Ancient June Magic

The Mysterious Stone

Conversation with Amanda

The Missing Scout

Ancient Stones

Astral Components

Amanda's Attempt

The Access Crystal

The Battle for the Nautilus

Forgotten Magic

Returning Home

Adventurer's Stone

The Kanian Rebellion


The Rebels' Letter

Noble Seller

Forest Caches

Investigating the Werewolves

A Time-Tested Method

Challenged to a Duel

Putting it All on the Line


A Hard Nut to Crack

The Key Tower

Raising the Victory Banner

The Rebels' Plans


The Molotov Family's Mail

Mercenary Guards

The Road to the Stronghold

An Important Witness

Board Them!

The Rebels' Plans

Gold of the Damned



The Fate of the Wagon Train

From the Frying Pan into the Fire

A Boggy Stir

Wilds on Fire

The Missing Letter

A Strike Against the Winged Folk

The White Knight

Family Tree

The Lost Homeland


The Gibberling Ship

The Missing Gibberling

Sad News

The Gibberling's Fate


The Intelligence Agent's Secret

Battling Against Back Pain

Ghost Mail

On the Trail of the Spy

Latest News


A Garden City Shall Stand Here

The Missing Expedition

The Trolls' Ruins

An Artifact the Color of Ice

The Archipelago's Keeper

Nordrak's Story

Great Accord

The Third Seal

The Great Tree's Seeds


For the Good of the Great Tree

A Troublesome Swamp

The Termite War

Serpent Bane

Holy Mission

The Soul of Kania

Seeking Out the Elves

Invitations to the Council

A Letter to the Keeper

The Last Condition

The Great Game


The Elves' Invitation

The Search for an Elven Wizard

The Bandit's Story

Searching for the Elven Mage

The Guard's Story

Renegade Gibberlings

Saving the Elven Magister

A Friend of the Elves


Chasing the Elf

Search for the Fugitive

The Word of an Elf


A Sensitive Matter

A Reptilian Invasion

The Missing Craftsman

Astral Amber

Living Water

Dead Water

Cowardly Merchants

A Lousy Shot

A Little Gift

The Wonderloaf

The Xadaganian Rug

The Last Hope

A Failure in Creation

A Report for the Elves



White Lies

The Breeding Grounds of Darkness

Vampire Hunt

Proof of Humanity

Help from Caesaria

An Audience with Marguerite de Desirae

The Name of the Ally

The Battle for the Holy Land


Permission for Voisvet Belov

The Nocturnal Incident

The Captive Elven Historian

The League Herald

At the Temple's Doorstep

Vissarion Arhivin

The Minotaur Mercenary

The Search for Voisvet

Good Tidings


The Lies of the Empire

Deader Than Dead

Malevolent Shamans

Cleaning Up the Shore

Meeting the Seers

Happy News


The Goblin Jailer

The Search for Voisvet Continues

Defeat Nefer Ur

The Power of the Light


A Legend's Blessing

Historians' Documents

Imperial Heresy

Holy Cause

Imperial Payroll

Ideological Foe

The Free Trader's Agreement

The Voice of Truth


A Trial of Faith

In the Edge of Eternal Night

A Message from Tensess

The Great Inquisitor


The Main Question

Tensess' Truth

Holy Weapons


A Tempting Offer

The Goblin Barker

Just Touch 'Em!

Who's Your Daddy!

Like a Gibberling's Sneeze

A Must Have!


An Orcish Alliance

Operation Holy Cloak

Operation Holy Blade

Imminent Exposure


Blackjack's Orders

The Dark Artifacts Have Been Sold!

The Secret of the Deal

The Historians are the Buyers

The Historians' Plan

The Goblins' Dark Artifacts

Strange Cultists


Outpost on the Overcharged Shore

Punished by the Light!

The Power of Holy Magic

A Cause for Alarm

Demon Worshippers' Ritual


Help for the Forestfolk

Lake Monsters

The Lake Monsters' Leader

Summoning the Leader


A Blood-Encrusted Letter

The Xadaganian Great Mage


The New Sprout

Lynx Souls


The Shaman's Scouts

The Elusive Necromancer

A Torn Letter


The Missing Ship

A Way Out of Here

A Message for Aidenus

Gorluxor the Troublemaker


Two Heads Aren't Better Than One

Meeting the Hero

The Words of Truth

Don't Come Back Without Any Heads!

A Gift for Izbor Yavorsky


The Chain of the Master

The Demonic Threat


The Predator

The First Victim

The Second Victim

The Predator's Lair

A Gift For the League Defenders


Death to the Satyrs!

Something's Not Right...

Strange Happenings

Purification Ritual

Wandering Evil

The Holy Spring

The Imperial Site?


