14.0 - Class Changes
14.0 - Class Changes

Heroes of Sarnaut!

It's time to share the most important class changes in the 14.0 global update! Basically, the changes affected classes with Aspects of Defense and the Aspect of Support, as well as the system of negative and positive effects for each of the classes. But first things first:

Aspect of Defense

In this update, we wanted you to take a fresh look at the Aspect of Defense. While working on the changes, we tried to achieve a balance and equalize all classes with the Aspect of Defense in terms of damage and survivability.

Now, for classes with the Aspect of Defense, the Supremacy stat will be updated: the effectiveness of some defensive mechanics will be related to the amount of Supremacy your character has (just like the defense of the Warrior class). Also, every class related to the Aspect of Defense will have a rearranged rubies in the talent grids.

Among other things, changes in the the Aspect of Defense will lead to changes in the the Aspect of Healing in PVE-activities. We tried to revise the Aspect of Healing by reducing the effectiveness of Bloodlust in the Aspect of Defense.

We were working on the current changes with an eye to the Warrior class. Since this class had an overestimated amount of damage in the Aspect of Defense, it was decided to reduce this amount. At the same time other similar classes will receive a certain increase in damage, so that players have the need to take classes with the Aspect of Healing to their groups.

Some more details about the changes that will affect certain classes:

► Currently the Warrior class has additional effects from the skills "Tramp", "Mighty Leap" and "Harpoon", that can only be used at the third rank. After the rework, these effects will be available at any rank, and only the effectiveness of some of them will depend on the rank level. Also, the Warrior shield build will be improved, additional mechanics tied to the block with a shield - we will add additional mechanics related to the shield block.

► A new mechanic will be added to the Scout, which will allow the Surpremacy bonus not to be reduced by incoming damage while the "Will to Live" skill is active. The changes have also affected the work of channelling spells "Cascade" and "Avalanche" - now they will be applied instantly.

► The way in which the Supremacy stat functions for the Demonologist will be modified to include an increase in damage dealt by the "Torturer's Blade" skill. Also, a new skill and accompanying rubies will be added to the Demonologist in the Aspect of Defense. The skill will deal damage to enemies around the Demonologist. After using it, the Demonologist will receive a positive effect that increases incoming healing.

The Paladin will now have the "Vanguard" effect instead of the "Indiction" effect that was previously used. Now this effect will not be tied to the "Strike of Justice", and the recovery time of this skill in the Aspect of Defense will be reduced. With the active Aspect of Defense, the skill "Holy Ground" can be used repeatedly during its duration. The previous skill zone will disappear, and a new one will appear under the current position of the paladin, with the time that was left from the first effect use.

The Effects System and Aspect of Support

We have reworked the entire system of buffs and debuffs that classes can apply in various aspects. This was done in order to diversify the gameplay, as well as improve the work of each of the classes.

The number of debuffs and buffs will be revised for each class, and all classes in the Aspect of Assault will now only be able to apply buffs to themselves.

Debuffs like "Weakness" and "Vulnerability" can be applied for an increased amount of time due to the complex applying conditions. Take, for example, the "Sigil of Decay" skill available to Demonologists, since this is a static trap and it is not easy to trap an enemy in it, the duration of "Vulnerability" will be increased.

The duration of "Wounds" and "Cowardice" effects will be reduced from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. The frequency of application will be from 8 to 10 seconds. Also, the duration may depend on the recovery time of the skill which causes the debuff application. If the reuse of the skill takes more than 10 seconds, then this effect may last longer; If less than 8 seconds - may last shorter.

Now let's shed some light on the changes that have affected classes that use the Aspect of Support:

As we stated earlier, "Invigorating Surge" and "Encouraging Surge" will become separate skills that you can use at any time convenient for you. In addition, the Necromancer and Warden will receive the "Invigorating Surge" skill, and the Priest - the "Encouraging Surge".

These three classes will be able to apply all sorts of buffs, but they will be weaker than the same effect applied by Engineers and Bards. In contrast, the Engineer and Bard will no longer be able to impose negative effects on opponents in the Aspect of Support.

The "Power" effect will now increase healing and barrier gains by 25%, and "Valiance" will increase all outgoing damage by 25%.

These were the most important class changes in the 14.0 Global Update, that will be available for you at the end of March. Stay tuned, see you soon!

Have a good game!

«Allods Team»