Science at the Service of the Empire

Heroes of the Empire-1

Heroes of the Empire-2

First Teleporter Test

Second Teleporter Test

Third Teleporter Test

Marta's Report

Secret Abilities

One Small Step for You...

Imperial Ambitions


Imperial Bugs

Undercover Operations

Infiltrating their Ranks

Trial by Combat

A Mysterious Amulet

The Robbery of the Century

Krutch the Crime Boss

The Work of the League

Keeping Things Quiet

Emergency at the Power Plant

Right Under Our Very Noses

The Heart of the Power Plant


The Affair of Nezeb's Staff

A Potential Conspiracy

Secret of the Sarcophagus

The Suspicious Priest

Meeting with the Fanatic


Defending Lookout Isle

The Magic of the Arisen

The Admiral's Head

The Specifics of Reanimation

The Examination

Interrogation Report

No Questions Asked

Getting Your Hands Dirty



Wrokag's Rage

The First Signature

The Second Signature

The Third Signature

The Completed Clearance List

The Trip to Lab Thirteen

Mitrofan Semidolin

Clearing the Way


Taking Control

The Hope of the Orcs


The Shamans' Test of Strength

Consulting the Shaman

Contacting the Spirits

Removing the Distractions

The Hope of the Shamans


Beginning Your Journey

Checking the Totems

The Blue Orc

The Hungry Ensign

Finding Voxar

The Key to the Cell

The Path to Freedom

Lost Hope


The Heiress of the Legendary Orc

Rescuing the Heiress

Undead on the Banks

The Choice of Strina the Fierce


Skulnar the Fierce

The Pyre

Diplomacy Instead of Barbarism

Foul Play

Booze for the Cheerleaders

The Time Has Come!

Dirty Deeds Uncovered

The First Duel

The Second Duel

The Third Duel

All's Well That Ends Well

To the Detective

To Wrokag!


Wrokag's Rage

The First Signature

The Second Signature

The Third Signature

Blackhand the Unyielding

The Colonel's Crisis

The Fate of Skulnar

An Eternal Enemy


Science Rules!

Tep Was Here

Necrotechnology of Tep

The Necro-Incubator

A Walk in the Cemetery

Necro-Rhino Rampage


The Mysterious Intruders

Secret Portal

The Main Secret of the Pyramid

Tep Reborn


He Left and Never Came Back

Stranded Souls

Mysterious Shadows

Shady Business

The Dance of the Black Shadows


Wrokag's Rage

The First Signature

The Second Signature

Nomarkh Netjerkare

Shards of Light

Light Versus Darkness

The Traitor!

The Unlikely Cultist

The Battle for the Holy Land


Permission for Nefer Ur

The Incident in the Night

Tracking Down the Witness

The Imperial Herald

At the Temple's Doorstep

The Search for Arhivin

The Horned Beast

The Search for Nefer Ur

The Historian's Message


League Heresy

Decapitate the Enemy!

Clear the Shore!

Stop the Magicians!

Yasker's Emissary

Report to Lampov


The Goblin Jailer

The Search for Nefer Ur Continues

Defeat Voisvet Belov

The Power of the Light


Enemy Propaganda

The Historians' Brochure

The Missionaries' Leaflets

A Tentacle of the League

The Leaflet Suppliers

The Collective Mind

League Seers

Magical Gas


A Trial of Faith

In the Edge of Eternal Night

A Message from Tensess

Visiting Semer Kiya


The Main Question

Tensess' Truth

Holy Weapons


The Auction

Weapon Testing

Just Touch 'Em!

Who's Your Daddy!

Like a Gibberling's Sneeze

A Must Have!


Plu the Tightwad's Secret

Operation Holy Cloak

Operation Holy Blade

Imminent Exposure


Blackjack's Orders

The Dark Artifacts Have Been Bought!

Mysterious Customers

The Historians' Bill

The Mysterious Plans of the Historians

Dark Cargo

Strange Cultists


Reconnaissance Mission

Punished by the Light!

The Power of Holy Magic

Dire News

The Black Ritual


Help for the Forestfolk

Lake Monsters

The Lake Monsters' Leader

Summoning the Leader


A Blood-Encrusted Letter

The Xadaganian Great Mage


The Mercenary's Dishonor

Lynx Souls


The Shaman's Scouts

The Long Awaited Meeting

A Torn Letter


The Allod of Avilon

A Way Out of Here

Alerting Yasker

Again About Gorluxor


The Two-Headed Enemy

Meeting the Hero

The Words of Truth

Don't Come Back Without Any Heads!

A Third Head


The Chain of the Master

The Demonic Threat


The Predator

The First Victim

The Second Victim

The Predator's Lair

Surprise for the Imperial Sentinels


The Animals of Eljune

The Proof

The Treant's Story

The Chapel and the Source

The Face of Fear


Sleeping Behind Enemy Lines

Do You Take Me for a Fool?

