings always travel in threes. It is safer and more fun this way – for if one falls, their brother or sister are always there to help! Brave and resilient adventurers, they poke their noses into every corner of Sarnaut, never missing an opportunity to battle the Empire along the way! It’s no surprise that their resourcefulness led to so many important discoveries, such as Astral travel.

Pleasure, Beauty, Perfection

  • Life: Beautiful
  • Death: The final chord
  • Happiness: Creation
  • League: An ally
  • Empire: Temporary
  • Astral: Fascinating

Elves are probably the most remarkable creatures of Sarnaut, evoking very contradictory opinions and attitudes towards them by other races. Wise sorcerers and eccentric venturers, extraordinary scientists and capricious wastrels… Their great power can only be compared to their great levity. However, they are not to be underestimated – as Elves are devoted to the League and show no mercy to their enemies!

Motherland, Leadership, Victory

  • Life: Struggle
  • Death: Obstacle
  • Happiness: Unity
  • Empire: Motherland
  • League: Atavism
  • Astral: Reality

Xadaganians have gone a long way from a feeble nomadic tribe to the strongest nation of Sarnaut. The Empire was built upon the principles of general equality, common benefits and prosperity. Xadaganians stand their ground and relentlessly eliminate anyone who threatens them or their allies.

Loot, Rage, Strength

  • Life: Contest
  • Death: Defeat
  • Happiness: Victory
  • Empire: Stepmother
  • League: Food
  • Аstral: Who knows?

Orcs cannot imagine their life without a good fight or a full-scale war. Children of illimitable steppe, they value freedom above everything and are ready to fight for it until their last breath. Though history has been harsh to them, the Orcs have overcome all hardships and became an integral part of the Empire! Thanks to this union, they always have someone to fight.

Knowledge, Death, Ideal

  • Life: Death
  • Death: Immortality
  • Happiness: Ourselves
  • Empire: Material
  • League: Material
  • Astral: Cognizable

The Arisen devoted their lives to the quest for immortality - and though they eventually found it, it was not quite the way they expected. Their relentless survey turned them into outstanding scientists and engineers, who achieved their goals through strategic planning rather than raw force. The famous composure of Zem Arisen provides secure support to their allies and a great terror to their enemies.

Life, Honor, Harmony

  • Life: Survival
  • Death: Birth
  • Happiness: The hunt
  • League: Tailless
  • Empire: Tailless all the more
  • Astral: Nothingness

Pridens usually stand aside from the squabbles of the League and the Empire. Only few of them decide to leave their home allod to join one of the factions in search of fine battles and adventures. Pridens praise strength and honor, making them incredibly dangerous opponents in combat, yet they strive to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Through fighting, each Priden seeks to achieve peace.


  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Scout
  • Healer
  • Warden
  • Mage
  • Summoner
  • Psionicist
  • Bard
  • Engineer

Warriors are strong in close-range combat, charging towards enemies and raining heavy blows upon them. With each strike, warriors become even more dangerous, accumulating Combat Advantage. The more Combat Advantage warriors gain, the more hazardous their abilities become. Warriors can also act as defenders in raid adventures, stealing the attention of monsters away from less resilient group members.

Paladins can sustain the most powerful strikes thanks to their heavy armor and barriers — a unique ability that delays incoming damage. Paladins can only be killed after all their barriers have been split up, which makes heroes of this class extremely resilient. Unlike warriors, paladins can also learn to use powerful long-range attacks.

Scouts are renowned experts in sabotage attacks and ambushes. They can shoot from afar, throw sharp thorns under enemies' feet, move rapidly from victim to victim, and disappear in a cloud of smoke. While many envy Scouts for their effective ranged tactics and abilities, they can also learn to sustain melee attacks just as well as warriors or paladins!

Healers are experienced servants of the Light that are capable of removing negative effects from their allies while healing groups or single targets. Their religion forbids the use of bladed weapons, thus they are often witnessed weilding deadly heavy maces in full plate armor.

Wardens are the only class capable of connecting with the world of Nature. They can collect the rarest herbs, unknown even to the greatest alchemists, used to brew all kinds of potions - lethargy, explosive, poisonous, and healing. Wardens also train combat pets that follow them on their adventure, providing distractions so that the Warden can comfortably strike with their fist weapons, bee swarms or thunderbolts from the sky.

Mages control three elements: ice, air, and fire. Controlling all three of them at the same time is rather challenging, hence mages typically concentrate on studying one or two elemental schools depending on whether they prefer to throw scorching meteors from the skies, turn enemies into blocks of ice, or summon roaring tornados. It is up to the mage to decide!

Summoner is a murderous healer capable of resurrecting just as easily as killing. In combat, summoners are aided by a summoned creature – such as a member of the undead, or another spawn of darkness – and collect blood drops from their wounded enemies to strengthen their own magical abilities. It is up to the Summoner to decide whether their sinister abilities should be used to heal allies, or harm foes.

Psionicist can read minds, foresee intentions, and fool their enemies – making them extremely dangerous and elusive opponents. While their illusionary twins cause doubt and uncertainty, the real Psionicist hypnotizes or paralyzes their prey with crushing mental volleys of raw telekinetic power.

Bards are a welcomed addition to any squad. Their seemingly ‘harmless’ instruments provide enchanting music that raises the morale of allies, send sentries to sleep, weaken and demoralize enemy fighters, or deal deafening damage to several opponents at once.

Engineers are unmistakable fighters that wade into battle with giant shiny guns and an armful of devilish devices. It is a mystery how they manage to carry around all those intricate mechanisms – from mines, traps and hover pads to self-propelled attacking machines and long-range gun mounts.


Bold adventurers have the opportunity to set sail to the depths of the Astral, where monstrous demons and untold treasures are waiting for them. The chaotic, unceasingly changing Astral constantly offers new trials for the strongest heroes of Sarnaut. Acquire your own ship, gather your team of valiant allies and challenge the demonic threat! The reward will surely make it worthwhile.