Assault on the Wandering Island!
Assault on the Wandering Island!

Heroes of Sarnaut!

We have already told you about the imminent return of the Assault on the Wandering Island. Let's refresh our memories a little and get acquainted with new details!

Dmitry Gromov and Goliath will continue to besiege the portal on Palace Square. By the will of Hirkalla, the mighty heroes of Sarnaut, who set foot on the Wandering Island, will return to the past, to a time when they were not so powerful. Character level, strength of their gear, artifacts, patron, runes and other heroic attributes will be adjusted to this enchanted area. Thanks to this, heroes of various levels, starting from 48th, will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight on equal terms against the draconids and wormfaces to help the commanders carry out their plan.

It will become much easier to take part in the assault. Years of exterminating the undead on the allod firmly strengthened the morale of the commanders. No more reports! From now on anyone who is in the field of the commander's vision will be able to join the ranks of the armies.

The assault process itself is also expected to change. The attackers will have catapults at their disposal, which must be carried along the assault path together with the commander and destroy obstacles along the way. While passing enemy towers, make sure that the catapults are intact! Enemies on your way will try to destroy them, so protect and repair the catapults using the spare parts that fall out.

But it’s not just catapults that will be new to this event. The powerful opponents of the generals, Irios, Hazzag and Squealer, have new skills, they will make the event even more difficult and exciting! Now the players themselves will be able to fight with powerful opponents!

Erfar the Bragger remains at his post in the capitals of the factions, and now you can take the task from him to capture the Wandering Island. He will also appear in the generals' camps with a full range of goods.

The event will start every day at 1:00, 9:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 server time. Information about the start of the event will be marked in the calendar.

This event will be added to all game servers after the next maintenance!

Enjoy the game!

«Allods Team»