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The World

The world

The World

Thousands of years ago Sarnaut was a blooming planet. Its inhabitants developed crafts, tilled lands, traded, waged wars – in other words, led a regular life. But the Great Cataclysm split the planet into allods and changed the world forever.

Before the Cataclysm, there were several continents inhabited by different races and divided into different countries. The biggest and the most populated continent was called Youl. Geographically, it was located in both the northern and the southern hemispheres, and had almost all possible climatic regions within it. This is where the human civilization has originated. The Junes tribe formed one of the first human countries. Their empire had thrived for many centuries, until it was destroyed by an ancient Curse. For a long time, historians have been arguing over the cause of the Junes’ demise, and even now, when the “Revelation of Tka-Rik” (the last June) has been published, nobody really believes in the “demonic” version of their disappearance…