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Announcement of update 13.1
Announcement of update 13.1


We've got lots of great new features and changes waiting for you in the big update 13.1.

Continuation of the storyline on Eden

It is time for the final tests. The All-Mother summons the heroes to complete their training. They must learn the final lessons of this formidable goddess and, then, hold themselves accountable for all they have learned.

But meanwhile, clouds are gathering over Eden, darkness is gathering and the rebellion of the Old Tribe threatens to shake the established foundations.

The players' path now lies to the Withered Grove, where Hirkalla performs his unholy rituals, capable of upsetting the balance between Life and Death.

Will this encounter bring new revelations or will it be fatal for our characters? We will soon find out.

New large-scale battle of the "Battle of Ambrosia"

After completing a new story chapter, players will have to choose a side. But this time it won't just be about helping the chosen side, but also about engaging in battle. The feud between the Expedition and the Children is heating up! The Sarnauts are ready to take over Eden's Ambrosia, but the greatest source of this resource is being guarded by the Children's forces.

The Ambrosia Valley will be transformed into a battlefield: here those who choose the Children's side and those who choose the Expedition will become enemies, fighting for control over the sources. The power given by the Origins will allow you to either defeat or heal the great ancient guardian of Ambrosia, who guards the valley.

In the coming battle there is a challenge for everyone: capture or protect the source, transport power particles, protect your 'couriers' or hunt down outsiders, fight for control of the guardian of ambrosia in the heart of the valley.

The number of combatants on each side in this conflict could be anything, but the forces of Eden or Felix's powerful spells will strengthen their forces depending on the number of opponents.

In Eden, the influence of the divine powers is particularly strong. This will also affect the strength of the heroes fighting in the valley: for example, the level of their runes and equipment.

NPCs will also fight alongside players in the Ambrosia Valley, helping to capture or defend the Source and Keeper of Ambrosia.

Apart from the Battle of Ambrosia, daily quests in the valley will be available to players at any time. But remember that the conflict between the Expedition and the Children does not stop between Battles. There is no truce in the valley, so PvP mode is always active.

The event offers useful rewards, such as a third rank outfit and the World Elixir, as well as a new costume, an aura and a range of achievements.

Global redesign of the Observatory

Friends, we know how much you love this activity, so a lot of attention has been paid to its changes. The team has globally redesigned the mechanics of such mighty opponents as the Great Dragon, Tep, and Prophet. Our edits also touched the following mighty opponents: Canaan and Avelina, Ath-Zak, Cairage, Sarn's Avatar, Nezeb and Tensess, Hiero, Cosmos.

On easy difficulty, when activated, the entire squad will teleport straight to a mighty opponent. And when battling mighty opponents, regardless of difficulty, players will no longer remain behind the 'wall', they will also teleport to the battlefield.

These are not all the changes to the Observatory that await you. You can read the full list later in the patch notes for update 13.1

Attack Aspect Edits

In update 13.1 you will be welcomed by changes to some classes that you have been asking for for a long time. In particular, damage has been adjusted upwards for classes that can fight in close combat. The same applies to Priests, who will also deal more damage in close combat.

The Psionicist class has easier skill rotation, and Summoners can now maintain skills that deal intermittent damage from Ritual of Plaque and Ritual of Pain without time lapses.

We hope you will enjoy the update.

Stay tuned!

«Allods Team»