14.0 - Gearing System changes
14.0 - Gearing System changes

Important: The description below does not guarantee the completeness of the changes and fixes in the upcoming updates. Some special names and item names may differ from the in-game translation.

Heroes of Sarnaut!

In addition to the new plot and changes in the various classes performance, you will see some changes in the character gearing system in the upcoming update. We tried to rework the current system, making it more interesting and diverse.

Changes in obtaining second rank equipment

Minor changes will affect the creation of second rank equipment. In the 14.0 Update, the amount of materials required to craft a piece of equipment will be reduced. Additionally, you can use Amalgam, Enchanted Dust and Enchanted Material to make new material used for creating third rank equipment.

Players will be able to create weapon sets on an anvil. They will require more gold and workpieces, but the amount of second rank materials will remain the same as to create two-handed weapons. In this case, the player will be able to immediately get both a One-handed weapon, a Two-handed weapon and a Shield.

Changes in obtaining third rank equipment

In 14.0 Update, the way of obtaining the third rank equipment will be completely redesigned. Now you will obtain it by upgrading existing equipment of the second rank.

This can be done with the help of special Scrolls. They can be crafted on an anvil with a new material obtained after defeating powerful opponents at the Nihaz Citadel, and special items obtained in various in-game activities.

Scrolls will be divided into 4 types:

* for Helmet
* for Weapons
* for Shoulders, Rings and Bracers
* for all other items

Depending on the Scroll type, items will drop in various activities. For example:

― for the Weapon Scroll, you need to collect 5 items that drop for each member of the raid after defeating the last mighty opponent of the Nihaz Citadel (Mirach in the current version). Unlike other Scrolls, it is not consumed upon use.

― for the Shoulders, Rings and Wrists Scroll, you need to collect 5 items that drop for each member of the raid after defeating the rest of the powerful opponents at the Nihaz Citadel.

― for the Helmet Scroll, you need to collect 3 items that can be obtained by defeating powerful opponents in the Observatory on Normal and Hard difficulty, during the Uro-Boros Hunt, Battle for Ambrosia, and for Melting Island currency.

― for the rest of the Scrolls, you need to collect the same items as for the Helm Scroll, you will need 10 of them.

In addition to the other changes, third rank equipment will now have a set of stats similar to first and second rank items, and can be modified with Insignia of Attack and Defense.

Unlike lower tier items, third rank items will add extra stats to the character. In order to get them, you will need to wear a third rank Helmet.

Additional stats on the Helmet can be changed independently by using a new type of Insignia, which can be crafted at the anvil. This Insignia has a lifespan of 7 days. You can choose one from a range of stats, such as Luck, Fury, Sustainability, Endurance, Conviction, or Willpower. Each third rank equipment piece you acquire will add +10 to the selected stat on your Helmet.

These changes will be waiting for you in the 14.0 update, that will be released on 30th of March!

Have a good game!

«Allods Team»