5.0.02 preview: Changes to June Catacombs
5.0.02 preview: Changes to June Catacombs

Forgotten Legends

June Catacombs will undergo some important changes in the upcoming update 5.0.02 Forgotten Legends. All three rounds of trials will be redesigned and from now on, will bring better rewards!

At the moment, there are a few flaws that might cause certain discomfort for players in the Catacombs:

  1. There's nearly no PvP in round one, and in the rare case of a PvP confrontation happening, it only brought annoyance to a defeated player;
  2. The results of the round two are easily predictable. It isn't worth taking part in it, if a player doesn't have a high speed mount.
  3. Use of Invisibility spell very often spolied all the fun of combat. And classes with autohealing abilities had serious advantages over other classes.

These and some other issues are going to be fixed in the upcoming update.


Round one

The problem of this round is that players of the same faction don't really consider each other as enemies or even competitors. They feel like the golem's amalgam rightfully belongs to the player who turns into the golem, and regard killing such players and taking away their amalgam as an act of anti-social behavior. And if such players are still getting killed, they feel as their killers acted meanly and unfairly. Past experience has shown that no reward adjustment would encourage players to get engaged in PvP and fight for the Amalgam.

So starting from the next update characters will not turn into golems. Instead, golems operated by an Artificial Intelligence will spawn periodically in the Catacombs. They will be programmed to run away from players in order to save the large package of Amalgam that they carry. A player might get the whole package of amalgam if they manage to destroy the machine.

From time to time, a golem will drop some Amalgam for players to pick up using context action. Thus the longer the golem stays alive, the less Amalgam will remain to loot upon its demise.

Upon one golem's destruction two new ones will appear in its place.

The general amount of Amalgam and Signs of Victory will also be increased.


Round two

Apart from the mentioned above, another problem was that the player who spawned closer to the race target, was guaranteed a victory, whereas victory is supposed to depend solely on the skill of mount riding. That's why we decided to spawn all player characters in the same spot.

Moreover, private mounts will no longer be in use. In the beginning of round two, all characters will turn into similar golems, unable to deal or receive damage. Similarly to common mounts, they will have four abilities:


  1. Air Wave (Manabike) - throws enemies back.
  2. Magnetism (Titan) - decreases target's movement speed, removes Speed Boost effect.
  3. Interception (Spinner) - golem jumps up to the target and immobilizes it.
  4. Speed Boost (Overlord's Aegis) - increases movement speed, removes Magnetism effect.

Rewards will be given to three winners of the race. And of course, the higher your ranking in race the more reward you'll get: in the 2nd place you'll receive twice more than on the 3rd, and 1st place will receive twice more than 2nd place!

Round three

In the round three no mounts or other transportation means will be allowed. And any invisibility effect will fade after a while.

The number of black marks is now increased. They will cast one Wound upon each use.

Similar to round two, the rewards are granted for the top three players only. After the first chest is used, all of the previously killed characters will be resurrected and can continue the fight for the second, smaller chest. Once it's been opened, the remaining characters will then fight for the final, smallest chest.


You'll be able check out the changes in the June Catacombs event very soon, once the update 5.0.02 Forgotten Legends is live on the New Frontier and Smuggler's Paradise servers!

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