Return From the Edge of Eternal Night

The Great Ascetic's Counsel

Kilza the Shadowy


Demon Hunters

The Nature of the Darkness

Goblin Headquarters Hotspot

Sending Word


The Light of Tensess

Tensess' Testament


Horns and Amulets

The Missing Gibberling

Veteran's Alliance

Svarog's Offer

Behind Enemy Lines

A Step Forward

An Elf's Concerns

An Elf's Opinion

Audacious Plan

The Blood-Etched Key

The Demonic Gates

The Yazes Shard Report


The Only Way

The Quest for Knowledge

Come Out!

Death Before Submission

A Surprise Visit

Master's Orders

The Hunt for Information: Osip Kruchinin

The Hunt for Information: Mor'Ghuun

The Hunt for Information: Stas Yinov

Summon the Gatekeeper

A well-deserved Reward


The Demonic Gates

The Tower Guard

The Commander of the Demons

The Cursed Mage

Armando de Doucer

The Lady of Death

Kazul the Astral Watcher

The Supreme Leader of the Cultists

The Curse of the June


The Search for the Truth

Testing the Desorotype

The Research Continues

The Last Day of Itsmal

The June Curse

The Next Step


A Promise to the Historians

Mysteries of the Zem Ruins

Alive for Thousands of Years

The June Curse is Alive!

The Historians' Report


June Fighting Magic

A Weapon from the Past

The Trials of Being a Golem

A Golem's Everyday Toils

What Do Golems Eat?

A Control Sample

The Origin of the Wormfaced Creatures

The Potential Threat

The Final Results


Help the Historians

No Room for the Breathing Dead

Rise of the Legend

Magical Analysis


The Fruits of Scientific Research

What's in a Name?

Ancient Guards

The Amulet of the Cursed One

Mystery of Lords

Testing the Amulet

The Golem's Truth


A Mystery of the Great Mages

Back to the future

Back to the Past

Dragon's Heart

Eniel's Future


Story from the past

The Research Continues

Researching Draconids

Examining Wormfaces

Revelation of Sarbaz Samedi


Overmind's Secret

Special Experiment

Find and Rip Apart


The Way through the Stones

Pledge of Silence

Crystal Helmet

The Most Important Task

Tka-Rik Revelation

Revelation of Nihaz



All Signs at Last!

Evolution or Creation?

Reproduce and Breed!

Deliver Us from Evil!

The Return of the Curse

Steps in the Air

Behind the Scenes!

Expulsion of Demons

Purification of Filth

Meeting the Mentor

The Revelation of the Devil

Real Secret of the World


Big Talk

Astral Graveyard

What Might Have Been...

A Battle That Never Happened

In the Name of Peace

Additional Details

Stockpiling for the Future

Kirah's Heart

No Entrance

Threat from the Future

Charm of the Astral Silver

A Mystery of the Great Mages

Secret Cave


Reward for Fidelity


Seven Fragments

Crystal Helmet

The Most Important Task

Tka-Rik Revelation

Revelation of Nihaz

Aidenus' Revelation

The Absolute


Aidenus's Suspicions

Spy Games

Need More Energy!

Bits of Power

Industrial Espionage

Curiosity Kills Cats

No Honor Among Thieves

Rumble on the Roads

The Final Burst

The Latest Reports

The Highest of Honors


Title of the Great


A Great Creation: the Beginning

A Great Creation: Phase Two

A Great Creation: Phase Three


A Great Creation: the Final Push

Seals of Power


Debt of Friendship

Three Demons with one Strike

Boom of Kaboomer

Live Bait

Fangs against Magic

Blood for Blood

Reward for the Hero


Echoes of Battle

Tracking the Killer

Strange Trophy

Destroyer's Spear

Destroyer's Chakram

Destroyer's Mask

In Search of the Hidden

Test of Valor

Food for Thought


Reliable Help

From Flesh and Blood

Movement Is Life

More Life!

I Think, Therefore I Am

The Wormface Mystery

The Black Fragment

Spectral Friend

On the Threshold of Darkness

Sarn's Revelation

The Gods' Debate

The Power of the Seals


The Way to the Dead City

The Great Playwright

The Flipside of the Revelation: Ath-Zak

The Flipside of the Revelation: Sarn

The Flipside of the Revelation: The Great Dragon

Seals of Power

The Grand Experiment


Word of Honor

The Plague of the Wandering Island

We Don't Have a Great Deal of Information

Dead End


Last Chance

The Doctor's Hands

Try to Figure It Out, If You Can!


Tep Again?

Everyone Lies

Strange Words

The Art of Creation


Latest News

A Heart-to-Heart

Meeting with the Architect

Need More Energy!

Unexpected Complications

Learning from Mistakes

Potential Sabotage

Curiosity Kills Cats

Jack of All Trades

An Urgent Call

Step into the Unknown

Step by Step

New Problems

To Work!

The Final Burst

Power of Intention