Return From the Edge of Eternal Night

The Great Ascetic's Counsel

Kilza the Shadowy


Demon Hunters

The Nature of the Darkness

Goblin Headquarters Hotspot

Calling in Reinforcements


The Light of Tensess

Tensess' Testament


Proof of Valor

A Father's Anxiety

The United Array

Treason or...

Monitoring the Demons

Exchanging the Prisoners

The Mistrustful Orc

The Orc's Verdict

The Third Portal

The Cultists' Key

Testing the Key

The Yazes Shard Report


The Only Way

The Power of Knowledge

Live Bait

News of Success

Uninvited Guests

A Disturbing Find

The Hunt for Information: Afanasy Kudenov

The Hunt for Information: Mor'Ghuun

The Hunt for Information: Stas Yinov

A Dangerous Meeting

The Fatal Key


The Shadowy Tower

The Tower Guard

The Commander of the Demons

The Cursed Mage

The Eternal Vampire

The Lady of Death

Kazul the Astral Watcher


The Curse of the June


The Search for the Truth

Testing the Desorotype

The Research Continues

The Last Day of Itsmal

The June Curse

The Next Step


A Promise to the Historians

Mysteries of the Zem Ruins

Alive for Thousands of Years

The June Curse is Alive!

The Historians' Report


June Fighting Magic

A Weapon from the Past

The Trials of Being a Golem

A Golem's Everyday Toils

What Do Golems Eat?

A Control Sample

The Origin of the Wormfaced Creatures

The Potential Threat

The Final Results


Help the Historians

No Room for the Breathing Dead

Rise of the Legend

Magical Analysis


The Fruits of Scientific Research

What's in a Name?

Ancient Guards

The Amulet of the Cursed One

Mystery of Lords

Testing the Amulet

The Golem's Truth


A Mystery of the Great Mages

Back to the future

Back to the Past

Dragon's Heart

Eniel's Future


Story from the past

The Research Continues

Researching Draconids

Examining Wormfaces

Revelation of Sarbaz Samedi


Overmind's Secret

Special Experiment

Find and Rip Apart


The Way through the Stones

Pledge of Silence

Crystal Helmet

The Most Important Task

Tka-Rik Revelation

Revelation of Nihaz



All Signs at Last!

Evolution or Creation?

Reproduce and Breed!

Deliver Us from Evil!

The Return of the Curse

Steps in the Air

Behind the Scenes!

Expulsion of Demons

Purification of Filth

Meeting the Mentor

The Revelation of the Devil

Real Secret of the World


Big Talk

Astral Graveyard

What Might Have Been...

Delayed Battle

Guarantee of Truce

Additional Details

Stockpiling for the Future

Kirah's Heart

Iron Reserves

Threat from the Future

Charm of the Astral Silver

A Mystery of the Great Mages

Secret Cave


Reward for Fidelity


Seven Fragments

Crystal Helmet

The Most Important Task

Tka-Rik Revelation

Revelation of Nihaz

Yasker's Revelation

The Absolute


Yasker's Suspicions

Spy Games

Need More Energy!

Bits of Power

Industrial Espionage

Curiosity Kills Cats

No Honor Among Thieves

Rumble on the Roads

The Final Burst

The Latest Reports

The Highest of Honors


Title of the Great


The Creator's Gift: Phase One

The Creator's Gift: Phase Two

The Creator's Gift: Phase Three


The Creator's Gift: Final Phase

Seals of Power


Debt of Friendship

Three Demons with one Strike

Boom of Kaboomer

Live Bait

Fangs against Magic

Blood for Blood

Reward for the Hero


Echoes of Battle

Tracking the Killer

Strange Trophy

Destroyer's Spear

Destroyer's Chakram

Destroyer's Mask

In Search of the Hidden

Test of Valor

Food for Thought


Reliable Help

From Flesh and Blood

Movement Is Life

More Life!

I Think, Therefore I Am

The Wormface Mystery

The Black Fragment

Spectral Friend

On the Threshold of Darkness

Sarn's Revelation

The Gods' Debate

The Power of the Seals


The Way to the Dead City

The Great Playwright

The Flipside of the Revelation: Ath-Zak

The Flipside of the Revelation: Sarn

The Flipside of the Revelation: The Great Dragon

Sealed Power

The Grand Experiment


Word of Honor

The Plague of the Wandering Island

We Don't Have a Great Deal of Information

Dead End


Last Chance

The Doctor's Hands

Try to Figure It Out, If You Can!


Tep Again?

Everyone Lies

Strange Words

The Art of Creation


Latest News

A Heart-to-Heart

Meeting with the Architect

Need More Energy!

Unexpected Complications

Learning from Mistakes

Potential Sabotage

Curiosity Kills Cats

Jack of All Trades

An Urgent Call

Step into the Unknown

Step by Step

New Problems

To Work!

The Final Burst

Power of Intention