Date for the 14.0 «Call of Legends» update has been set!
Date for the 14.0 «Call of Legends» update has been set!

Heroes of Sarnaut!

Global update 14.0 ""Call of Legends"" will be available on March 30th!

While we are waiting for the installation to begin, we would like to mention a few points that are worth paying attention to:

The maze ranking season is complete, so ranks of maze defenders and upgrades will be reset.

In addition, characters will lose certain in-game items, the full list can be found below:

Astral Keys
Hero's Insignias
Hero's Compasses
Vessels of Aressia's Blood
Infinite Elixirs of Astral Vision
Infinite Tonic of Magic Armor
Enchanted Material
Enchanted Matter
Enchanted Dust
Enchanted Shards
Enchanted Scrolls
Amalgam (turned into Tarnished)
Amalgam drops (turned into Tarnished)
Realgar Drops
Dominion Tools
Magic Tools
Equipment Designs
Heavenly Tool Designs
Ethereal Equipment Items
Equipment Workpieces for creating rank 2 items.
Particles of Anomalous Matter (turned into Decaying)
Anomalous Emanations of the Mysterious Astral
Astral Nuggets (compensated with gold)
Transforming Crystals (compensated with gold)
Ship Hull Parts (compensated with gold)
Tarnished Dream Elixir
Dust of Creation
Gifts of Dreams
Prophetic Dreams
Combat Emblems (compensated with gold)
Draconic Blessing

The following items will be deleted, but they will be compensated with Tarnished World Elixir, which can be spent at the Relic Master.

Gift of the Trees
World Elixir
Echo of Worlds
Astral Echoing Worlds
Astral World Elixir
Astral Interwoven Worlds
"Gods Legacy" artifact

Also, please note that the accrual of Realgar will be disabled on March 30th, and the next receipt of Realgar will depend on the results of the Dominion battles on Sunday and Wednesday. Guild rankings and associated currencies will be reset at the time the update is installed.

Now we just need to wait until the update and see everything for yourself.

Have a nice game!

«Allods Team»