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Already available: The Hunt for Uro-Boros
Already available: The Hunt for Uro-Boros

Dear friends!

Upon completion of the installation of the new update, a new activity is available in the game for maximum level players the Hunt for Uro-Boros.

The emergence of Skull on Suslanger has changed the situation in the ranks of the Dump Warriors. It's time to fight back against the Wasteland itself by tracking down and destroying its most dangerous creature, Uro-Boros, the leader of the sandworms, refined with mana implants and escaped the supervision of the local secret imperial laboratory.

The Hunt

Uro-Boros is far more intelligent and dangerous than other known monsters found in the open world: you can't destroy him by brute force alone!
The entire hunting process can be divided into four stages:

  1. Tracking
    The event will start as soon as one of the players finds the location of the boss and launches the Signal Rocket. This item can be purchased from Rhea the Mad at her camp at the entrance to the Junkyard.
    The event marker will be marked on the map, Orc vehicles will pull up to the location, and players need to get Uro-Boros to appear on the ground. Fortunately, this will only require taking a few careless steps...
  2. Combat
    Classic Boss Fighting. Players should beware of summoned worms, puddles of slime and powerful ground shocks. Once Uro-Boros' health reaches a certain point, he will try to get away from the hunters.
  3. The Chase
    The monster gives up trying to overpower the heroes and rushes off on the run. The Ouro-boros will turn on its mana shield and start crawling chaotically all over the Desert, trying to throw off the pursuers. Ordinary attacks are powerless, but there are Junkyard Warriors vehicles with weapons on board— in pursuit!
  4. The Final
    Upon reaching low health, the Uro-Boros will stop and fight back like a hunted beast!

Rewards for taking part in killing the beast are guaranteed to include Ambrosia, chests of loot, and tokens for the new coloring on the mystical Djinn armor, making its wearer look like the Djinn itself, and the luckiest will get arandom Rank III helmet! Unlike other rank III equipment available in the game, this helmet can be freely transferred to other players and auctioned off before its first use.

By the way, you will also be able to get new coloring tokens for participating in Storm!

In addition, completing the weekly quest of Rhea the Mad Huntress in the Dump Warriors camp will give the player a set of Dream Elixirs, Spark Experience, and the Prestige of the Order..

Good luck to our heroes!