14.1 - Renewed Dominion maps and Warden rework
14.1 - Renewed Dominion maps and Warden rework

Important: The description below does not guarantee the completeness of the changes and fixes in the upcoming updates. Some special names and item names may differ from the in-game translation.

Heroes of Sarnaut!

This time, we will show you the reworked Dominion maps, as well as the changes that await all Wardens this July!

Dominion maps

Our players have repeatedly asked the team to diversify the Dominion maps and we finally did it! In 14.1 we're expanding the choice of battlefields to make the gameplay even more exciting. Familiar to many of you, but remastered and improved maps will return to the Dominion Pool. They will give you an opportunity to diversify your routine PvP battles while conjuring a light nostalgia for the good old days!

Power Shard

During one of the expeditions, an area was discovered. Apparently, it was broken away from the Holy Land. Can you imagine? There is a place of power! And the magic of Light, for which the League and the Empire are fighting, is present there in full. But be careful in this attractive jungle, as things are not as simple as they seem at first glance.

The Crucible

A mysterious place. An ancient June forge, now taken over by Tep's cultists. What happens there is unknown to anyone. We've heard about a group of desperate travelers who ventured into the belly of an ancient volcano, where the forge is located. Be extremely careful when challenging this explosive mixture.


Just imagine - a fully preserved temple from the heyday of the June empire. Unlike those miserable ruins that are scattered everywhere - a full-fledged temple complex. Bas-reliefs, frescoes, statues, carved columns...


This island, which received the name of the Jail, is the prison of the Lord himself! The jessercopies show emaciated prisoners locked inside energy domes, and all passages are blocked by force fields.

Warden in the Aspect of Support

Our team strives to make classes interesting and relevant for any gaming activity. We are closely monitoring your feedback and reactions to the changes, so this year we decided to give the Warden class an additional improvement, reworking its role in the Aspect of Support.

The main reason for the Warden rework was the fact that, in our opinion, in its current form this class does not work as well as we might have wanted. Wardens are not a fully-fledged players in the support role, but at the same time they can deal only a small amount of damage and healing, which is not enough for either a fighter or a healer in this aspect. Also, this class is not too popular with the players as a support character.

We want to make Wardens a fully-fledged support players to ensure high variability in class selection across different activities.

The updated Wardens will be able to compete with the Bards and the Engineers in supporting their allies: now they are able to impose combat and defensive support effects on the group, including Defense, dispel magical effects imposed on allies or opponents, and this is not a complete list of their new features!

The Warden in the the Aspect of Support gameplay has been completely redesigned. The location of rubies has been changed, new talents and rubies have been added. Due to the rework of the rubies and skills, the changes slightly affected the aspects of Assault and Healing.

We have also changed the way Warden's pet works. Now it will be more resistant to the incoming damage, and the Warden will have skills that will allow him to give commands to the pet. Our task was to make the presence of a pet more meaningful for both the solo player and the team of players.

After the release of the new version of the Warden on the servers, we will observe how often it is now used in the Aspect of Support and whether the players like it.

Enjoy the game!

«Allods Team»