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What is Allods Online? How does it relate to the original Allods series? Is it set within the same universe?

Allods Online is the first ever Russian world-class MMORPG. It is set in the world of Sarnaut, familiar to many players of the Allods trilogy (Rage of Mages, Rage of Mages II: Necromancer, Evil Islands). In the thousand years that have passed since the events of Evil Islands, many events have transpired that drastically impacted the history of Sarnaut.

What is Astral?

Astral is a mysterious magical substance that has still not been fully studied. In essence, it is an extremely aggressive environment. It is very unstable, teeming with storms and anomalies that distort space and relocate allods, making it dangerously difficult to navigate. It is very much alive, breeding monstrous spawns that constantly attack travelers.

How many races and classes are at our disposal?

There are seven races in Allods Online, belonging to two warring factions – the League and the Empire. There are 10 classes in all, their availability depending on the chosen race. Each race-class combination has its own special aspects. You can read more on class & race combinations via our Game Page.

Can I see a detailed description of all rubies and talents of different classes?

Yes, you can see all class abilities and learn more about them, as well as try out their different combinations in the online talent calculator.

How do I travel through the world?

In the original version of the game, the only way to travel between allods was to use magic Portals. It is available in the online version as well, though it is no longer the main means of travelling. Astral ships are now commonly used for this purpose, including private ones. Each ship is equipped with cannons and defensive systems, requiring a crew of allies to function at max efficiency. There are commuter Astral ships that cruise on fixed routes between certain allods, providing passage to various other locations and Allods.

How is PvP represented in the game?

There are several PvP modes in Allods Online – single, raid, Astral, and free modes. The first two types involve battles for personal or group superiority. The results of these fights affect their participants’ positions in various ranking tables. The third type takes place in the Astral – ship vs ship battles and boarding collisions, where players can seize control of enemy ships, sabotage their equipment, or even steal their astral treasure. The last type conveys the main conflict of the game – the struggle between the League and the Empire. Certain allods are located on the front line, where players confront each other in a free mode with no rules and no limitations. Everything goes until one side prevails.

Is Allods available on Steam? Can we link accounts?

Allods EU has recently been integrated into the Steam platform, allowing use of all features you'd expect. However, non-Steam AO accounts and Steam AO accounts cannot be linked. A Steam account is created by installing Allods via the Steam client and using its respective launcher, whereas accounts created before AO's Steam integration, or created via non-Steam means (such as the launcher from the download page on our official website) are regarded as non-Steam accounts. Despite lack of linking, non-Steam accounts can still add Allods Online as a non-Steam game to utilize the core features, such as the overlay, steam-chat etc. However, you cannot buy products for non-Steam accounts via the Steam store. You can check out Allods on Steam here.

What is the payment scheme of Allods Online?

Allods Online provides a Free-To-Play server (New Frontier) and a Subscription server (Smuggler's Paradise). The subscription server has no cash-shop of any kind, providing a totally balanced experience where players can acquire everything via in-game quests, dungeons, raids and other activities.

Smuggler's Paradise (P2P) provides a trial system where all old and new accounts are provided a week of free subscription time. For new players, this trial is activated once an account is made and logged into, giving you full access to Smuggler's Paradise and making it easier for new players to decide on which server suits them best. Please note that trial subscription will begin to expire even if you do not login to the P2P server.

How can I adjust the game client to my preferences?

Both the game and its launcher can be configured in many ways simply by visiting their 'settings' options. There is also an option to use addons in the game. Place the addon within the \data\Mods\Addons folder in the game directory and toggle it via the Addons section of the in-game menu.

What are the system and network connection requirements?

You can check to see the current system requirements here. Naturally, the higher your PC’s performance capacity, the more visual effects and other graphic features will be available to you. The same applies to connectivity - the higher the connection speed, the better the quality, though it is possible to play as low as 64 Kb/s.